Friday, August 15, 2014

Hoagland 2-1/2 years later -- Big Talk vs. reality

The Big Talk

Coast to Coast AM, 20 February 2012 (Vimeo)

GN: "Let me ask you this before we take calls. How many Facebook followers do you have now?"

RCH: "Over 30,000."

GN: "Good for you."

RCH: "That's not counting my friends -- I have 5,000 friends."

GN: "How d'they find you?"

RCH: "They just go to Facebook. And... Richard C. Hoagland. And they will take you right to my Facebook page. Or you can go to There's a link to my Facebook page. The public page -- the 'fan page' as they call it. Right at the very top.  I love to have lots of new people because the conversation that I engage in  -- and I engage in a lot of conversation with folks that come on, and want to talk to me. This is important, because if this is going to unfold the way I think it's going to unfold, it will save civilization. It will do all the things that we have to do to put America back at #1, and to set a tone for the planet, so that we, united, as a human species, reach out and figure out who the hell we are by touching ... with a human spaceflight program that will be heir to the Apollo program that John Kennedy gave us because of his vision; that everybody can be proud of, and will lift all boats. We need something as big as a war, but not a war. And this is it. If our scenario projections are accurate."

Now for the reality
Number of FB 'fans' Hoagland blocked for asking questions he didn't care to answer: Unknown, but MANY.

Last time Hoagland posted anything: 22 May 2012.

Did he save civilization? Well, civilization hasn't come to an end -- but I don't think Hoagland can claim any credit for that.

Did he put America back at #1? No.

Did a new Apollo-type space project emerge? Far from it.

Were his projections accurate? Don't make me laugh.

Overall assessment: HOT AIR.


Chris Lopes said...

Hoagland's entire "something wonderful will happen" thesis was blown apart years ago. He tried to ride the Obama wave and fit it to his own agenda. Reality has not been kind to him on that score.

Looking back, it's kind of funny how far Hoagie was willing to go to keep hope alive. I mean it's not every woo-master who can see secret messages in presidential x-mas cards. Only Hoagland could an Internet audience entertained with such insanity.

Unknown said...

I just looked at his Farcebook. It used to be wide open but now you have to "Add Friend" to read his words of wisdom.

Also, has been getting smaller lately. Von Braun's Secret seems to have disappeared, among other stuff.

I guess this is "STUNNING CONFIRMATION" that "Something Big..." is about to "HAPPEN"....

Stay Tuned....

expat said...

How I wish that piece of garbage had disappeared, but no, alas, Von Braun's Secret is still there.

Trekker said...

No, Hoagie's page is wide open - the 'fan' page, at least:

Chris Lopes said...

Yep, the fan page is open, but The Big Man never visits it any more. In his absence, the place has become a watering hole for the extreme fringes of Hoagland fandom. It has a weird "kids running the daycare center" feel to it. I peek in every now and then or a few minutes, but usually go away quite bored.

Unknown said...

I found it. I was looking at this one

Maybe that's the one that he was blocked from a few years back.

Also, I found the other articles on his site. They're still there just not indexed properly. You'd think with all the different CMSs (Content Management Systems) out there today he'd have upgraded his site by now. I guess he's too busy running Enterprisemission to have time for little things like site upgrades. You know, scientific research and the like.