Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lunar Loony Libraries

Yesterday, Richard Hoagland posted the following on his FB page. I don't think any explanatory comment from me is necessary.

No advanced, technological civilization -- going back (in our own history) to the Sumerians -- have advanced and continued to exist, unless they WROTE THINGS DOWN ... and left those crucial insights to FUTURE generations.

The media (as in "means of keeping such vital records" in existence) may change over millennia ... BUT--

The "messages" should be THE SAME:

Unless you "write things down," and store those writings (pictures of grandma ... Hollywood movies ... Bill Gates' computer graphics Windows animations ..., etc., etc.), the future will TOTALLY COLLAPSE ... in ONE or TWO generations--

Directly back into BARBARISM!

On a place (the Moon!) where there's NO air to (literally) breath ... unless the "breathing machines" are understood ... and MAINTAINED

Everyone will simply DIE. In a very short time.

So -- there MUST be fabulous LIBRARIES out there ... on the Moon, on Mars ... elsewhere in the solar system ... ANYWHERE where this amazing "previous civilization" lived and flourished ....

All we have to do is a) FIND them, and b) figure out how to READ them ....

NOT a trivial set of tasks.

But, FINDING them comes first .... :)

Or, getting NASA to 'fess up -- if THEY have already found them


Peter Uwira said...

Lunar Libraries would simply be the equivalent of the Pioneer plaque. A nice surprise but nothing outrageously weird.

Of greater concern is that Richard Hoagland constantly ignores critical questions.

For example (

[Hoagland writes] "James" can NEVER reveal "who" he REALLY is, or, engage in truly civilized, intellectual conversation regarding what we've found.

The moment he revealed his REAL identity -- his cushy job with NASA ... the NSA ... the CIA ... the DIA, or, a dozen other "alphabet agencies" -- to constantly harrass and disrupt THIS conversation, at ALL costs -- would quite abruptly END--

And, he couldn't (literally) hang "24/7 "on my every word. :)

Unless ... he's just a "VERY disturbed person" ... which (with him and ALL the other fakes) is a VERY real possibility as well ....

So, I will simply keep eliminating their boring and predictable "intrusions" into our, otherwise, very interesting and important conversations ....
A typical posting by "James":
The very first sentence of "Dark Mission" 1st edition, "The NASA that we've known for over 50 years has been a lie," appears to be itself a lie.

In support of your contention, you first assert that NASA "was quietly founded as a direct adjunct to the Department of Defense." Your evidence for that is entirely false, depending as it does on a chapter in Title 35 of the US Code -- a chapter that is purely concerned with patent applications.

You then point out that some activities of NASA are classified, and you write "This is directly contrary to everything we’ve been led to believe regarding NASA for over 50 years now."

When you were advising CBS TV News during the Apollo program, were you not aware that NASA activities were partly classified? If so, I think you were negligent. Every other journalist on the NASA beat knew it very well.
These are valid questions! And they would remain valid even if "James" actually worked for an "alphabet agency".

Chris Lopes said...

Yeah, the "vast libraries" thing is a bit much. I doubt there are vast libraries at our research facilities in Antarctica that could tell you how and why our civilization was created and how you can duplicate our technology. Sure there are repair manuals and such (along with, I guess, a good amount of porn ;) ), but I doubt you could recreate the entirety of Western Civilization with what is there. If you assume that the Moon was once inhabited (for the sake of argument), then you have to figure it wasn't much more than an outpost or mining colony. There is no reason to bring a record of your entire civilization there.

As to James, yes his questions should be answered. There are many things that Hoagland says that he will not correct once the inconsistencies are pointed out. It being his FB page though, he has the power to just make such discussions "disappear" with little or no comment. Not the kind of behavior you would expect from someone who claims to want the truth.

Biological_Unit said...

Everyone will simply DIE. In a very short time.

RCH will die before he is able to solve a quadratic equation... of exhaustion and burn-out... natural causes!

Biological_Unit said...

Richard Hoagland constantly ignores critical questions

It's worse than that - he accuses the questioners of being paid agents of shadowy underworld Nazi evil evil-doers. That seems to make the questions go away.

Biological_Unit said...

The moment he revealed his REAL identity -- his cushy job with NASA ... the NSA ... the CIA ... the DIA, or, a dozen other "alphabet agencies" -- to constantly harrass and disrupt THIS conversation, at ALL costs -- would quite abruptly END--

What conversation? You suck on your own. There is a time in the near future when we won't talk about you. And that is what drives you into your word salad. A green salad for sure.

Biological_Unit said...

"It is worthy of note that in 1948 when Jupiter and Saturn were spaced by 120 degrees, and solar activity was at a maximum, radio signals averaged of far higher quality for the year than in 1951 with Jupiter and Saturn at 180 degrees and a considerable decline in solar activity. In other words, the average quality curve of radio signals followed the cycle curve between Jupiter and Saturn rather than the sunspot curve ... [emphasis added]."

Why hasn't he looked at the more recent Solar Cycles? He could use one his Forum minions to look for correlations. I used to be a TEM Forum minion!(shudder)

Vincent J Cataldi said...

