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Point-by-point critique of "Dark Mission" 2nd Edition

        The second edition of "Dark Mission" is out, and it is no less of a paranoid fantasy than the first edition. It expresses nothing other than the authors' bizarre hatred of NASA and utter ignorance of science. Neither of them has any training in science, and neither of them has ever conducted a scientific experiment in his life. In their zeal to excoriate NASA, they have omitted a very important step in book authorship -- the one in which, having finally got all those words down on silicon, you check your facts. (A responsible publisher, by the way, would have hired a technical editor as backup to that process. Adam Parfrey, saving the nails and thus sinking the ship, did not take this step.)

        Here, then, are some of the major factual errors in this work. I apologise for the interminable length of this post -- it would have been a more reasonable length if those clowns hadn't made so many mistakes:

1 p.9. (first page of Mike Bara's "update"). Obviously stung by the total lack of attention to the first edition on the part of the US media, in particular the lack of any professional review whatsoever, Bara snipes at Dwayne A. Day, author of a comedy piece about the Hoagland/Johnston press conference of October 2007. He writes of Day as a "shameless hack" who "has so many NASA connections on his resume [sic] that he may as well be an official press officer for the agency."

FACT: Dwayne Day is a well-respected space historian who has never at any time been an employee or a contractor of NASA. He is currently serves on a program officer at the Space Studies Board of the National Research Council.

FACT: Bara makes the same petulant accusation against James Oberg. Oberg will defend his own reputation more eloquently than I could, I'm sure.

FACT: Bara was not even at that disastrous event (a "press conference" that was not attended by the press, unless you count Russian tabloids.)

2 p.14. Bara writes, elucidating this book's theory that some NASA space events are timed to coincide with "ritual" star alignments, "only five stellar objects ... have any significance ...: the three belt stars of Orion, ...Sirius, ... and Regulus." Yet on p.327 we find the planets Earth and Mars also used to support this ridiculous theory. In the past Hoagland has used other objects, too, such as the comet Encke.

FACT: That makes seven, not five, astronomical objects, and five astronomical altitudes (-33°, -19.5°, 0°, +19.5° and +33°) -- 35 chances of finding a "ritual" alignment to associate with any given space event. Yes, sometimes alignments coincide with events. It would be very surprising if they did not. Hoagland and Bara's theory is bunk.

3 p.57. "The NASA that we've known for over 50 years has been a lie."

This sentence, the very first sentence in the first edition of this book, is itself a lie.

p. 58. "The Space Agency was quietly founded as a direct adjunct to the Department of Defense..."

Hoagland offers lame support for this contention with a quote from Sec. 305 (i) of the Space Act: "The Administration shall be considered a defense agency of the United States for the purpose of Chapter 17, Title 35 of the US Code." He doesn't say how he knows the passage of this act was "quiet."

He also complains -- as though he's only just come across this fact and is "shocked--SHOCKED" -- that Sec. 205(d) of the Act allows NASA activities to be classified for reasons of national security.

FACT: Title 35 of the US Code is exclusively concerned with patent law. Title 35 Chapter 17 is concerned with patent applications filed by employees of any defense agency, hence the inclusive definition in Sec 305(i). This is purely legal language, that emphatically does not mean that the agency was founded, whether quietly or accompanied by 76 trombones, as a direct adjunct to the Department of Defense. A parade of NASA Administrators, starting with James Webb, has expended political capital asserting NASA's independence from DoD.

FACT: As every journalist who has ever covered NASA knows, the Agency sometimes engages in classified activities, and they don't get published. If Richard Hoagland did not know this when he was a consultant to CBS News, he was negligent.

4 p.60. "The Apollo crews [brought] back to NASA laboratories not just rocks, but actual samples of the ancient technologies they found--for highly classified efforts at 'back engineering.'"

FACT: There is not a shred of evidence, in this book or anywhere else, to support this wild idea. Mike Bara admitted as such in an internet radio interview on Jan 17th 2008.

5 p.62. Hoagland claims that the 'A' on the Apollo mission patch actually stands for, not 'Apollo' as the designers of the patch (and everyone else except Hoagland) think, but the Egyptian God Asar, a.k.a. Osiris. He writes that this is "redundantly confirmed because Asar/Osiris is none other than the familiar Greek constellation of Orion--which is, of course, the background ... constellation on the patch itself."

FACT: Hoagland is confused. Osiris and Orion have only incidental links. They are far from synonymous. Likewise with Horus and Apollo, which he is also confused about.

On p. 275 Hoagland develops this theory again, writing "it is distinctly possible (and Hoagland certainly believes it)." Is this code for "Bara has enough vestiges of sanity to disbelieve it"? We may hope so.

6 p.76. Writing of the so-called "Face on Mars," the authors write "NASA seemed to have an aversion to investigating what seemed to be an ideal subject for the agency's agenda. In fact, they vociferously refused to even consider making the imaging of Cydonia a priority for any new Mars missions."

The book repeats this claim -- that NASA is averse to re-photographing the so-called face -- a few more times in the book. Strangely, however, in the Epilogue on p.591 we find this: "After 30 years, and probably a hundred (yes, a hundred) repeated imagings of 'The Face'...." Perhaps when he was writing the epilogue, Richard Hoagland didn't cross-check his own book.

FACT: In 1997, when Mars Global Surveyor was in Martian orbit, Jim Garvin, chief scientist for NASA's Mars Exploration Program, said "We felt this was important to taxpayers. We photographed the Face as soon as we could get a good shot at it."


7 p.81 and Fig. 1-8. Writing about their fantasy of mathematical relationships between features on Cydonia, the authors state "these constants ...were not dependant [sic] on terrestrial methods of measurement (i.e. a radial measurement system based on a 360° circle)"

FACT: In Fig 1-8 itself, the so-called relationships clearly depend on the angles 19.5°, 60° and 90°. Notice, too, that even to achieve this fantasy geometry, facts have been fudged. The intersection at the so-called face actually just misses it, and that at Crater Tetrahedron is just barely within the crater at two o'clock, not at the center. This figure is the height of unscientific silliness.

8 p.82. Developing his mathematical fantasy further, Hoagland writes "...the value of e ... is 2.718282, a near exact match for the ratio of the surface area of a sphere to the surface area of a tetrahedron (2.720699)."

