Monday, October 10, 2016

Another false claim from Robert Morningstar

James Concannon writes...

        Of all the Apollo Moonwalkers, the late Ed Mitchell is the unquestioned darling of the pseudoscience crowd. In more than one interview, he stated quite categorically that representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations have visited Planet Earth, and continue to keep watch over our affairs right now. He does not claim to have any actual evidence of this, only that he has been told this by senior US military officers and believes them.

        The pseudoscience people often simply project that rather weird claim into areas that they wish were true, like Mitchell's own experiences on the Moon. Yesterday, Robert AM* posted this on the Book of Farces:

" I discovered photos of UFOs taken by Mitchell hlehe [sic] was on the surface of the Moon."

         Challenged to produce these photos, he did not respond. What makes it funnier is that, at almost the same time, he posted a link to part of a Mitchell interview on the Tube that is You. At 1:25 in this video, Mitchell says "I don't have any personal first-hand UFO experience." In plain language, Mitchell saw nothing and heard nothing on the Moon that amounts to any hint of an extraterrestrial presence (unless you count rocks).

        Why does AM*, who bills himself as a "civilian intelligence analyst," make these false claims? I can only guess, and my guess is that he likes his fans to think he's "in the know" about woo-woo affairs. It reminds me of when, in January 2015, he claimed to have a copy of the "1967 edition" of the Brookings Report. There is no such document, and he has never been able to cite any language from it that supports his erroneous interpretation of the 1960 report.

        Just like Hoagland, Bara, Wilcock, Brandenburg, Lainey et al., AM* has a different concept of "truth" from that which most of us share.

Update April 2017
         Just for shits & giggles I asked him about this again. It turns out he means this image of Turtle Rock:

image credit: NASA

        Yes, there's scanner contamination up in the sky, near the second fiducial from left. Ed Mitchell stepped a little to his right and shot the next frame:

Oh look, nothing in the sky.

--James Concannon


Binaryspellbook said...

Jeezus H and all that. How does this AM* clownhat make money?
I mean, seriously, is telling lies on the internet a lucrative employment opportunity.
I could do that. After all I did go to school with Bobby Charlton and Pele was best man at my wedding. My first wedding that is. When me and Maureen O'Hara got hitched.
I later dumped her for Grace Kelly, before she ran off with that prince guy from one of these brown people countries.

Unknown said...


The conspiracy industry has some crazy reach. I was in Japan this past summer on company business and found a Marshall Masters book in a thrift shop; English edition, autographed. It was going for the equivalent of like $2.50. I think that dude self-publishes his junk, too. Some gaijin could've sold it, I don't know, but over the years I've found enough Jim Marrs and the like material that I don't it's just weirdo foreigners reading this stuff.

Chris Lopes said...

People "want to believe" and are willing to pay others who will encourage and reinforce their beliefs. That doesn't mean they'll give money to just anyone of course. The story teller has to provide an entertaining story that seems plausible and can't be proven wrong. Throw in a few secret sources from the "black ops" world and pretend to be a target of TPTB, and you too can hang out with Mike Bara at the bar.