Wow : Sweet ... :)

I see Progress : Eventful :

this is the effort of 'more than an individual' who is virtually desperate to undermine the growing acceptance of even a possibility of such treasures - or liquid mercury - or photos - perhaps any evidence -

in general, in the name of Science, they use emotion to discredit - and it also smacks of a Facebook insider - Friend of ours likely - because such access to these archived posts is not available to me via normal search engines that I have been able to find and use -

I opened my self up "Publicly" and still I can not get such searchable access to find these deeply burred - deeply nested comments, and posts : so this is a long term project : governmental type archiving might be my first logical guess, or individual saving as they were created as I try to do to save the important data -

But hey : I work to keep the context so the data does not Lie with partial truth and implications through omission and assumptions.

I see progress : because I see desperation : we must be dealing with someone who suspects or knows the tide is turning and Richard Is making a positive difference, or why would they risk further exposure (publicity) to M. Bara and R. C. Hoagland

- to sell more "DARK MISSION" books for them ?

Also note : - they do not have a real address, this an Internet equivalent of an anonymous PO Box.

I see cause for encouragement in this desperation - this is a risky, and unprofessional production, made in haste. Note they are YELLING :


Only Children and Armatures yell using all caps, it is not helpful for better communication, it just makes it harder to read - IDOTS :

so perhaps the only grain of truth is that the author in hiding is an Ex-patriot (Ex-PAT-riot ?), if they ever were, any sort of patriotic US citizens, or citizen of ... :)

Chris Lopes said...

Instead of engaging in ad hom try addressing the numerous inconsistencies in Hoagland's theories that ExPat has pointed out. Or better yet, you night try convincing Richard to do it. That is what a real scientist would do.

A pseudo-scientist on the other hand, does no such thing. Instead, a pseudo-scientist ignores all criticism and tries to paint all critics as paid-disinfo-agents(tm). A pseudo-scientist is actually unable to deal with criticism because he/she doesn't really know what he/she is actually talking about. In other words, a pseudo-scientist acts much like our man Hoagland.

Biological_Unit said...


The rotating part of an electric motor or dynamo, which mostly consists of coils of wire around a metal core.

AMATEUR sorry "amateur" is the word yous want.

expat said...

Vincent: Thanks for your contribution. You will always be welcome to comment here. UNLIKE Mike Bara I do not censor unfriendly commenters.

This blog is not in any way connected with any government agency.

Perhaps you'd be kind enough to point out where you see emotion in this blog. If it's there, it isn't intentional. My intention is to counteract the cult of Hoagland & Bara by pointing out their errors.

They give me plenty of material, as you can see.

expat said...

By the way, Vincent:

You'll find almost all blogs have an anonymous address. That's how the blogosphere works, basically.

The blog software posts labels such as HOAGLAND DELSUIONS in full caps. Nothing I can do about it. I agree it isn't good practice.

Biological_Unit said...

RCH continues saying things I know in my gut he doesn't believe:

As other have said (above), what you're REALLY looking for is "regular, surviving GEOMETRY ... of FORMER lunar structures." :)

Regular Polygons are specific predictions of the Electric Universe theory. No woo-woo there.
Thank you for allowing this non-conformist theory to be propagated here.

Biological_Unit said...

Black Holes, Neutron Stars, Dark Energy, Dark Matter.

All of the above is Woo-Woo designed to sell books, and is crafted to fit in with the crowd. It's divide-by-zero ridiculous crap, some of it paid for by the taxpayers!
Yes, I'm EMOTIONAL about this and would like to KICK Michio Kaku's ASS!

Chris Lopes said...

Expat, I'm in the middle (though I don't know how long he'll leave the thread open) of a discussion with Hoagland about the rocket equation mess he walked into. He seems to believe *I* have to prove he is wrong, not that *he* has to prove he is right. James Concannon was kind enough to post a link to your correction of what Hoagland did on the Final Frontier FB page. I may end up using that link on Hoagland's FB page if he persists in trying to up end the rules of the scientific method. Not that I think it will get anywhere, Hoagland is just as likely to poo poo your calculations as "dis-info".

expat said...

James C says he did on fact post the same link into the thread on Hoagland's page -- to have it instantly deleted.

Pretty entertaining, all this!

expat said...

Christopher: Note that there's also a calculation at Point 15 of my critique of 'The Choice.'

This one doesn't use the Tsiolkovsky equation and therefore some people might find it easier to follow.

Chris Lopes said...

expat, it's a waste of time in any case. Hoagland is stuck in a "prove where I am wrong" thing that doesn't relate to reality. I cam across his mistakes myself while fooling around with the rocket equation. The numbers on his site didn't seem to add up and when I researched the topic, I found his bigger problem, working with multistage rockets. All this is apparently (to him and his followers) besides the point as I am now supposed to prove where he made his errors without knowing where he got his original numbers. That was my first problem with his calculations. Anyway, thanks for the heads-up.

Biological_Unit said...

A part of Science is criticizing the accepted version of things. The accepted version of Science has us going backward, the Shuttles finished, Man cannot reach the Moon, etc.
Will yous examine the Electric Universe theory or will you defer to lazy colleagues?

- rant off