FACT: He has the value of e right, but in mathematics the qualifier "near exact" has no useful meaning. Values are either exact or they aren't. And then, if by some chance these two constants were exactly the same, so what? Hoagland doesn't say.

9 p.91. The authors claim that the following features are at, "or very near," a latitude of 19.5°:

The Great Dark Spot of Neptune
The Great Red Spot of Jupiter
The erupting volcanoes of Io
Olympus Mons on Mars
Mauna Kea

FACT: Neptune's dark spots are transient, forming and dissipating in just a few years. The one Hoagland is presumably citing, observed by Voyager 2, was first observed around 25°S and drifted north before dissipating.
The Great Red Spot of Jupiter is stable, and centered at 22°S.
The volcanoes of Io are far too numerous to be assigned any specific latitude. 12 known volcanoes are cited in the reference.
Olympus Mons is at 18°N.
Mauna Kea is at 19° 49' N - if he'd written Mauna Loa he'd have got one right. D'oh!!

Hoagland's use of the expression "very near" again reveals his ignorance of science. A layman might say "22 is very near 19.5" but a scientist would say "It's even nearer to 20, to 23.2, to 21.5, to 20.3, to 19.8... and 22 is of no help whatever to a person attempting to make the case that 19.5 is somehow special."

10 p.115/6. Hoagland's utterly spurious claims about energy at 19.5° are an essential part of another fantasy -- this time in the world of physics. After developing this for some 25 pages, he arrives at the proposition that there's a yet undiscovered massive planet in the solar system (or perhaps two smaller ones.) This, he writes, is an essential prediction of his "hyperdimensional physics" theory. He (or possibly his co-author) then writes "In 1982, a front-page article appeared in the Washington Post, ... about an object spotted in Orion by the IRAS infrared satellite, at an estimated 50 billion miles from Earth. This object fit Hoagland's prediction within very tight parameters. To date, no follow-up observations or papers have been published on this object..."

FACT: Thomas J. Chester of IPAC (the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center) at Caltech has, in a follow-up paper, debunked this canard. He wrote that not one, but several, distant IR objects were at one time claimed to be solar system objects. "Many of these observations turned out to be IRC+10216, a bright previously known source which is almost exactly in the ecliptic plane (the plane of the planets)." All others were likewise accounted for, and Chester definitively states that no undiscovered massive planet exists. Therefore Hoagland's theory is falsified.

(This report is undated but was unquestionably available before publication of "Dark Mission" 1st edn. If Adam Parfrey had seen fit to employ a technical editor this entire section would most likely have been cut.)

11,12,13 pp. 156-157, 383-387

On these pages the authors make breathtakingly ridiculous assertions that three failed Mars missions of the 1990s were deliberately sabotaged (either by NASA or by a "powerful cabal") to prevent them from returning high-resolution photography which would inevitably confirm the existence of ancient civilizations.

Mars Observer (1993)
Mars Polar Lander (1999)
Mars Climate Orbiter (1999)

FACT: James Oberg, who is mentioned on p.386 as part of this story, has exposed these allegations as utterly false in a Space Review article.

I would just add that the "powerful cabal" that supposedly nixed these missions cannot be that powerful after all, since it was apparently powerless to prevent many subsequent Mars Missions with cameras of far higher resolution from succeeding. The HiRISE telescope on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (2006) has a resolution of 0.3 m/pixel, compared with the 40 m/pixel of the MARCI camera of the 1990s.

14 p.163. In Chapter 3, Hoagland devotes five pages to another of his perennial hobby-horses, the "Brookings Report." This 1961 paper speculated on what might happen if clear evidence of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations were ever to be found. Richard Hoagland misunderstands this document consistently and has quoted it many times as a "smoking gun" justifying NASA's "cover-up" of what he says it has found in Space. On this page he writes "So here we had the proverbial smoking gun. Not only was NASA advised--almost from its inception--to withhold any data that supported the reality of Cydonia or any other discovery like it, they were told to do so for the good of human society as a whole."

FACT: The Brookings Report offered no such advice. Here's what the report actually contained, on the subject of release of evidence:

"Questions one might wish to answer by such studies would include: how might such information, under what circumstances, be presented to or withheld from the public for what ends?"

Note that the wording of the report GAVE EXACTLY EQUAL WEIGHT to "presented to" and "withheld from."


15 p.191. On this page the authors allege that some images from the Apollo 10 image catalog have been deliberately blacked out to conceal evidence of a lunar civilization. Fig 4-4 shows a block of 12 images, in which frames 4815, 4821, 4822 and 4823 are either totally black or so underexposed as to be useless -- it's impossible to tell from this book's atrocious photo-reproduction.

FACT: Those frames are perfectly readable in the current LPI catalog. It's conceivable that the catalog now is not the same as it was when the authors reproduced it, in which case this book is merely out of date instead of mendacious on this point.

16 p.230 and color Fig 8. Chapter 4 is devoted to Hoagland's personal manipulations and interpretations of Apollo photography -- he shows us "the shard," "the castle," and other fuzzy, hard to interpret, flaws in some of the images. All of them have more probable explanations than that they are constructs of a dead civilization. Then he turns to his notoriously daft assertion that there are vast glass dome structures overarching many of the Apollo landing sites on the Moon (he doesn't ever say where the factories that produced this enormous quantity of glass and steel are.)

He cites Hasselblad frame AS17-134-20426 as an example of a photograph that, when "color adjusted," shows refraction of light through "hundreds of miles of shattered bits of glass and rebar." But his version is not the pristine version (see reference.)

FACT: He has manipulated the color, contrast, and gamma of this photograph based on a misunderstanding. In his video interview for Project Camelot (at 1:00:04) he shows this same frame and it is perfectly plain that he thinks the color patches on the gnomon are red, green, and blue. However, they are not. They are orange, green and blue. (see p. 53 of the official Press Kit.) Therefore, his adjustment of the color of this frame is a corruption rather than a correction, and valueless.

17 p.232 and color Fig 12. The authors maintain that Al Bean, LMP of Apollo 12, included the buttresses holding up the glass domes in some of his paintings. They write "...the sky above the astronauts unmistakably depicts not only Hoagland's 'battered lunar dome' but its specifically 'inclined buttresses' as well."

