Saturday, July 27, 2019

Hyperdimensional mendacity

        Mike Bara has written a book about the Bermuda Triangle. What's that I hear you say? There are already at least ten books in print about that bloody triangle, why do we need another?

        Ah well, you see, this one's unique because it reveals the true hyperdimensional physics of the setup. As any fan or critic of Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara knows, the latitudes 19.5° and 33° have special significance in HD physics. And behold, on p. 153 we find this, TA-DAAAAA!

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        The caption is "The Triangle, with northern and southern boundaries marked," and the text talks about the triangle resting exactly inside "...these two mystically critical latitudes where the walls between the dimensions are thinnest."  *facepalm.

        Well, I've learned not to take figures in books written by Bara and published by David Childress at face value. As I've reported here, in both Hidden Agenda (p.117) and Ancient Aliens and JFK (p. 85), a Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter image was inverted and made to look like a crystal city on the Moon. So I checked.

source: Wikimapia/Google Earth

        Sorry to disappoint, but the stunning hyperdimensional explanation for the triangle is just another lie.


Anonymous said...

Beside the argument if hyper dimensions are something worth of one's attention but...
The crapped on and praised so called Bermuda triangle is with a very small margin
really between the 33 and 19.5 degree parallel. Put it in other words, the bulk of the triangle is between
the parallel's praised by H and Mike Cartman :-)
As you know I am by no means a fan of the Bara, hence the once coined phrase by me Mike Cartman Bara
but stating that the Bermuda triangle lies between the mentioned parallels is actually correct wether one likes it or not.
So not really an argument to go in Hyperdimensional overdrive :-) because the Hoagy or the Cartman mentions it.
True, every conclusion of Mikey beyond this geographical fact is....wellllll...another word that starts with hyper..Hyperbole


expat said...

If the bloody thing was entirely within, as opposed to exactly within, O might agree. But it ain't.

Anonymous said...

In terms of semantics :-) point well taken. You're right, there is a difference between exactly and entirely. I know know it
but sadly 'the Bara' misuses it to score another well deserved facepalm.