Saturday, February 25, 2017

Jimmy Church says he knows they're here

        Jimmy Church, guest-hosting last night on Coast to Coast AM (and interviewing that prize con-man Corey Goode, but that's another story) made an interesting comment. He said that he wasn't interested in "Disclosure." Disclosure has nothing to offer him, because "I already know they're here."

        Without being specific as to time and place, he related the UFO sighting that was good enough proof for him. Accompanied by hundreds of other witnesses and a Canadian documentary film crew, he saw a very large shiny metallic sphere at a distance of about a mile rising slowly from the surface of the Earth, then accelerating and vanishing "into the solar system." This might be a garbled version of the mass sighting at the 2016 Contact in the Desert conference.Jimmy's original report of this event, when it was fresh in his mind, is here (at 01:17:48.)

        Well, as I've written before, I do have some respect for Jimmy Church. He's good at what he does, unlike Richard Hoagland and George Noory. But his reaction to that event really isn't rational. The proper reaction, to my way of thinking, would be not "OOooo look, extraterrestrials!" but "WTF is that??" Being a methodical type, I'd then investigate what was over there where the object was first seen. Any type of military establishment? Anything scientific that might have released a weather balloon, say? If it was the Joshua Tree event, I think I'd show great interest in the enormous military installations at Twentynine Palms, about 10 miles due East.

        Beyond that, it seems odd to me that personal conviction that "they're here" would suffice to kill any interest in disclosure. Disclosure might mean many things, but surely to be really useful it would include details of ET communications, what they look like, how they communicate, where they come from... all the stuff that charlatans like Corey Goode and Linda Moulton Howe give themselves permission to guess at.

        So I don't really believe Jimmy on this. If it happened you can bet he'd be part of the mob of podcasters begging those in the know to come on his show. And by the way, I'd tune in with the greatest possible interest. I'd lap it up.


THE Orbs Whiperer said...

As a contactee, I can say that any disclosure ought to be met with skepticism. From personal experience, I don't trust, The Orbs. Having been bullied by them, I wouldn't necessarily believe anything they say. Same goes for Government disclosure, as they have continually muddied the water, such as shooting off signal flares, after the Phoenix Lights went away, and then announcing that the flares were the Phoenix Lights, which they were not.

Dee said...

Orbs " I can say that any disclosure ought to be met with skepticism". Unless it's scepticism about your own status as "contactee" and being "bullied"? Why stop there? Why believe anything you experienced? Why not investigating the extraordinary properties of your own mind? It doesn't necessarily involve removing any deeper meaning the experiences might contain. Just that the act of interpreting stuff literally or factually should be examined before being claimed. Turning the journey inwards instead. Bigger chance on peace.


Dee said...

Expat, here's the transcript of another later show with Corey Goode mentioning the thing again, suggesting here the lights are beings, responding to awareness, not crafts.


Jimmy: OK. Now is that sphere tech the same thing that I’ve witnessed with you, when we were at Joshua Tree, when we saw those spheres in the sky? Is that the same tech?

Corey: Well, it’s not technology. These are actual beings. These giant spheres are actual higher density beings.

Jimmy: Right. That’s what I’m trying to suggest here


From the MUFON reports of that event we can distil that in an extremely clear desert atmosphere soft-edged "orbs" came out of the West (from the Highway 62 direction), spaced about about 20s to 25s apart, some slowing down, joining up and speeding off together away or into some "triangle". Also mentioned a "noisy" highly excitable group and the feelings of awe and amazements during the show.

For an investigator some of the details are interesting: highway 62 direction, the spacing, the emotional moods and sudden, jerking, erratic movements. Plus an unusual atmospheric condition to boot, all taking in place in an unique atmospheric environment like the desert.

How to exclude some kind of prism effect(note blue/green colours) of dust and ice in the atmosphere bouncing off some moving light source elsewhere on the surface or sky? The desert air is different in the sense that there are many more clumps or clouds of dust and ice particles possible, dust carried upward by radiation and winds, creating perhaps also ice particles by binding water to it. It's where the desert is famous for after all: refraction of light from dust, causing beautiful skies (when dust is uniform), mirages of all kinds and so on. Then nobody wonders after a warm, dry day in the desert if they're not watching some odd night reflections, coming from the direction of the highway of all places?

It's still largely uncharted territory though, all the possible atmospheric phenomena and paths light beams could take. In that sense the noted experiences are of great interest to every one interested in a good mystery.

As for lights blinking back at you, that's perhaps a whole other kind of phenomenon. Considering the enthusiasm and excitement in the air, we have to assume this might not be entirely accurately described in terms of sync. But that's just a hunch. It's by far the most extraordinary claim of these events. And manipulation cannot be excluded either, depending on the location of the external source of light.


expat said...

Dee is being very diplomatic but what s/he is really suggesting is that these people may have been pranked. It's a definite possibility.

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

'All is an illusion;' bang yourself in the head with a skillet, and prove it.

While there have been several occasions where I alone was contacted by The Orbs, there was one full week where nine white Orbs presented themselves high above the ground, in an undeterminable distance, outside my mother's hospital room, each night, as witnessed by numerous nurses and relatives. In a horizontal rank, they would appear one at a time, in a non-sequential pattern, stay light for a few minutes, then simultaneously, all go black. Oddly enough, nobody seemed to be too interested or concerned, about them. They rationalized them as if they were stationed on top of a hill, but in daylight, after the night nurses had gone home, you could plainly see clear to the horizon, that there was no hill.

It definitely was a prank, but quite an elaborate one, requiring a great deal of energy. There is much more to this story, but it would give Patrick a conniption fit.

expat said...

Another long comment from The Orbs Whiperer [sic] disallowed. That one went too far.

Anonymous said...

Dee's mockery of bully behavior, demonstrates an insincere, prejudicial agenda in lieu of objective analysis, and Patrick's posting of it makes him complicit.

expat said...

I'm not going to allow this thread to degenerate into a fight. No further comments of an aggressive nature will be published. In fact, consider the topic of Theadora's experience of orbs closed. Thank you.

Erickson said...

Church's comments also suggest why Disclosure will never resolve the UFO mystery. He doesn't not need Disclosure because he knows that they are here - whoever "they" might be. If Disclosure revealed something different than what we think we know, would it ever be believed? I suspect that that it would be ignored as disinformation. The next guest on Coast would be telling us what Disclosure is hiding. Ultimately, the show must go on.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, not the orbs again. One would hope that since we've known
Nazi scientists launched foo fighters in the field of World War 2
that 70 years later, "orb" technology has advanced somewhat. I am
in the firm opinion that 100% of UFOs are man-made, black project
craft or phenemenon created by the secret projects, and 100% of
"abductees" are mentally challenged or suffer from sleep apnea,
sleep paralysis and other delusions or actual spiritual oppression.

Eye opener said...

Disclosure will have to be from the Aliens themselves. Expecting our government to come clean on the ET matter would be like expecting ants to stop doing what they do and make a grand announcement that human beings violated the prime directive by destroying the ant mound.