FACT: The angled lines across this artwork are the imprint of Bean's lunar boot. Bean gave this treatment to several of his acrylics, as he felt it added authenticity. This is made specifically clear here. So now we all know what value to place on that word "unmistakably" when its author is Richard Hoagland.

18 p.243. One of several places in this book in which the authors assert that NASA itself is responsible for the myth that the Apollo moon landings were faked.

FACT: This is so patently absurd that it needs no reference to refute it. Did Adam Parfrey EVEN THINK about this before he published such drivel?

 18a p.244. "Glass on Earth is well known to have little tensile strength, meaning it doesn't stretch easily (because it is brittle) and will not withstand even a very weak impact from a hard object (shear). ... The reason for these properties on Earth is that it is pretty much impossible to extract the water from glass as it is forming.... Water is all around us, even in the most arid deserts. ... But the Moon is a completely different story. It is airless, with no humidity to interfere with the molecular bonding of the silicates that make-up the glass that is omnipresent. The hard-cold vacuum enhances the strength of lunar glass to the point that it is approximately twice as strong as steel under the same stress conditions."

FACT: This page cites a paper by Rowley and Neudecker, but it's the wrong citation. The real citation -- J.D. Blacic -- does not support the text here. It quotes the Young's modulus of lunar glass as 100 GPa, cf. steel 224 GPa.

19 Fig 4-45 and color Fig 6. These illustrations purport to show a curve of transmission vs. wavelength for the gold solar-protective visors fitted to the Apollo EVA spacesuits. They are confused. Although the curve is prominently labeled "Spectral Transmission" the y-axis is equally clearly labeled "Absorbance," which is the converse of transmission.

FACT: The NASA reference (p. 20) shows these figures for transmittance:

UV, up to 0.38 µm: 0.01
Visible, 0.38-0.76 µm: 0.19
Near IR, 0.76-3.0 µm: 0.12
Far IR, 3.0+ µm: zero

20 p.273. Hoagland notes that the arctangent of the latitude of the so-called "D&M Pyramid" on Mars is nearly the same as the cosine of the Sphinx's latitude on Earth. He calls these "shared latitude relationships."

FACT: This so-called "relationship" has no conceivable meaning. It would be hard to find anything in this book which better falsifies Hoagland's p.224 claim to be a scientist.

21 p.280. Discussing the Apollo 10 mission, the authors apparently don't know how to read technical documentation. They write of the Apollo 10 Lunar Module "while the spacecraft was theoretically fully capable of landing on the moon, inexplicably, it was not given the capability to do so."

FACT: "Snoopy" was emphatically NOT capable of landing (well perhaps, technically, it was, but not of successfully taking off again.) Grumman engineers had not yet implemented SWIP (the Super Weight Improvement Program) and the spacecraft was too heavy. More accurately, it would have been too heavy if it had been fully-fueled for a landing and takeoff. So now we all know what value to place on that word "inexplicably" when its author is Richard Hoagland.

22 p. 286. Farouk El-Baz was "the most powerful single individual in the American space program."

FACT: The authors have Dr. El-Baz's credentials right, but his status dead wrong. He was secretary of the Apollo Landing Site Selection Committee from 1967-72.

People such as Rocco Petrone, Apollo Program Director, George Low, Manager of the Apollo Spacecraft Program Office, George Mueller, Administrator of the Office of Manned Space Flight, Bob Gilruth, Director of JSC, even the flight controllers -- all these men were far more "powerful" within the Apollo Program. Expanding the scope to the entire space program, the proposition becomes even more ridiculous because the Administrator and a whole army of Deputy Administrators outranked all of the above.

It suits Richard Hoagland to propagate this gross exaggeration because it chimes with his thesis that NASA management is influenced by Egyptian mythology, but it's a racist and bankrupt falsehood.

23 p.331 and Fig 5-42. The authors think one of the rock formations photographed by Mars Pathfinder in 1997 is a sphinx. "The resemblance is uncanny," they write. Perhaps that's merely a matter of opinion. What is not opinion, however, is the co-ordinates of the landing site. Hoagland & Bara continue "And remember -- this Martian sphinx is guarding an obvious pyramid on Mars 19.5°N by 33°W."

FACT: The landing site of Pathfinder was 19.13°N, 33.22°W.


24 p.404. "By the early 1990s, Hoagland had come to the conclusion that the Face was significantly asymmetric."

FACT: On Australian TV in 1993, in an interview whose main purpose was to allege that Mars Observer was sabotaged, Hoagland said "[The Face] has symmetry both in the center ridge line and left-and-right."

25 p.475. The authors note that some images released from the THEMIS imager on Mars Odyssey are 1947 x 333 pixels. They add "Or, 19.5 x 33."

FACT: 1947 is not 19.5. 333 is not 33. This is Grade 2 arithmetic.

26 p.514. Another of Hoagland's perennially mistaken beliefs is that NASA-JPL suppressed the fact that the two Viking Lander spacecraft (1976) actually found life on Mars. On this page he writes "What most people do not remember is that the Lander tests for life both came back positive. NASA, however, quickly moved to suppress this news and present an 'alternative' view..." and later, "NASA's determined efforts to suppress such a conclusion..."

FACT: Both the Viking spacecraft landers had identical biology experiments. Each spacecraft carried three separate experiments designed to test for biology in Martian topsoil. The experiments were developed independently by three different Principal Investigators (PIs). The experiments were:

Gas Exchange (GEX) PI Vance Oyama, NASA Ames
Labeled Release (LR) PI Gilbert Levín, Biospherics, Inc.
Pyrolytic Release (PR) PI Norman Horowitz, CalTech

In addition, a Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (PI Klaus Biemann, MIT) supported the main biology package by testing for organic molecules.

Results: At both landing sites the results were essentially identical. GEX and PR were unequivocally negative. LR initially showed strongly positive results, with the control (a sterilized sample) showing negative as expected. Subsequent nutrient injections, however, showed no response. The GCMS detected no organic molecules.

