Thursday, December 11, 2014

Why Robert Morningstar didn't get his Time Magazine cover this year

His prediction about the Mars opposition causing major earthquakes was a bust.

He got all seven crater names wrong when labeling a shot of Mare Imbrium.

He totally botched the story about the arsenic-tolerant extremophile GFAJ-1 on Offplanet radio.

He made everyone laugh by saying NASA doesn't show images of Ukert crater.

 He made everyone laugh even harder by repeating the well-debunked fantasy about a UFO following Apollo 11.

He repeated his atrocious error claiming that the Apollo astronauts were not aware of the tape recorders recording their conversations behind the Moon.

In a Facebook exchange with Don Davis he got the title, the date, and the meaning of the "Brookings Report" wrong.

Better luck next year, AM*


FlightSuit said...

Did anybody catch Hoagie on C2C AM this evening? After Noory's weird introduction fell flat on its face with a joke that didn't work, it took Hoagie about thirty seconds to mention the fact that he's working on a new book, and it would be just great if people pre-ordered it.

expat said...

I did, but I dozed off for one crucial half-hour. I'll be reviewing it.

FlightSuit said...

Yay, I can't wait!