Saturday, July 31, 2010

Those inside sources again

     Richard Hoagland was given a ten-minute spot on Coast to Coast AM last night, divided about equally between Mars-face and Mud-logs.

     This week the Univ. Arizona released an interesting false color image of the mesa that used to be called the 'Face' on Mars. Commenting on it, RCH said last night that it shows NASA is getting "increasingly desperate" as the time for disclosure draws near. In his mind, you see, the NASA/JPL/Arizona/The Nazis/The Masons/Whoever else hates Mike Bara/ conspiracy is always wrong. If they don't release images, then

"NASA seem[s] to have an aversion to investigating what seemed to be an ideal subject for the agency's agenda."
--"Dark Mission" 2nd edn. p. 76

     If they do release images, it shows that they're "desperate."

     By the way, Hoagland is correct that this is not strictly a new image. It's a colorized version of the image taken by the HiRISE telescope in April 2007. However, he was totally wrong in asserting that the image is useless because it's just a detail — " zooming in on the Mona Lisa's lip," as he put it. The released image is 'The Full Mona' or almost full. Hoagland was only looking at the detail in a news story.

     Turning to the Gulf of Mexico oil gusher, now successfully capped in defiance of Hoagland's prediction, he continued to mislead the C2C audience by warning that "pressurizing" the well might lead to a disastrous blow-out. He simply does not understand the top kill process. Why the producers of this popular radio show think he has any credibility on this topic is a profound mystery.

     Interstitial to his two main topics, he slipped in some nonsense about Phobos and provided us with an easy test of his claims. He said:

"My inside sources say that there will be an important leak in the next few days .. [about the artificiality of Phobos]"

     I'll give him a week before calling him a liar.

Update #1: 20:30 EDT Aug 1st
     Adm. Thad Allen made Hoagland look like the clown he is today by stating:

"The pressure at the well is around 6,980 pounds per square inch and will increase slightly during the static kill. BP will stop the procedure if pressure rises above 8,000 pounds per square inch to avoid damaging the well."
(Reported by Bloomberg)

     Hoagland is so, so, wrong.

Update #2: 11:00 EDT Aug 6th
     Time's up. Hoagland's a liar.

Update #3: Sept. 19th
     AP reports the well is dead. Hoagland's a LIAR. Don't hope that he'll be on Coast-to-Coast AM eating his words. George Noory evidently believes Hoagland is the Pope.


Chris Lopes said...

Expat, I think you are under estimating Richard's creativity on this one. The likely scenario is that someone connected with the ESA will say something (or issue a standard press release) about the upcoming meeting that Richard will interpret as "stunning confirmation" of his theory. It will be a "reading between the lines, because the good guys can't be obvious" kind of thing. In other words, Hoagie rationalization at its best.

Biological_Unit said...

The Coast audience think that he's trying to help them. There really is no one on the listener's side! Bloggers are the only one that might help. The Newspapers they read all tell them Bloggers are insane.
Even when you type "bloggers" the wiggly underline thing happens - like it isn't a word.
The Public watches sports (the Roman Games), the Wars are still small (Oceania has always been at War with Eastasia).
Things have to be much worse than a few people living under bridges. THEY have to be REALLY SUFFERING!

Biological_Unit said...

James McCanney also thought the Oil was under extreme pressure. He says this proves the Abiotic Oil theory which says the Corporations are keeping the prices high while we sit on a Sea of Oil. Now that the Pressure is only modest, we can reflect on the existential horror that they drilled an insanely expensive hole that doesn't connect to a great gusher of crude. This is a sign that we aren't going to meet our Energy Needs. Someone will have to CUT BACK. It can't be China because Wal Mart needs their stuff to sell.
I'm doing my part by Cycling around and using Public Transit.

Chris Lopes said...

"Time's up. Hoagland's a liar. "

Well I for one am shocked (in the Captain Renault sense of the word) beyond belief. Actually I am surprised Hoagie wasn't creative enough to stretch some statement made by some scientist somewhere as "stunning proof" he was right. My guess is, he just plain forgot about it. Maybe he's getting to old for this stuff.