Interpretation: Responsibility for interpreting this enigma fell on the Head of Viking Biology, Harold Klein, with support from Viking Chief Scientist Gerry Soffen. Both were NASA employees. Their call was thumbs down for Martian biology. From a scientific point of view, looking at the overall picture, an absolutely correct call.


FACT: The complete LR data set, including the PI's notebook, is available to anyone on a NASA-sponsored web site. Dr. Gil Levín continues to publish evidence contesting the "official" Viking Biology conclusions. No effort has been exerted, by JPL or any other institution, to suppress him. He has some good points to make, but they have not yet prevailed. Yes, science can be a tough business. Hoagland, Bara, and Parfrey wouldn't know about that, of course.

27 p.541. "[O]n the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Apollo 11 ... [Neil] Armstrong himself had seemed frustrated. He started his highly emotional address by first comparing himself to a parrot--saying only what he had been told to say."

FACT: Armstrong said the exact opposite. His words were "Wilbur Wright once noted that the only bird that could talk was the parrot, and he didn't fly very well. So I'll be brief."

Quite obviously, he's apologizing for not being a good speaker because his talent, UNLIKE A PARROT, is for flying, not talking.

(Anybody can judge for themselves whether this speech was "highly emotional." I personally don't find it so. That's what Armstrong is always like as a public speaker.)

28 pp. 559-562, figs 12-13,14,15,16,17 and color figs. 27,28.
This section of "Dark Mission" is about EVA-2 of Apollo 17, specifically the last stop (Station 4) of this lunar trek, at a small crater called "Shorty." Shorty became famous as the place where astronauts Cernan and Schmitt discovered orange soil on the Moon. Hoagland alleges that, deep inside Shorty, the severed head of a robot can be seen in several of the Hasselblad frames taken by Jack Schmitt. Color fig. 28 is his "enhanced" enlargement of this rock.

On p.559 he writes that this was derived from "the highest resolution versions available from the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal website." That would be AS17-137-21000HR.jpg, a 2340 x 2364 pixel, 1073 kB image. An independent investigator has examined a far higher quality version of this image, derived not from the web but from a high-definition scan of the original negative. That image is a 5190 x 6175 pixel, 46.1 MB tiff image file. The finding was that Hoagland's manipulation of the lower-quality image was fraudulent. He artificially colorized the image in strips, then rotated it 45° to obfuscate that fact. The 45° strips can be seen by closely examining color fig. 28 and its equivalent on the web.

Hoagland goes further, asserting on p.561 that Cernan and Schmitt could actually have collected the rock and brought it back to Earth. He writes "...they certainly had enough off-camera time to descend the crater unobserved and bring it back."

FACT: Cernan and Schmitt had neither the means nor the opportunity to collect this rock. Here are five reasons why:

[1] It cannot be recognized as being "skull-like" with the unaided human eye from the position the astronauts were in, at the crater rim. This was their view, as recorded by the hand-held Hasselblad camera. Can you find the robot head?

[2] They had no means of descending the steep side of the crater — not to mention getting back up, carrying a rather heavy object even allowing for reduced lunar gravity.

[3] Even if they had wished to do so, they would undoubtedly have been forbidden to by Mission Control. The EVA was already running late, and the transcript shows that Mission Control reminded them more than once of walk-back constraints at this station.

[4] No discussion of robot retrieval is heard on the tapes of this station. It's inconceivable that the astronauts would have contemplated such a risky venture without discussion. It's equally impossible that such discussion was edited out because this was happening on live TV all across Planet Earth.


The archive video is not continuous, but examination of the timeline on this transcript shows no unexplained interval conceivably long enough for such a precarious venture as an unplanned descent into Shorty.

[5] They had no means of picking up a skull-sized rock. The hand-held scoop was sized for "fist-sized" rocks only, and the rake was completely inadequate.

Reference official press kit (pp 52-54)

It is not possible to bend down and pick up such a rock by hand when wearing the lunar spacesuit.


Biological_Unit said...

Don't cloud the issue with facts !

Biological_Unit said...

I notice that you didn't mention Ken Johnston.

He's involved in that famous hoax that Uhmerica went to the Moon, to cover up the Vietnam disaster of those days.

Biological_Unit said...

I wouldn't forget that I am a Skyperson

I wonder if I'm a Skyperson. It sounds like a persistent hallucination.

More Drugs !!
I want to hear voices and see things, like my he-row T'Zairis !

expat said...

The section on Ken Johnston, starting on p. 215, may strain credulity but it is not factually wrong.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to figure out the Google Account subscription, so I'm posting this under the anonymous function. But it's me, honest.

You got your fact about me wrong. I have indeed worked under NASA contract numerous times. I've done at least one or two minor editing jobs for NASA under contract. I've also worked under NASA grants to GWU. And when I worked for the CAIB I was paid by what was essentially a NASA subcontract (although the CAIB certainly asserted its independence). Even my current employer works under a NASA contract, although we also have a record for independence.

I wrote a humor article, and nobody was pulling my strings to do it (well, the Illuminati were, and the Star People, also Jon Lovitz, but they control everything, so it cancels everything out, right?) If somebody wants to call me a "shameless hack," I'm not going to worry about it, unless it's my mother.

Dwayne Day

expat said...

Thanks, DD -- I've withdrawn the "contractor" part.

Anonymous said...

Shameless Hack back again...

You got something else wrong. I don't "serve on" the Space Studies Board, I work for the Board. Members of the Board are volunteers, who are honored to be on the Board, and don't get paid for that privilege. In contrast, I am not honored, but I do get paid, and think that's probably a better deal because I like getting paid.

Shamelessly yours,

Dwayne Day

expat said...

Thanks again. I'm always interested in seeing that what I write is factually correct -- unlike Messrs. Hoagland and Bara.

JimO said...

"The section on Ken Johnston, starting on p. 215, may strain credulity but it is not factually wrong."

Well, it has been quietly edited to remove the claim he was a Marine jet fighter pilot in Vietnam -- now it only says he 'trained in planes' without revealing he washed out of pilot training [that's what his military record reveals]. The claim that he "and his team" trained all the Apollo astronauts is a lie -- he was a 'switch monkey' in the simulator technical support team.

