Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year resolutions for Richard Hoagland

I will stop interrupting and talking over guests on The Other Side of Midnight. My excruciating performance with David Wilcock on 30th December was a fine example which several listeners complained about.

I will complete publication of my  book The Hidden History of Mars: A War In Heaven. Last March I announced it as "just recently completed" but it is not yet available.

I will make good on my promise, on 24th March 2017, to give free copies of the book to OSOM club members.

I will end the charade of the "club" requiring members to pay for access to the OSOM archives. Now that my show is on blogtalkradio everyone can see archives, and continuing to take subscriptions amounts to fraud. Update: No longer applies.

I will get professional help to update my web sites. Both of them are broken to some extent and I'm clearly not competent to fix them.

I will delete the page "Von Braun's Secret" since the mathematics underlying it have been shown to be wrong.

I will stop claiming that the frequency excursions of my 40-year-old Bulova wristwatch are "a technology that can save the world," or "stunningly confirmatory," or any similar hyperbole. My experimental protocols have been shown to be entirely inadequate.


Happy 2018 everyone.


Dee said...

Lets just hope for two of those.

Two would be really great progress. any two.

Happy new year folks!


Anonymous said...

Another good one: Stop the tiresome name dropping with the same stories. "I remember it like it was yesterday... there I was at CBS with Walter and Arthur next to me and...."

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

Say what you will about Richard C Hoagland, Patrick, but watch your mouth about the Bulova Accutron Astronaut. In 1960 a U-2 piloted by Frances Gary Powers was shot down by a Soviet SAM, just to obtain one to reverse engineer. To this very day, it remains superior to all other electronic watches, as it's impervious to EMPs.

Asstropup said...

How can an electronic watch possibly be impervious to an electromagnetic pulse, Theo?

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

Who said anything about an electromagnetic pulse?

Anonymous said...

And once again the ORB Thing shows her complete, total, utter lack of having the faintest idea what she is talking about. If the Sovs wanted the watch they could go into any jewlery store in New York and buy one. Just because Little Dick Hoaxland is confused and deranged it does not mean he speaks the truth, but if you are a pair disinfo agent you want that view believed...

Anonymous said...

The article the ORB Thing cites talks about the A-12 which came several years after the U-2 which Powers flew. Once again the ORB Thing shows she is dumber than a football bat or a bag of hair. But wht else can be expected foprom something that takes Little Dick Hoaxland seriously?

The Accutron was introduced in October 1960 and Powers was shot down in May 1960, again showing the ORB Thing is just a giant gasbag.

expat said...

Theadora just posted the following comment:

"I must have been thinking of the Seiko self winding watch"

I didn't allow it because it included a very suspicious hyperlink, but that was the entire text.

Asstropup said...

She posted the link to the PDF from this URL:

Reports of Patent, Design and Trade Mark Cases, Volume 86, Issue 4, 15 May 1969, Pages 102–111,
15 May 1969

THE real Asstropup!!! said...

I didn't say that!!! Now, she's posting as if she's ME!!!

expat said...

imping is strictly forbidden on this blog. Theadora is banned for one month. That includes comments posted under an alias, or as anonymous, to the extent that I'm able to detect such comments.

Anonymous said...

I certainly dont agree with Richard on every subject (and have told him so), but I really think your new years resolution ought to be to get a life.

expat said...

I already have one, and it's quite pleasant. So no need to make that resolution. Thanks for the comment.

Adrian suggests that Orbs may be Mike Bara under an alias. I can't buy that.