Monday, January 12, 2015

Dear Kerry Cassidy: The names are known

        The year is not yet two weeks old, and Kerry Cassidy, professional hater of governments and world-traveler subsidized by her fans, has almost certainly nailed the prize for "Most Obtuse Blogpost of the Year."

        Writing in the Project Camelot Portal yesterday, Cassidy proclaimed that the Charlie Hebdo massacre was obviously a False Flag government set-up, and asked this question:
"Among the questions that remain are who was actually killed within the offices of the paper if anyone and if they weren't killed, where are they?"
Here's the answer, Kerry dear:

Stéphane Charbonnier, 47 -- Editor in chief, nom-de-plume "Charb"
Jean Cabut, 76 -- cartoonist, nom-de-plume "Cabu"
Phillippe Honoré, 74 -- cartoonist,  nom-de-plume "Honoré"
Bernard Maris, 68 -- columnist
Bernard Verlhac, 57 -- cartoonist, nom-de-plume "Tignus"
Georges Wolinski, 80 -- cartoonist, nom-de-plume "Wolinski"
Mustapha Ourad, 60 -- copy editor
Elsa Cayat, 54 -- columnist
Frédéric Boisseau, 42 -- building maintenance worker
Franck Brinsolaro, 49 -- Charbonnier's bodyguard
Michel Renaud, 69 -- guest 

(Source: L'Express, 8 Januarynote 1)

        Cassidy must be the least well-informed person frequenting the blogosphere. She already took the 2014 Grand Prize for misinformation with this piece of nonsense, part of her interview with the Australian magazine Sneaky:
"Soldiers who are alleged to be going to Iraq or Afghanistan are actually being sent off planet to places like Mars to fight battles alongside other alien races. Those men and women will have their minds wiped when they come back. This is why we’re having a lot of suicides with ex-soldiers. In some cases their minds have been wiped so many times they become unbalanced as a result. When they return, they don’t know where they’ve been. They think they’ve been to the Middle East, but they’ve actually been elsewhere." 
        For more Cassidy drivel on the Charlie Hebdo affair, see this blogpost and its comments.

        My own comments here are somewhat out of the remit of this blog, since what Kerry Cassidy practices is not so much pseudoscience as pseudo current affairs. Cassidy is a dangerous liar and the only consolation is that traffic on her blog is now extremely low, and she is continually begging for donations. I sincerely hope her operation dies for lack of funding, but -- of course -- freedom of speech applies as much to her as it did to the Charlie Hebdo victims.

Je suis Charlie. Je ne suis pas Kerry.

Update 25 Jan:
        Interviewed on The Higherside Chats a few days ago, Kerry again insisted that the whole event was stage-managed, and asked "Where are the bodies?" as if she wouldn't believe five cartoonists were dead without seeing corpses. Wasn't that gruesome picture of blood on the floor enough for her?

        Kerry also said "Why haven't we heard from the wounded?" Kerry dear, it's because your research is shit. French Google rapidly produces their testimony. Here's an example -- the blog of Fabrice Nicolino, a writer who was wounded badly enough that his life was in danger.



Unknown said...

There is a fine line between pseudoscience and pseudo current affairs - not to mention all the other types of pseudo studies.

In her quest for inside information that will explain the hidden meaning of everything, Kerry regularly moves from conferences with Sean David Morton to getting the latest Space Command installment from "Captain" Mark Richards (direct from Solano State Prison). I am only surprised that Kerry does not seem to have embraced Hoagland. It's not to that much of a leap.

Binaryspellbook said...

I completely agree Expat. Cassidy is one of the most dangerous liars I have ever came across in the woo-field.

More dangerous that Hoagland, Bara, or even the liar-meister Wilcock.

Je suis Charlie.

expat said...

Kerry loves Hoagland, and thinks his research is "meticulous."

See this.

Binaryspellbook said...

I did a little bit of digging regarding Kerry Cassidy, her relationship with Hoagland and indeed her former hump-buddy Bill Ryan.

Apparently her ego is such that she was willing to ditch her principles and become an Aussie TV star. Her Project Camelot volunteers were to be "sacked" if you can sack a volunteer.

Kerry was then to be made into a "star" of Australian TV. Others would be hired to replace the volunteers and Kerry would be afforded the opportunity on mainstream to make a complete fucktard of herself.

Ryan disagreed and that was essentially the end of Project Camelot. She is a crazy, egotistical, fanatical bitchcow of the highest degree. She has even less morals that Margaret Thatcher (rot in hell you scabby-rat) and is driven purely by ego and money. Nothing this raving lunatic should be taken seriously.

And now THIS. She's trying to garner attention and loot money from the gullible by cashing in on massive personal tragedy. Quite simply put, far from being the "indigo child" she claims to be. She is one horrible, horrible, disgusting human being.

Even the "c" word is not strong enough to describe how much I loath this lying cow. I will leave the "c" word regarding women to people like Mike Bara.

Unknown said...

If you think of, say, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden as dealing with “Top Secret” information, I deal with information above that level.

Kerry darling, did you ever ask yourself, if Assange is holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy and Snowden in a hotel in Moscow, how come you walk freely and espouse your theories on the Intertoobs unmolested?

(I've asked Hoagie and Mike the same question and am still awaiting an answer)

Anonymous said...

I really don't know or care about this Kerry something and the drivel she apparently writes about the hebdo case.......but one thing is for sure....and mind you not to ridicule the massacre etc etc

but the whole case stinks to kingdom come and apparently everyone takes a piece of it defending this so called freedom of speech mantra that everybody seems to be riding on since the murderous event took place

This Hebdo business is stinking sky high with a nasty plume of hypocracy..