More critically, it is still untrue [p. 215] that Johnston was the 'supervisor' of a department in charge of archiving lunar photography [and thus had the authority to purge the files of too-revealing images]. He was a HS graduate in his mid-20's, an unlikely candidate for such a job to begin with -- and the job he did have [and performed competently and honorably], according to coworkers, was shipping clerk for lunar samples being mailed out to scientists. He also had his own set of binders with Apollo photos so he could send images with the samples of what the samples looked like lying on the lunar surface.

There never was any "LRL Photo Lab" that Johnston claims he was 'head' of. The Photo Lab that processed and archived all the Apollo photographs was a different organization in a different building. What the LRL had were bookshelves with several sets of photographs sent back to them by that laboratory.

So the whine [p. 9] that I made 'personal attacks' on Johnston -- when he quietly admits that my disagreement with claims he had been 'a jet pilot' and had a 'PhD' were valid -- is silly.

Also: I did not "personal[ly] intervene" to get Johnston "fired", I asked JPL if he had provided any documentation for the PhD he claimed on his bio page on the volunteer staff site. When JPL asked Johnston for such documentation, he immediately resigned -- evidently aware that federal agencies do not take kindly to fake claims of advanced degrees, even among volunteer staffers.

expat said...

Thanks, Jim. You are, of course, perfectly correct.

Biological_Unit said...

I'm a transhumanist, a strong advocate of the Singularity, and if my profile pic ever shows up you'll see my preferred physical form.

That was posted by a shilling troll who wants the Internet to look bad. Guess what, he/she/it is a fresh blogger with no past - a "cut out".

I'm a regular grounded person who doesn't believe in a "divide by zero" math trick.

They must be changing something in the Matrix ! A full-court press of lunacy !

Biological_Unit said...

Tzari's/Tzment is a pretentious fruit-cake.
Half-remembered half-memories about things occurring while drifting in and out of consciousness do not count as real events. They never have ! She knows better ! It's a fricken' scam - a deception through and through.

Biological_Unit said...
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Biological_Unit said...

Stagehand Asks if the Lift-Crane is in the Photos the Astronauts Took.

The Stagehand in Flight(Ceiling Wires Control) Asks if the Astronauts have Done Any Foul-ups, by Getting the Hoist-Crane in any of the Photos the Astronauts have taken.

The Flight Stagehand asks at :12 "Ok, there no picture of foul-ups where they got in the crane?" The Astronaut replies at :18 "If that(the Hoisting Crane) didn't get some noise from outer space, I don't know what will. If they're out there, and they are I'm sure, they'll see that one. That's(Lifting Crane) even weirder looking out here(in the Low Roof Fake Moon Bay) than it is in the High(Roof Fake Moon) Bay, Aye Bob"

The Astronaut says at 1:05 "I don't know what talent you have for landing in holes Cernan. But once again I'll be doing all the ALSEP work in the hole"(previous practice runs done in the Fake Moon-Set). Houston replies at 1:16 "Are you saying we still should have kept the Hoist(Crane) there Jack?".(for lifting the Fake Lunar Module in place)

This video as you hear it, is located for download at NASA site:
Apollo 17 Video Library
Flag Deployment and ALSEP Off-Load
Journal Text: 118:30:03 RealVideo Clip: (25 minutes 29 seconds)

NASA did redacted editing & cleaning up of the text, to cover what they really said in the written records of the Astronauts conversations. Also in some video's NASA has later recorded different conversations, replacing what was originally spoken.

Biological_Unit said...

Hey Space Guys !

Step 1 for youze getting into Space - LEARN HINDI AND/OR MANDARIN CHINESE !

Sorry Ex-Superpower residents ! It's all downhill from here ! Perhaps OOBE (Out-Of-Body-Experiences) are a practical solution! Consult T'zaris for "experiencing".

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Hey guys !

I didn't even drop the J bomb, yet I sense an incipient paralysis.

I cannot be held responsible ! These are your assumptions and beliefs that are in serious question.

Tzairis - you may think you live in 2009 but your genes are still in the stone age, with only chest hair between you and a bloody death.

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Merkans in Terminal Decline

Biological_Unit said...

excerpt of the illustrious report:

By the way, I can’t possibly be the only one who is disappointed that we never followed up on that breakthrough folding-vehicle technology. If we had folding Moon buggies back in the early 1970s, then how far behind could folding automobiles have been had we chosen to stay the course? Had NASA’s pioneering vision been followed up, we could all be folding up our cars and tucking them away under our office desks. But as with all the Apollo technology, it existed only in that specific period of time and has now, sadly, been lost to the ages.

Biological_Unit said...
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Biological_Unit said...

Well-respected Space Historian ?

Come On !

Respectable Cocaine User ?

Heroin-injection specialist ?

Biological_Unit said...

Supposedly, they've seen craft in non-physical, energy-mode

Sure, I can't disprove that since I don't understand what the hell you are talking about ?

Biological_Unit said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator

I don't even remember that one, that I wrote !?

At least that counts as "fighting back", kinda, sorta.
Sorry about the disillusionment in response to never getting more than 400 miles from Terra Firma.

Anonymous said...

I'm Edward Lopez and I sometimes join UFO forums as Skeptical Ed. I enjoyed reading your "Point-by-point critique of "Dark Mission" 2nd Edition. At part 17, I'd like to bring to your attention that I brought up the topic at under Customer Review: "Another
'nail' in Hoagland's 'coffin'! - Hoagland makes HUGE mistake in assumption". - November 21, 2007
By Edward Lopez

I got on Bara's blog with my findings and he became his usual anal cavity lowering himself to his level of unintelligence. I cannot find my comments to offer as reference since his blog seems to have gone through changes.

Regarding Ken Johnston. I'm the one who initiated what became his removal from his JPL’s prestigious
“Solar System Ambassador” (SSA) Program. I did this sometime in October 2007 when I was a member of UNEXPLAINED-MYSTERIES.COM, the UFO forum. As a researcher since the early 1980s into the claims of alien activity/structures as seen in some NASA lunar photos.

This topic came up for discussion and I got involved challenging anyone to produce at least one sample of an airbrushed photo. Eventually, some names came up that were connected with this airbrushing and Jim Oberg asked me to find names associated with this questionable but accepted activity.

