Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Richard Hoagland has so much to learn

        We already know that Richard Hoagland is utterly incompetent at math, but now it seems he's about equally incompetent as a chat radio interviewer. I've "come across" an .mp3 file of the 30th July edition of The Other Side of Midnight, and it's pretty amusing. This is a two-hour show, five (theoretically!) nights a week, that he's been hosting for over a year now, and he still hasn't learned some basic interview skills such as NOT asking a question then cutting your guest off after he's spoken only ten words in reply. Here's a verbatim transcript:
 25:30 Intervieweee: "This election is a cartoon. It's unbelievable. Erm... You have this guy who's a ... a well-known blowhard, you know, celebrity narcissist character. And then you have this woman who, ah, basically if you understand certain insider testimony she already was president for eight years. She ran the country --  Bill was off signing greeting cards and, you know, messing around with staffers, and Hillary was in there actually making all the decisions. She was really the President."

Hoagland: "Hang on David, Hang on. How the hell do you know that?"

Intervieweee: "Multiple insiders have spoken to me, and have said that, ah..."

Hoagland: "Hang on, let me stop you..."
        The interviewee was in fact David Wilcock, a delusional author specializing in apocalyptic predictions. His bio claims, in part, that "Multiple insiders with access to highly classified information have shared what they know with David." He throws the expression "quantum physics" around almost as capriciously as Hoagland himself tosses out "hyperdimensional physics" and "torsion field." It's quite evident that neither of them has any actual understanding of physics. About half-way through this interview Wilcock informed us that if you look in a microscope anywhere in the universe, and you zoom down to the sub-atomic level, you'll arrive at the exact same point, the "seed." This is, er... not exactly correct.

It's paranoia time
         If one single word could encapsulate this extravaganza, it would be PARANOIA -- on the part of both Wilcock and Hoagland. Paranoia at an almost Kerry Cassidy level of intensity. Both of them seem totally convinced that  the Illuminati are enslaving all of us. Even the Alex Jones-inspired term "prison planet" came up without anybody's tongue in his cheek. Numerology also gets wrapped in to their thinking, as when Wilcock commented on the fact that Stanley Kubrick died of a heart attack on the exact same day (7 March 1999) that Richard Hoagland had his own infarctnote 1.
18:41 Wilcock: "When we hear about something like people trying to ice you and actually icing Kubrick 666 days before January 1st 2001, it's not only not a coincidence, and it's not only a deliberate thing that was done. It is actually a black magic attempt to create energy through these human sacrifices."
        Hoagland himself keeps insisting -- without evidence -- that his cardiac emergency was a deliberate attempt on his life, rather than a natural phenomenon of a mid-50s man in a stressful situation. Kubrick was 70 when he died, and most people would look no further than his age and his highly stressful occupation for a causus morti. Wilcock didn't think to let us know whether this "attempt to create energy" was successful or, if so, what exact form the energy took.

        The bullshit was laid down thick and fast. Hoagland spoke of "psychotronic energy," which he explained as the use of hyperdimensional physics (of course!) to control human beings. Wilcock alluded to some "intention experiment" conducted by Maharishi Mahesh in the 60s, whereat meditation by a large number of people succeeded in reducing strife in the world by 72%.
47:36 Wilcock: "Look, there's no war strategy, there's no B2 bomber, there's nothing that they've ever spent money on that could even begin to accomplish a 72% reduction in terrorism. This technology -- and it is a technology -- has overwhelming significance and if you think about how threatening that would be to the power elite... They need us to stay depressed -- they need us to stay locked up in a world of weaponized food and alcohol and drug addictions to prescription drugs or all kinds of different things they're pushing on us. They don't want us to be happy, they don't want us to be empowered, they don't want us to be healthy, and they need us to stay depressed because if too many people get happy it changes the physics and they will not be able to maintain power."
        "Weaponized food" -- what a perfect description of that chicken vindaloo I had last Friday night. To me, there's something adolescent about this "THEY are controlling us" mindset. It's so reminiscent of children getting enraged when they discover that their parents have all the power in the family. There too, food -- the provision or withholding of it -- is often a symbol of power, or perceived as such. And what is teenage angst but the denial of happiness by a cruel world? When Wilcock says "if too many people get happy it changes the physics..." I become convinced that not only does he not understand physics, but he doesn't even know what physics is.

        At one point, discussing the mighty changes sweeping through the whole solar systemnote 2, Hoagland came up with a wonderful ploy. Pluto, he said, was not only a planet but an artificial body, "an archive." He said "I predicted that -- months before they got there." So here's the Hoagland formula for self-defined success:

1. Make a nonsense prediction.
2. Claim that it came true.
3. Pat yourself on the back.


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[1] Actually, according to his own notes, Hoagland's event was a day earlier.

[2] It's brightening, according to Hoagland and Wilcock. Strange that astronomers with access to actual instruments haven't noticed that.


THE Orbs Whiperer said...

By stressful situation, of course, your are referring to Heaven's Gate, right?

expat said...

No, the HG disaster was 1997, not 1999, and RCH had very little to do with it. Courtney Brown was the C2C guest who caused the trouble.

RCH was in Miami, engaged in a giant fight (which he eventually won) over the Miami Circle.

Chris Lopes said...

I think a lot of people tend to blame Hoagie for the HG thing because it's kind of his style. He's always making wild and unfounded claims of artificially about celestial bodies that happen to be in the news. This time though, someone else beat him to it, otherwise he'd have been the one to step on that landmine.

As to the show, sounds like the same old Hoagland in his least interesting form. When he's in complete control of the conversation (see Norey, George) the woo gets deep fast. What could have been a mildly amusing talk about some paranormal nonsense turns into a drama filled night of woo crap.

