Monday, October 3, 2011

Nikolai Alexandrovich Kozyrev (1908-83)

        Today, one of the Hoagland cult on FB asked:

"[W]hy are there more Sun spots on the nothern[sic] hemisphere of the Sun than the Southern at this time?"

        Of course, Richard Hoagland loves playing the part of the learned professor teaching his eager young students, even though he himself is devoid of a science education and has shown himself on many occasions to be essentially ignorant in any branch of science.

        Be that as it may, he played the role as follows:

"Because, HD/torsion Physics is NOT equal in both hemipsheres[sic] of rotating planets/stars -- as Kozyrev demonstrated ~70 years ago, with his hemispherical experiments on Earth. :)

GREAT question .... :)"

        Hoagland quoting Kozyrev makes me giggle. A lot. Why? Because although poor old Kozyrev, in the Gulag from 1936-46 during what would otherwise have been the peak of his career, believed in torsion fields, he had a view of them that was totally in conflict with that of Hoagland & Bara.

        Those two rebarbative ignoramuses Hoagland & Bara loudly and frequently tell us that torsion energy is preferentially manifest in a rotating sphere at latitudes 19.5° north and south, and that torsion energy is entirely independent of electromagnetic fields. Kozyrev said that torsion energy increases with latitude, is most pronounced at the poles, and, yes, is stronger in the northern hemisphere of planet Earth than the southern.

        He reasoned that torsion fields follow magnetic fields, which are more concentrated at the poles. The north-south asymmetry he ascribed to greater oblateness of the northern hemisphere, leading to an extremely subtle increase in the gravitational field. Thus he linked torsion not only to electromagnetism but to gravity—a scandalous heresy in the Church of Hoagland/Bara. He should really be at least excommunicated and probably subjected to some posthumous Auto-da-Fé, if that is possible.


        More notes: The notion that Earth is more oblate in the northern hemisphere has been disproved by satellite measurement.

        Kozyrev maintained that the white areas at the poles of Mars were clouds, not surface ice.

        He performed a series of laboratory experiments that seemed to show changes in mass due to rotation, or effects of moving masses on nearby pendulums. These have all been discredited.

        So I guess we should welcome endorsement of Kozyrev. Boosting that victim of Stalin is, for Hoagland, self-disproving.

Further reading: Divine Cosmos, Chapter 1.


Biological_Unit said...

Two new sunspots are forming on Monday in the southern hemisphere.

oops ...

Chris Lopes said...

Hoagland is not one to let a little thing like real data spoil his story. After all, he's still talking about the magical consciousness raising abilities of a comet/spaceship that the data says broke up weeks ago. The same goes for Kozryev's theories (and the data that disproves them) and the fact that they don't say what Hoagland says they say. Those are just minor details that have to be ignored to make the narrative work. Reality has been conspiring against Hoagland for a very long time.

F.C. Trevor Gale. said...

It's getting to the point when any moment now his very existence will be self-disproving for him. The more he writes or says, the more illogical and irrational he proves himself to be. One could even expect such drivel to emanate from a mental patient so full of self-belief and pseudo-knowledge, but in an asylum they'd tolerate him and ignore him afterwards when they went home.

Chris Lopes said...

F.C. Trevor Gale,
Part of the problem is that he's gotten rid of anyone on his page who might have kept him in check. That is, he can now say just about anything there without fear of direct contradiction. That makes the temptation for him to fall for his own BS almost irresistible.

Another part of the problem is that pseudo-science is a competitive field. The number of people who are both gullible enough to believe this nonsense and well off enough to pay $100 for a DVD or $300 for a conference seat must be limited. So each pseudo-scientist has to find a way to separate themselves from the pack. Since Hoagland's competitors are a lot more industrious than he is, he has to go further into crazy-land to get any attention. Reality becomes a major casualty in this battle.

Biological_Unit said...

What is up with RCH allowing notable Schizophrenic Mars Revealer to post on his wall?
Surely this is because both of them are desperate.

Biological_Unit said...


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Chris Lopes said...

I don't know if this is from Mars Revealer, but it's an interesting one.

It was posted on Hoagland's page for a few before Hoagland (understandably) deleted it. I don't know how valid any of it is, or what it all means really, but it caught my eye. It's a small window (if it's real) into the more commercial, less world saving, side of Hoagland.

Chris Lopes said...

As to the generator thing, I'm planning on buying one myself just as soon as the money from my Nigerian friend comes through. :)

Biological_Unit said...

I would pay 10 bucks.

James Concannon said...

Oh, I LOVE this, from the Mars Revealer files:

"Date:20 oct 2006
Subject: Re: Confusion & what you said...

I'm simply flat broke(you know what that's like ... don't you?)

I came back home -- after two weeks on the road, two conferences, untold thousands of hours getting ready -- to a total of $75 in my checking account.

I'm over $20,000 in the hole from Joshua Tree (along with Carrie) ...etc.."

I don't follow these things that closely, but I seem to think the Joshua Tree video NEVER APPEARED. Wasn't there some hand-waving excuse about "technical problems"??? $20,000 is a plausible amount for paying a video crew to shoot a documentary that turned out to be vapor-ware...

If you click the ORDER link on this page it doesn't lead to a DVD set.

Chris Lopes said...


I have a feeling that's not the first or last time that's happened to him. He's always promising the fans there will be DVD's of whatever conference he's going to, but they never materialize. Maybe that's why they went with offering an online version of his presentation this time. It saves him the trouble and expense of doing post production.

Biological_Unit said...

Mars Revealer is the most confused person.

He talks like a fag, and his shit's all tarded.

Chris Lopes said...

Perhaps, but those emails (which ring true) tell us a lot about Hoagland's more mercenary side. Today for instance, he's REALLY pushing that conference feed, to the point (I suspect) of using "sock puppets" as advertisement. The world saving is taking a back seat to pure commerce now, and you can easily see why. Inside of a week, it will become painfully obvious that the "messenger" Elenin doesn't exist, and his presentation will be unsellable. He has to make his money while the rubes are still ignorant of that reality.

James Concannon said...

Update: Today in Facebookistan somebody asked him about the Joshua Tree tapes, and he responded that they were "tied up in litigation." Then, in typical paranoid style, he added "Just one of many attacks on enterprise."

kathleen sisco said...

Kozyrev's paper on what the sun is not. courtesy of EU 2013 conference discussion of errors in current understanding of physics pertaining to black holes and gravity waves.

expat said...

Thank you for that.