Monday, December 24, 2012

Why Mike Bara didn't get his Time Magazine cover this year

photo credit: David Mitchell (25%) Time-Life (the rest)
His insults are out of date. Nobody uses a douche bag nowadays.

His predictions for the Presidential election were about as wrong as it's possible to be.

He used the massacre of 20 children to promote his wretched book.

He claimed that he never believed in the December 21 apocalypse. Yet the cover sell on The Choice included the words There is a Great Shift coming in the near future....

He trusted the Call of Duty Zombies web gaming forum as an authentic source of space imagery.

He published 40-year-old lunar images at very low resolution, ignoring the LROC images that were 100 times better.

He utterly failed to respond to some stinging criticism of his work in Amazon reader reviews.

He deliberately misquoted his own book, attempting to cover a gross error.

He went on Ancient Aliens: The NASA Connection and made nine mistakes.

He wrote I haven't looked at them in response to a Farcebook query about lunar images from the Japanese Selene, Indian Chandrayaan, and Chinese Chang'E missions.  This is a statement by someone who claims expertise on interpretation of such imagery. Furthermore it isn't entirely true. He was made to look at the Selene image covering the part of the Moon where he claimed to identify a mile-square ziggurat.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Expat and everyone else battling pseudoscience and its wretched practitioners!

Mulvaney said...

It is sad that Bara also lost out to Kim Jong Un in the reader's choice poll as to who should win the Time award, But perhaps the snub will make him a humbler, more careful person.

Science said...

Mike Bara's biggest fan is Mike Bara. He watches himself on TV then posts to say how awesome he thinks he is.

I wonder if he was particularly pleased with himself for using the murder of twenty young children to promote his ridiculous moon book? Well done, Mike, well done.

Next year this overgrown child has a new book coming, sandbagging the interest in Mars with more of his inane juvenile fairy stories.

I look forwad to tearing them to shreds and watching his usual little temper tantrums on his two Facebook accounts (naughty Michael!)