Remember back when one of their cartoonist took a shot at the Sarkozy family because one of them turned jew....Yep..that is were one draws the line when it comes to this freedom of speech. The poor sod got in fired. Why....well...take a pick


Anonymous said...

"Turned Jew"? Anti-Semetism is a scourge. The idea that all religious extremism, thus hatred, is equal is pure sophistry. Christians and Jews often targets of derision and mockery. Jews happen to be the most persecuted of people's, perhaps throughout history. The idea somehow, that Christian or Jewish 'extremism' is equivalent, let alone existent, as compared with Islamic extremism is nonsense. Newspaper offices or a deli in Paris, a cafe in Australia or beheadings in the Middle East all share one commonality of extremism. The notion that Christian aggression in the 16th century, Israel protecting herself throughout her history or, more laughingly, the Tea Party (of which I am a member) somehow represent an extremist, existential threat is foolishness in the name of political correctness. Remember when the Maplethorpe Exhibit, featuring a crucifix suspended upside down in urine and an elephant dung painted Mary catalyzed Christian violence and terror? Oh wait, that didn't happen.

Hypocrisy should never be met with slaughter.


Dee said...

BSP: "I will leave the "c" word regarding women to people like Mike Bara."

Then again, some kind of match making seems in order as there appear to be so many similarities between them: Kerry and Mike might be able to neutralize each other! Or kill each other, whichever comes first.

expat said...

Well, they'll both be at the Conscious Life Expo, so who knows?

Anonymous said...


....and your point is.....?

I believe my point was and is that the so called defense of freedom of speech and the people who jump on this bandwagon as demonstrated recently uses different standards when it comes to free speech in general. I believe the current divide and rule standard when it comes to freedom of speech

- islam - limitless
- christianity - limited
- judaism - no go area

and again....why is that ???


Charles said...


I've been following your "emoluments" of Mr. Hoaxland for a few years now, admittedly I am "open minded" and fortunatelly or un-fortunatelly (depends on a claim, would prefer being "spiritually uplifted by ancient aliens" then die from "ELENI") most of the "open minded" claims are pure bullshit, even for an "open minded". There is something I would like to know - what do you think about "Sirius Disclosure" videos? Not the crap ones about "meditating to contact ufos in middle of desert" but the testimonial ones.

expat said...

Hi Charles -- I guess you mean Sirius (2013) IMDB ref tt2637848. Haven't seen it. I know who Steven Greer is, heard him several times on Coast to Coast.

An a former documentary producer/director myself, I smirk a bit when I come across movies with 7 exec. prods., 1 co-exec. prod., 9 producers and 4 co-producers. I wonder how long the rough-cut viewing took, and if any long knives came out.

I might take a look at the weekend.

Dee said...

Charles might also have meant:

Best Available Evidence – Photos and Videos

or check the section "CE-5 Photos and Videos" for 5th category encounters: meaning mutual, bilateral communication.

Personally I already see there a few I know have been exposed as a natural or human (military) activity. The problem is that adding insufficient evidence to more insufficient evidence does not improve the overall quality of the collection. A basic error with this kind of research IMO.

Many of the events seem very hard to verify, let alone repeat in some way. It never leaves the crib of "anecdotal" or "interesting". Not always beyond the possible though.

By the way, only recently the CIA finally released loads of documents taking credit for a load of strange light sightings in the '50's and 60's by qualified observers. They admit it was the U2 spy plane gliding around the globe, throwing off a lot of people as it delivered unusual reflections or estimated speeds from certain vantage points. It's an interesting read.


Trekker said...

Charles, the speakers in 'Disclosure' all had plenty of anecdotal evidence. Not one of them, however, produced anything that would stand up to scrutiny - no incontrovertible proof, in other words.

Anonymous said...

The rise of anti-semetism in Europe has caused nearly 100% of Jewish people to flee Paris and other major European cities. I suspect this hatred takes many forms to include violence and vandalism as well as the written and spoken word. Recently, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter (author of Israel, Not Apartheid) and Israel- bashing Op-Eds too numerous to mention, specifically blamed the Paris attacks on 'the Palestinian problem'. To suggest that anti-Semitic speech is somehow suppressed or punished in general simply isn't true. You've cited an instance that, if accurate, is unfair and hypocritical to be sure. The truth is, however, that Jews are blamed and hated both in word and print so often it has become, regrettably, predictable and 'socially' acceptable. Jerry,

Anonymous said...


when I was writing my initial thoughts on this subject I was wondering how fast someone would drop 'anti-semite' and/or 'anti-semitism' surprise in that department :-) I rest my case given your attempt of diversion

on your "To suggest that anti-Semitic speech is somehow suppressed or punished in general simply isn't true"

again ill educated because, just to use one example, several countries have law that refutes your argument.

on your "The rise of anti-semetism..."
I agree...given the fact and my point of argument that is seem to be okay to blame and bash the islam for everything and use that as an excuse to bomb them back to the stone age. Given the fact that they originate from the Semitic tribe contrary to the jews. At large they originate from a bunch of Russian expats [no pun intended] who at some point turned to judaism because their king made it state religion. Same stunt basically as Constantine pulled of at Nicea.

Today we live in a world that when it comes to judaism etc the anthem is " Whatever the question or argument....the answer is anti-semitism" The "term anti-semitism etc" is nothing more then a whine, a meme, a smear and what have you..all to divert from the argument or question or critique

So in the name of Hypatia educate yourself


Anonymous said...

@ Jerry

and by the way on your 'You've cited an instance that, if accurate, is unfair and hypocritical to be sure."

it is very accurate darling. Take a few minutes and do the research yourself and you will find many similar most accurate cases


expat said...