Sunday, January 1, 2017

Richard Hoagland tries again for 2017

12:20 pm EST

        Richard Hoagland, whose own radio show is still off the air, popped up on The Unexplained (edn #281) on Christmas Eve. This is Howard Hughes' podcast from the UK, and Hoagland has been a fairly frequent guest, resisting all Hughes' good faith attempts to make him face up to his mathematical and scientific shortcomings (so they remain unexplained, hah-hah.)

        The primary reasons for his guesting on this occasion were to sell a book and to contribute an impromptu eulogy for John Glenn. Unlike Mike Bara, who memorialized Glenn by alleging that he was a liar, Hoagland expressed genuine admiration. "He personified the idea of the humble pioneer," he said. I think that's fairly accurate.

        As 2016 wound down to its last week, Hoagland couldn't resist making a prediction, as he has done many times before. 2010 was to be "the year we make contact." 2012 was, of course, the year of the Mayan calendar horrorshow that never quite happened. Here's what he said on Christmas Eve, word for word.
 "2017 is going to be the year of disclosure. Now I don't know whether it's going to be Obama who does it, or it's Trump does it, or we who do it. What do I mean by "we"? If you look at the web, Howard, look at all the stuff NASA's dumping, you'd have to be deaf dumb and blind not to see that there's an incredible ruins of an ancient civilization on Mars. Now, it's more complicated--it turns out there's more than one--but if NASA doesn't announce what it's giving us, if the White House doesn't announce, in the waning twilight hours of the Obama administration [...inaudible...] I've even picked a time--it's going to conform to the other stuff we've been working on for years, figuring out, kind-of like an FBI profiler...I would say the most likely time for the President to make the announcement, if he's going to and not leave it to Trump, would be on New Year's Day, probably around noon, 'cause that will be 19.5 days before he leaves office and the next administration takes over."
        Noon Washington time was about twenty minutes ago. I'm checking the news but I think the President is taking things easy today. Not that Hoagland will care at all that he's laid another stinker. To him, he can never be wrong about anything.note 1 On 2nd January 2011 he said of his 2010 failure "contact has happened. You just have to look." So I confidently expect to be hearing, a year from now, "disclosure happened, I was right. We just didn't notice." Happy new year to all.

See also Exposing Pseudoastronomy on this same topic.

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1] But see this summary of 11 busted predictions


Anonymous said...

The first sentence of your latest blog entry says that Hoagland "popped up" on "The Unexplained." Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that he "returned like the worst of all possible pennies"? :)

It is difficult to imagine why HH would bother having Hoagland on his own show at this point. The only explanation that makes any kind of sense to me at all was that HH was hard up for a guest to fill the awkward Christmas Eve timeslot and Hoagland happened to be available, but maybe there is another, more plausible explanation?

Is it possible that HH still takes Hoagland seriously despite constantly getting emails from people pointing out (quite rightly) how consistently wrong Hoagland has been?

Chris Lopes said...

What book was he pushing?

expat said...

Chris: This thing, which he said would be "in time for Christmas" but Amazon and B&N aren't listing it yet. I bet he got Keith Laney to do 90% of the work then just slapped his name on it. It looks self-published.

Dee said...

Hoagland was probably hinting at the *real*, but hidden US president, Putin, who oracled during his New Year speech: Meanwhile, New Year has its own secrets. For instance, each of us may become something of a magician on the night of the New Year.

Secrets, magic.... way more interesting than Obama's and Trump's tweets which did not mention anything secret or transformative! Really, this isa president you want for selling mystery books.

Since it's left open who's gong to "do it", I'd suggest Mr. Putin will start disclosure in 2017. Some have said he already started of course, last year, but that's another topic :)

Happy New Year,


Chris Lopes said...

Oh ok, THAT book. Yeah, it looks like "the image team" probably did all the real work. I also notice that he still hasn't managed a live show, even though it was in his financial interest (to promote the book that isn't really available yet) to do so. I will believe the book really exists when I see it available for purchase. Until then, it's vapor-ware.

Unknown said...

I actually threw up a little in my mouth listening to Hoagland on Howard Hughes. Believe me, Hughes knows Hoagland is full of it. I am actually a little disgusted that HH allowed the tedious mendicant back on his show after Hoagland's previous appearance. Where he denied HH the opportunity to legitimately question Hoagland's preposterous mathematics regarding Explorer I.

It was I who challenged Hughes via several email bouts to have a go at Hoagland regarding this. To his credit HH tried but was foisted off by claims of conspiracy and paid informants. Where is my fucking money NSA et al?

It is not cool to kick a man when he is down. But Hoagland, I would not piss on him were he on fire. The link Expat posted regarding RCH's failed predictions says it all. Hoagland has no integrity. He is not a man.

Chris Lopes said...

His Explorer 1 math is off because of a conspiracy, really? This conspiracy would have include Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Sergei Korolev, and Robert Goddard to work. That's a lot of work to make one minor pseudo-scientist look foolish. Yep, the one thing you can say about Hoagland is that his sense of self-importance knows no bounds. It really is all about him.

jourget said...

RCH has announced that all the OSOM subscribers that have stuck around will be getting a free copy of the book as a reward for their patience. Sounds like a great deal, right? Well, considering all of them have already paid $12.50 for nothing (no shows in Nov and Dec at $5/month, plus the last half of Oct), they were well on their way to involuntarily buying a copy anyway. It was the very least he could do, and RCH can be counted on to provide the very least.

If he doesn't get a show on the air within the next month or two, all those faithful subscribers will have involuntarily bought the book at full price, and will be back to faithfully paying for nothing. Plus, if this book is anything like The Heritage of Mars, which has yet to be published despite RCH plugging it for almost a decade, who knows when it'll actually appear and when the remaining OSOM subscribers will get something for their money.

RCH is actually worse than a parasite. Even lampreys take a crap and contribute nutrients back to the world.

Chris Lopes said...

I wonder how many subscribers are still around. I mean even they have to realize that Hoagie's just blowing smoke up their ass. Book or no book, they've been had.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget there's a sucker born every 19.5 seconds

Anonymous said...

As much as I recognize Hoagie for whom he is, a judeo-masonic conspirator
who proports to mesh the geometries of the eastern mystery gnostics with
ancient monuments and outer space, I (and those presently reading this blog)
are capable of debunking him mentally while listening to him at the same time.

That is a trait acquired over many years, having been exposed to other
judeo-masonic shills, all made into fringe celebrities by the Art Bell show in
the 1990s. The good news is that we are leaving these dinosaurs behind as the
more serious approaches to discovering present and past truths come to the fore,
however.. we won't stop listening to them, just in case, somehow, they stumble
upon a real truth, which hasn't happened yet.

The most pressing arguments today are that UFO phenomenon are all man-made,
secret technology originally developed by Nicola Tesla and German scientists,
further enhanced by T. Townsend Brown - and rapidly shoved under cover by the
American and British agencies. These same societies who have concealed anti-gravity craft from us have launched disinformation campaigns, since the 1930s, as evidenced by the Rockefeller involvement in the production of the
War of the Worlds broadcast. Werner Von Braun warned us that they intend to
develop full-spectrum dominance from space and tell us that aliens are involved,
when they are not. Of course, the Luciferians fantasy is to act as an outer
force capable of enslaving humanity. How close are they already ?