I told Jim about Ken Johnston and the next thing I knew, Ken had been removed from his position. Here is the archive URL if anyone wants to read up on it:

The above pages (2) do not include the beginning but here are comments I copied to prove that I initiated the removal of Ken Johnston:
Oberg: "Thanks for drawing attention to him, Ed."
Oberg: "I was asking (emailing) around old friends at NASA about Johnston based on Ed's citing him,"

BTW, I had to sign in as Anonymous because the system was not recognizing my Yahoo password.

Biological_Unit said...

That's a lot of interesting blah-blah-blah, Anonymous.

Do you also believe that the USA had folding car technology back when we watched blurry black-and-white TV's with rabbit-ear antenna's and no remotes ?

I know, you're not a folding car technologist, I don't think anyone is.
You could use your NASA contacts to just call me a Psycho.
I'm crazy and insane, and I admit it.
I don't care who knows it !

Biological_Unit said...

I invite the combined forces of the bullshit-ologists and OOBE "experiencers" to debate me !

You may bring your Folding Vehicles and ridiculously tiny Lunar Modules as evidence !
Three people lived in it, and they took dumps in them !

Anonymous said...

Three people lived in it

Sorry, Unit

You're wrong - only two people were in the LEM.

You are a Nazi Disinfo Specialist who is working with Illuminati to enslave the world !
Do you deny Smoking Marihuana and producing Snuff films with Turkish Hezbollah ?

Biological_Unit said...



No Data

Must remove blog !

As Senator Brownback said:

"We must not lose a RACE to the MOON to the CHINESE" ?

He actually said that ! Now, what could that possibly mean ? Will we get to the moon by the HUNDRED year anniversary ?

(Out-of-Body experiences do not count ! Neither do dreams or LSD, Mescaline, Mushrooms, chewing on human adrenaline glands, horse tranquilizer or inhaled solvents)

P.S. I'm still in love with Uhmerica. Of course I'm not just saying that because of Guantanomo, that would be silly !!

Biological_Unit said...

FACT: Armstrong said that "the next generation must continue to do what was NOT done"

Maybe you could look into the Whistleblower that was MURDERED by your great, noble GI-JOE OK USA carpet-bombing WMD-producing TV-watching gathering of huddled masses pretending to be free ????!!!?!?!

"To Infinity and Beyond !"

expat said...

Sceptical Ed: Thanks. I remember reading your comment about Al Bean's paintings, and also your first comment on the editorial review.

Biological_Unit said...

Fact Check:

I checked all your facts,

(NO I did not ! I LIED ! The most important detail was left out of coors. We did not McGyver our way to the single large natural satellite of Earth !)

Biological_Unit said...

TEM kool-aid drinker Robert rhw007 is being scientifically illiterate again at Crap Nolej:

mounted butterfly scales and diatoms (35x)

rhw007 says:
Take a look and ask how something this complicated be on a 19th Century Slide in "diatoms" size..i.e...smaller than nano-scale !!!

The object being described is seen under a 35 Power Microscope.

Diatom , unicellular organism of the kingdom Protista , characterized by a silica shell of often intricate and beautiful sculpturing.

Too much Ativan I guess !

Biological_Unit said...

enough for such a precarious venture as an unplanned descent into Shorty.

Precarious is:

Saying "Men went to the Moon, and for some reason we have to wait for China to go back, honestly !"

Biological_Unit said...

I rubbed my hands with glee..

I always keep a tin of glee handy

Biological_Unit said...

It's inconceivable that the astronauts would have contemplated such a risky venture without discussion


Actually getting there is actually a good reason not to buy Dark Mission.
There are numerous reasons that I could elucidate here. Everyone knows such obvious things.

Biological_Unit said...

this was happening on live TV all across Planet Earth.

No, it was filmed at half-speed in a studio on Earth.
Of course, this valuable(incriminating) film was lost ! (i.e. the hoaxsters had to destroy evidence of criminality).

Biological_Unit said...

He says the ruins near the north and south poles are in much better shape than those in the equatorial regions, due to being hit by fewer space rocks. The "shepherding spacecraft" following the centaur was able to take some remarkable pictures up close of some of those ruins and send the pictures back to earth before it also crashed into the moon.

Hoagland says he expects a presidential announcement soon telling the mainstream "guess what boys and girls, there's cool stuff on the moon and we're going to explore it...want to take a ride?"

Bullshit !

Fragrant, fresh, steaming, recently deposited Bovine Excrement !

Biological_Unit said...

this was happening on live TV all across Planet Earth.

The Broadcast was sent from TV Cameras that were focused on a grainy TV image, supplied by the lowest bidder in a capitalist oligarchy ...


(insert your rebuttal now)

Biological_Unit said...

this was happening on live TV all across Planet Earth

No ! It was not !


- * - * - * - *

How did that Moon Bombing go ? I heard that it was an Epic Fail. How different from 1969. I guess the Baby Boomers fvcked us over, getting our hopes up about Space, the high ground in our battle with Cave Men !

I relish this one-sided battle !

Biological_Unit said...

Why would the government prosecute balloon boy with "conspiracy" when we all know there is no such thing as conspiracies ???

Biological_Unit said...

Is this Blogger employed by NASA ?

Your silence speaks volumes !

Biological_Unit said...


No Man will EVER walk on the Moon !

Biological_Unit said...


Biological_Unit said...


Biological_Unit said...

lies distortions errors parfrey hoagland bara

howse about youselfs i.e. for example e.g. lyes ov ommishun

Biological_Unit said...

The Toronto Maple Leafs will win the Stanley Cup when "man" goes "back" (allegedly) to the largest natural satellite of the Earth.

(The Leafs "leaves" are an exceptionally horrible ice-hockey "team" - a bunch of pantywaists; shrinking violets specializing in slow skating and disinterested standing around)

Biological_Unit said...

The credibility crisis is just getting started

expat said...

Once again I apologize for the hijacking of this commentspace by "Bio Unit" with irrelevant nonsense. I delete only comments that are patently offensive (by my own definition).

I'm still determined not to ban dissenters, as Mike Bara has done several times on that OTHER blog.

Biological_Unit said...

I apologize for telling the truth !

Biological_Unit said...

Irrelevant nonsense ?

Humans never went there ! Is that not relevant ?

