Monday, December 7, 2015

Kerry Cassidy's wild, wild guesswork

        This post will be not so much mockery of pseudoscience as of what we may call pseudologic. Predictably, Kerry Cassidy the ultimate conspiracy theorist was not content to accept media accounts of last week's appalling mass murder at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, even though those accounts are as consistent as we might expect.

        To Kerry, every tragic event is a false flag of some kind. San Bernardino simply joins the World Trade Center, Sandy Hook, the Boston marathon, Charlie Hebdo and Paris on Friday 13th as the latest highly suspicious event. She not only labeled this as a false flag, but also took off into the following flight of fancy:
"Jim Stone has done an excellent run down of the things that don't add up and the false flag bell ringers ... the shooters were found dead in hand cuffs...!  How does that work?  Obviously Manchurian candidates unbeknownst even to themselves.

"I however, see something else going on here.  Why health inspectors and health professionals?  Was a bio-weapon about to be released?  Did someone within the group at the party stumble on something they weren't supposed to know about a planned biological attack?  So did they do a mass shooting to hide the person or persons they were targeting so no one would know why?  Sure gun control is a likely outcome that those behind the scenes who actually masterminded this exploit would have but what if it goes deeper than that?"
        Please read that attentively. Then ask yourself, if the aim of Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik was to cover the knowledge of a biological attack, how successful was it? They massacred 14 people outright, but left 21 merely injured. We don't really know if the attack took the form of a random hosing of bullets at the crowd, à la Bataclan theatre, or the individual targeting of 35 victims, but it hardly matters. The fact is that 21 scathed people, plus at least 40 who were unscathed, lived to tell the tale. So quite obviously, if any dire secrets about bio-weapons came out at the party, they aren't secret any longer. The bottom line here is that those vile assailants intended to kill 35 people but only managed to kill 14. The proposition that every single person who had knowledge of a supposed bio-attack was among the 14 dead is logically unacceptable. Of course, if tomorrow or next week one of the survivors turns up on CNN saying that yes, a Big Secret was spilled at that party, I'll apologize to Kerry and put a line through this entire article. I do not expect to be doing that.

       In a sense, the same logic can be brought to bear on other tragedies that Kerry Cassidy has labeled as trumped-up. If Sandy Hook, almost exactly three years ago now, was staged in order to justify disarming the citizenry, it didn't bloody well work, did it? If the attackers of Charlie Hebdo were really government operatives wishing to create a culture that would accept expulsion of Muslims from France, that bloody well didn't work either. If anything, it's Jews who are leaving and many more Muslims who are arriving.

Update 13 December:
Today's election results, in which the ultra-right wing Front Nationale failed to win a single region (despite very promising first-round results) rather rams home that point. False flag my ass.

        My opinion is that Kerry Cassidy uses these events purely to draw attention to herself and her boring "TV Network," and doesn't really think before writing her peremptory accusations. After the Charlie Hebdo massacre, she wrote "Where are the bodies?", as if she expected full color images of the corpses before she'd believe it even happened. Totally ridiculous.

        To me, before anyone labels an operation a "false flag" they should first apply the following test -- did it work?


expat said...

This blog is not about me personally, but I will disclose that I am anti-gun. It seems to me obvious that distribution of assault rifles to ordinary US citizens should cease immediately, and that an aggressive buy-back campaign should start. This is just a bare minimum of what I'd really like to see. It does not amount to "disarming the population", neither is it in violation of the Second Amendment.

Yes, I know Anders Breivik managed to get hold of a semi-automatic carbine in a country where such weapons were already banned, but that's just one outlier. The USA has seen --what? about 200 shootings this year alone. It simply has to stop.

Dee said...

Expat: " Please read that attentively"

But did you do that yourself? Not that I'd hold that against you since Kerry's fantasies are hard to follow.

Kerry: So did they do a mass shooting to hide the person or persons they were targeting so no one would know why?

Expat: The proposition that every single person who had knowledge of a supposed bio-attack was among the 14 dead is logically unacceptable.

Why is it unacceptable? Imagine one or two colleagues found out important elements of the plan (although not enough to realize any terrorism angle yet, perhaps they announced they'd start investigating something next day) but murdering these two would draw attention to a possible murder motive. So the murder was covered up by a suicide mass-murder, turning the victims into random people being present, while the larger plot (involving other terrorists probably as well) remained safe since the focus of any inquiry would not be that specific anymore trying to figure out a motive.

Of course it draws attention to the shooters but perhaps they argued that there would be no link to the chemical attack since they got rid of the evidence first and they were perhaps not directly involved anyway. And they wanted to die anyway soon.

Like so many conspiracy theories, it's a closed loop impossible to falsify really.


Dee said...

Expat, Breivik got his carbine permit legally. Norway has a lot of guns actually.


expat said...

Dee, thanks for your analysis. Yeah, that's what I meant by "wild, wild guesswork."

Binaryspellbook said...

I simply cannot take Ms Cassidy seriously.
She does like to travel. As do I. Unfortunately I do not get paid freebies from gullible "fans."

Erickson said...

I might think that Kerry is suffering the after effects of the scaler attack, but really it's just more of the same.

expat said...

Comment by Theadora disallowed. It pertained to this old story:

...along with speculative commentary that was as daft as a piece by Kerry Cassidy herself.

expat said...

Theadora: What "Somali connection" do you see in the San Bernardino massacre?

vonmazur said...

Expat: How do you propose to get my guns? Around here, everyone is armed, and so far, the Muslims have opted to not stage any incidents. It would lead to a real civil war if some politician decided to confiscate weapons without due process...BTW, this year, 4 so-called mass shootings, not 200+.

expat said...

vonmazur: Thanks for the comment. Please re-read my own comment. I don't propose to get your guns at all. If you own an assault rifle I propose that ATF offers to buy it back on reasonable terms, and makes the ammunition for it difficult or impossible to obtain. I also propose that no US civilian should be able to obtain one of those terrifying weapons ever again.

re mass shootings: I guess I agree that this site, which counts to 353, may have included a few that don't belong.