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

Hoagland told me that he had been informed that Marshall Applewhite was CIA.

jourget said...

I worked on the site immediately adjacent to the Miami Circle in 2005 and 2006, and I can categorically say that you can call RCH's role in the Circle's preservation a tangential one. The discovery of the Circle caused a complete circus in downtown Miami in 1999, and a truly ridiculous number of groups converged on it, with seemingly every group putting forward their own theory that they were completely sure explained the site's origin.

It was the remains of a structure put together by an outlying group of Mayans who had found their way north to Florida. It was an ancient astronomical observatory. Some people said it wasn't an archaeological site at all, just the excavated base of an old steam plant for an apartment building. In the case of RCH, he was totally convinced that it was a structure that was part of an ancient global grid, because angles.

I'm not going to say that Art Bell's huge audience didn't play a role in increasing awareness of the Circle. But it was obvious from the start that this was a tremendously significant archaeological site right in the heart of downtown Miami, and would have be addressed in some way, either preserved outright or thoroughly excavated before it was destroyed by construction activities. I'm glad we ended up getting the best of both worlds. But RCH's role was more or less that of one of those handheld air horns at a basketball game: loud and annoying, but not really affecting the course of events. My old boss Bob Carr, who is quoted in the article you linked, summarizes the impact RCH had pretty well: he was seen as a nut, nothing more.

Chris Lopes said...

Justin, Hoagland says a lot of things that aren't true.

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

Incorrigibly unrepentant for his contribution to the death of 39 nerds in Nikes, that Dick Hoagland asserted objects Elenin and YU55, were also under intelligent control.

expat said...

Theadora: I allowed the comment but it's very obtuse. What contribution do you say RCH made to those deaths?

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

It was the supposed Companion to object Hale-Bopp that got Heaven's Gate cult all hot and bothered to beam up. The link to Art Bell's old website is still active on the Heaven's Gate website.

Hoagland was the guy saying that the Hale-Bopp Companion was piloted by intelligent beings who were controlling the trajectory of the larger comet appearing object.
Heaven's Gate cult reportedly castrated themselves washed down fist fulls of barbiturates with vodka in order to join them.

Maybe Marshall Applegate is still alive, the one to have castrated everybody after they passed out from partying with adulterated booze? I wonder if anyone really died at all? It could have all been staged for the cameras.

THE Orbs Whiperer said...



expat said...

Theadora: Your respect for the truth appears to be entirely absent.

« Hoagland was the guy saying that the Hale-Bopp Companion was piloted by intelligent beings who were controlling the trajectory of the larger comet appearing object. »

NO, Thea, it was Courtney Brown, as I already explained.


« I wonder if anyone really died at all? It could have all been staged for the cameras. »

What cameras, Thea? The mass suicide was carried out in private. 39 bodies were cremated.

Chris Lopes said...

Hoagland can be a total asshat, and the intelligently guided comet thing is certainly up his alley. In this case though, some other asshat beat him to it. So for once, his hands are clean.

expat said...

I disallowed a comment from Theadora repeating the same falsehood about Hoagland.

Anonymous said...

Well well...Ripley is at it again now operating under another name...? How amusing :-)

Indeed...her respect for reasoning, truth etc is in her new alias I gather....Justin [Bieber] Doeshit, or in a somewhat more hilarious context... I do shit :-)


THE Orbs Whiperer said...

(Begin ZetaTalk[TM] on Shramek Object)

A consistent theme surrounding the Hale-Bopp fiasco has been that of an intelligently driven star-like object. At first, when the Hale-Bopp hoopla was just breaking news, Hoagland went onto the Art Bell talk show to announce that he suspected Hale-Bopp of being not a comet but an intelligently driven star-like object. An otherwise sober and grounded scientist, Hoagland seemed out of character in this announcement, and for good reason. This was not Hoagland’s conclusion, but a conclusion he was asked to announce by none other than the Hale-Bopp conspirators, who reach some lofty posts in NASA and comet central, Harvard's IAU.


Chris Lopes said...

Justin, the phrase "otherwise sober and grounded scientist" should have clued you in that the author of the article is full of feces.

expat said...

Not much that zeta-talk ever said was true. Unfortunately C2C-AM's show summary database doesn't go back that far so I can't check.

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

Bell took a number of steps to distance himself from the very controversy he had spent so much time promoting. Brown, who had enjoyed frequent publicity on Bell’s program, was no longer welcome (to this day Brown refuses to reveal the mystery astronomer’s identity). Links previously advancing the UFO story — including audio files of the November shows containing the early Hale-Bopp “companion” discussions — disappeared from Bell’s Web pages. (Bell says that all of the audio files from those November shows were lost when a hard drive crashed.)


THE Orbs Whiperer said...

Does Coast to Coast offer recordings of past shows, that far back.

(Bell says that all of the audio files from those November shows were lost when a hard drive crashed.)


expat said...

Thea, that link simply tells us what we already know -- that Courtney Brown was the culprit. PLEASE NOTE the absence of any reference to Hoagland.

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

Csicop missed a trick. I distinctly remember listening at the time, hearing Richard C Hoagland saying how the Hale-Bopp companion is under intelligent control. The fact that he said the same thing about Elenin and YU55, and that Ceres is likewise inhabited, might indicate an agenda.

expat said...

Theadora (posting as Justin Doeshit): I'm not going to allow any further comments along the same lines. You've made your point over and over again -- I've allowed it but I still don't believe it. Too bad it's impossible to check.

Chris Lopes said...

As far as I can tell, there aren't any RCH fans on this blog, so no one here would be upset if you could reasonably connect the deaths of dozens of people to the old fraud. You can't because the evidence isn't there. It's something he could have done, but someone else (as you yourself pointed out) beat him to it.