Monday, January 6, 2020

Is Richard Hoagland chanelling someone else?

        Just yesterday I was transcribing Richard Hoagland saying this:
"I have sources.I know there's technology to manipulate hurricanes. I know there's technology to provide unlimited energy with no pollution. I know there's technology to provide anti-gravity lift so we can take giga-tons into space."
        It reminded me of somebody else, and when I'd finished the (long) transcript, it came to me.
"They don't want you to know we have anti-gravity.
They don't want you to know we have unlimited power.
They don't want you to know that we have bases on the Moon and possibly bases on Mars.
They don't want you to know they're using HAARP to control the weather.
They don't want you to know what's in Area 51.
They don't want you to know  that there's a small cartel of about 750 people that own everything."
        Who is that a quote from? It's none other than Sean David Morton, speaking on the notorious 2016 Conspira-Sea cruise. You can still see him on YouTube, right at the beginning of Annie Georgia Greenberg's excellent parody video.

         Morton and his wife were arrested as soon as the ship docked in San Pedro and, as I'm sure most readers of this blog are aware, Morton is now rotting away in the SHU of a Texas jail.

Adolescent rage
        In my opinion, these delusions are a symptom of something that's an analogy of the rage and rebellion adolescents experience when they come to realize that the parents have all the power in the family, and own all the toys. I've written about that before, in connection with David Wilcock. In the case of adolescents, their perceptions are generally the truth, but in the case of Hoagland, Morton, Wilcock and all the other conspiradroids, the all-powerful cartels who own all the toys are simply imaginary.


Chris Lopes said...

I would love to be able to say you are reading Hoagland wrong because he really doesn't believe in this crap. Unfortunately, I no longer think that's the case. He's been doing this for too long for it not to be a part of him. Time has erased the line between the con and the truth. He also seems like a much sadder fellow. I guess his delusions are all he has left.

Trekker said...

I'd say Robin's death has a lot to do with it. He's probably missing her terribly and suffering from depression.

Anonymous said...

"I have sources"
Come on...hardly something inherent to the Hoagy is it. American foreign policy is rife with this kind of crap.
The kind of crap blaming something or someone based on...yes...sources :-)
And as the strategy goes...:-) one does not reveal the identity nor the intel, it is beyond hilarious
The Hoagy simply used and uses the same bamboozle


Dee said...

"chanelling someone else" (in the blog title).

Chanelling? Or par-fuming perhaps? I know there's technology to check our spells but for some reason humanity insists on not using it!

expat said...

Well done, Dee. It's just Brit. spelling (as opposed to US speling?)

Chris Lopes said...

OT, but it appears Enterprise Mission is down again.

Dee said...

Ah yes those darn Brittish spellings! This one caught me by surprise.

As for Hoagland's sources, he certainly has them but how would he go about verifying them? Personally I've always suspected he has a "back-channel" in what Picknett & Prince called "group 2", spiritualists, in this case possibly David Percy and David Myers, who were channeling a whole novel from the "Nine" about the truth of the Martian complexes.

Not that far fetched considering "Friend" Gene Roddenberry hung out here too.

From AULIS Publishers website

<<< Percy was beset with further questions: Why should these two locations on two different planets correspond? What was the reason for these analogues? And why do other sites and artefacts on Earth connect with Avebury/Cydonia? In his search for answers to such questions assistance came from an unexpected source. His colleague Robert Watts (producer of the Indiana Jones trilogy) introduced him to Phyllis Schlemmer, the transceiver of a source known as ‘Tom’, spokesman for the Council of Nine (see The Only Planet of Choice: Essential Briefings from Deep Space). David Percy had several sessions with 'Tom' obtaining help with the questions he had already formulated and receiving valuable advice on how to pursue his research. >>>