I never hijacked anything ! It was an abandoned space, "crown land" which I used to spread the "brutal truths".

Stop whining and get busy being ignored !

Biological_Unit said...

the authors' bizarre hatred of NASA

NASA was infested with Nazi scientists, and Mike Bara has a Hungarian Jewish background.

None of this matters, because I hold beliefs that would have me arrested in Canada, limiting my explanations !

Biological_Unit said...

sWoRd - the famous liar and fake space insider sayeth:

Where going to the moon and then Mars - its specific not only in teh adminstrations deeds but there words. Irregardless of the preparations of fortold mytological doom - the way has been made.

Not informative, merely hilarious !!
Not going to happen !

Check out his horrible blog
I think it stands for Hidden Homosexual Masonic Secret Society.

Biological_Unit said...

sWoRd is so crappy, so devoid of clarity that I have been accused of being him !

I force people to think, and that makes people angry and out of sorts ! Of course, faking Sword would be a fun prank. I fully expect him to come clean with a "it was just a larf !" post some day.

If you're ex-pat and Phil Plait, just keep believing whatever you're believing now. It's too late for you. Your Government, Media Corporations and Scientists still really respect you and look out for your interests, even if you're not Jewish !

Biological_Unit said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Biological_Unit said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
expat said...

After today's comment-flood from Bio Unit, I've decided to delete not only posts that I consider offensive but also posts that are overly discursive and devoid of any conceivable relevance to the thread.

Biological_Unit said...


Away wi ye

Biological_Unit said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Biological_Unit said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Biological_Unit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Biological_Unit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Biological_Unit said...

You're so boring that I deleted my own comments !

Think of the excitement this generates !

Biological_Unit said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Biological_Unit said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Biological_Unit said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Biological_Unit said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Biological_Unit said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Biological_Unit said...

Always fun asking the question when you refuse to consider the answer.

Biological_Unit said...

A space scientist accused of attempted espionage was ordered held without bond Thursday after prosecutors said he was a "walking safe deposit box" of government secrets who claimed to have already passed some of them to Israel.

Just backing up ex-pat's Anti-Semitism with some of my own !

Biological_Unit said...

Shy Neil Armstrong snubs Nasa's Moon landing 40th anniversary party

Read more:

Are youze shy too ?

Aww, that's so sweet !!

Biological_Unit said...

Paranoid fantasy ?

Buzz Aldrin admits to mental problems.

The only people they allow to be astronauts are people with psychotic obsessions to become astronauts. These mentally ill people will keep the secrets because they desperately want to be an astronaut.

In other words, the astronauts are lunatics. This is why they exhibit so much psychotic behavior.

The astronaut, Lisa Nowak, 43, who flew on a shuttle mission last summer, mostly kept her head down during the preliminary appearance in an Orange County, Fla. court, but nodded and said yes a few times when the judge explained that she was not to have any contact with the other woman, identified as Colleen Shipman, a captain in the Air Force, according to media reports.

Nowak, who is a Navy captain working for NASA, was also ordered to wear a tracking device.

The Orlando police allege that Nowak drove 950 miles from Houston to Orlando wearing adult diapers used in space

Biological_Unit said...

This was not posted at some crazy lady's blog (a serious NASA researcher, experiencer and atlantologist):

A reply to the sure-footed and stable Unit:

'orally activating your lower chakra-point' goes, it can't be done, because you don't have one.

If I'm reading that correctly, my HIGHER chakra points are dominating my etheric energies. You've made my point beautifully, crazy lady !!

I demand $44.95 for my dispensations of wisdom. Now, what are you going to do about it ?

nyceddie said...

Hi again: I thought you might get a kick out of reading my thread at ATS titled: "Have I caught Hoagland in a major blatant lie?" posted on 11-11-2009 @ 12:10 AM

It's under my new nom de plume The Shrike but I'm still (Skeptical Ed - Edward Lopez)

Here is the URL:

expat said...

Thanks, Shrike. This is just another case of mis-identification along with the robot head, the Face, the Fort, the crinoid, the ice tunnel, the crashed spacecraft, the Sherman tank, the machine parts....

What we'd all like to know is whether Hoaxland truly believes this drivel or whether he's cynical enough to concoct stories he knows are false but that he hopes will sell his wretched book.

Biological_Unit said...

I would like to point out that there is no difference between hy - per - di - men - sion - al Physics and Physics.

Also, there is no difference between Torsional Physics and Physics.

Bottom line, I don't know what the hell he is ranting about. There is the physics of very small things and the physics of large things. They live on the backbone of Mathematics.

dimensions !!

Crop Circles are alleged to be hy - per - di -men - sion - al archetypes. Of course, they have to be interpreted by lesbian atlantologists, Qi Qong practitioners and shamanic experiencers.

Ten bucks says anything they say is totally useless. We all know that, deep down.

Biological_Unit said...

I wish the Disclosure Project well, and know deep in my heart that 2010 will be just like 2009, 2008, 574 A.D., 600 B.C. ...

Perhaps Aliens are part of our genetic background. That makes them merely another tribe from another place. It's been lost to the mists of time.

Biological_Unit said...

TEM kool-aid drinker ericswan sayeth in a related "atlantologist, Qi Qong - shaman anti-science hidey-hole":

Sorcha Faal says the meteorite was actually a nuclear attack on Denver. I saw the CTV footage and this missile (meteorite??) was sloping into view at 60 degrees. Meteorites don't come in at 60 degrees.

Sorcha Faal is widely believed to be Such A Fool.
Meteorites come in EVERY DIRECTION !
The Leonid Meteors are known by their COMMON VERTEX in the constellation LEO.

ANY direction, as long as it trails from LEO, perhaps straight down or shallow, all the way across the sky !

We had a huge fireball RIGHT above us, captured by our local McMaster University recently. I don't think we were nuked, but we might have been PLASM'ED !!

word: weednett (but I'm not that high !)

Biological_Unit said...

I was the first person to be officially banned from that hidey-hole !

They went to Comment Moderation after an incident where I accused the resident Qi Qong practitioner of excessive faggotish-ness.

I warn everyone of theiantruouououo's cloying, sappy, syrupy femininity. Watch out for diabetes !

He has a Blog called Sincerus ! What a sheltered country homo, who fears Big City booklearning !

Biological_Unit said...

How are the reptilians or greys or tall whites etc in any way different than Horses?

I don't know, iantruouo.

Heck I have been talking to rocks my whole life and met a few healers who do the same.

Yes, and it shows.

Biological_Unit said...

Oh, don't worry, I know
all too well the stench
of COINTELPRO types like Aiwass and trevorj.


Everyone who doesn't "ooh" and "ahh" over a few strange moon-scapes or mars-scapes is working as "Counter-intelligence program" agents.
A bit of Reverse Psychology designed to "rally the troops" and sell a very bad book - which should have been PULPED, along with Caribou barbie's "best-seller", which is also awful !

Biological_Unit said...

When asked about ClimateGate, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs dismissed its importance, emphasizing that “climate change is happening.”

Of course climate change is happening. Soon we’ll be calling press conferences to declare, “The earth is moving” or “It’s going to get dark tonight.”

Biological_Unit said...

I know
all too well the stench

See, they associate with liars and deceivers all the time. Of course, they are all innocent angels and we are confusing the issue by looking for something beyond Regular Polygons and Tera-joule Electrical Discharge sculpture.

I could say the COINTELPRO types are keeping the folding moon buggie tech away from Uhmerican skules . ...

Biological_Unit said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Biological_Unit said...

I agree with Mike's latest about the rocket dumping fuel over Norway.
I saw a Japanese rocket dumping fuel a number of years ago, creating a similar spiral.
Is this a new MB ?

Biological_Unit said...

Mike Bara has become the old, deceptive schemer again:

Just like 9/11, I'd be willing to believe a conspiracy, I just don't see any good evidence of one yet.

So, the Caveman story isn't a conspiracy ?

The US recruits Al-CIA-da from Prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan - but since it's done by "us" for Israel's pipeline interest IT IS NOT A CONSPIRACY !!

No one was fired for screwing up on 911 either !!

Biological_Unit said...

Mike Beeotch speweth forth:

1 - We never went to the Moon - Absurd. Idiotic.

Correction: Men have never even crawled out of LEO ONCE since 1969 to investigate giant glass domes which we cannot see from Earth.
NASA is involved in a Conspiracy to keep this information from us "because they hate our freedom".
Governments don't trick their citizens and mercenaries to fight for pipelines, they reee - aaaly just need the Oil !

nyceddie said...

I don't if this has been covered but the cover of the first edition proudly announced on the top left corner "A New York Times Bestseller" and I've searched THE NEW YORK TIMES up and down, left and right, and nowhere can one find the book mentioned as a bestseller! Have any of you checked this out to verify their seemingly absurd claim?

Biological_Unit said...

DM was not on the bestseller list that a Dan Brown novel would be on, for example.

It was in a Non-fiction Science category.

Science was discontinued once we proudly consented to whatever the idiot box tells us to believe, in the Greatest Country In the World.
Go local sports team !

Biological_Unit said...

I have obtained representation for my novel Lightbringer, which will shopped to publishers in early 2009

I have an R-rated comedy script submitted to a new start-up production company which should be going public in early 2009.

Time Travel - a staple of garbage fan fiction.
Someone is taking drugs before inventing things to fool people because they do so much enjoy making things up, then getting all high and rowdy !!

Biological_Unit said...

a new start-up production company

Are they hiring Gentiles, besides the, unhh, furniture ...

Correction - will have already have hired by late 2009, right now ...

Biological_Unit said...

I am looking forward to the 2009 Olympics !
I am a most enthusiastic Cross-Country Skier.
Of course, Science Nerds such as yourselves have no experience in these matters. Damn your nerdiness !

expat said...

The true "best-seller" status of the first edition gets a fairly full discussion here.

It's technically a lie, but the kind of fudge publishers do all the time.

Biological_Unit said...

from the Hoagy Wiki page:

His pronouncements have approximately the same validity as a published letter to the editor of a small town somewhere in Idaho. Quite obviously, the planetary science community has no interest in responding to them.

The Planetary Science Community.

Has this group EVER made a successful prediction ? I know the Electric Universe theorists have.

The Planetary Science Community is a narrow focus-group that clings to a "gravity is the only force out there" mantra. Insular and incompetent, they have no accomplishments whatsover !
Moreover, ignorance of Electricity has KILLED Shuttle Astronauts !

"We were surprised to find" - the start of so many NASA releases !

Biological_Unit said...

I would be just as surprised as the ordinary Citizen Astronaut if there was a mission planned for anything other than a skimpy Low Earth Orbit.

I would be shocked, and you would be too.

I'm the only force in the Universe that tells the truth.

expat said...

"The Planetary Science Community. Has this group EVER made a successful prediction ? "

It's responsible for trajectory planning for every space mission beyond Earth orbit. These things tend to end up where they're supposed to end up, even if they do sometimes then crash-land.

So, yes, SEVERAL HUNDRED successful predictions. At the very least.

Biological_Unit said...

I admire the abilities of planetary missions to hit their target.
And I like the robotic science.A huge ballistic nuclear missile program probably helped.

Now explain Cometary Ice-balls that leak X-rays, and moons that are deeply frozen but have "geysers".
Why is Venus equally hot on both the sunlit and dark sides ? Could it still be hot from BIRTH ? Oh, right, the Solar System hasn't changed in billions of years, because so-and-so said so !!

Biological_Unit said...

If your Planetary Scientists had a vigorous give-and-take on theory, the field would not be left open for Dark Mission idiocy !!

Sure, we can go there. We find things. Theory never changes, even after numerous "surprises". Who cares, as long as the checks clear ...
The Super Collider nonsense never created a single important practical discovery either. This is planned - organized - mediocrity.
Making Science Boring for future generations.

Biological_Unit said...

Name one creative free-thinker in the Planetary Science field !

Any Scientist who veered from your dull-thinking "get-along" mentality would not be published.


Biological_Unit said...

They are all cut from the one bolt, and thrive on the accolades which they give to each other in public view for their loyal following.

The onus is on youze to speak out at every available opportunity.

Hey, nothing is happening in Space Science. I'm so used to that ! It's normal !

Damn the Baby Boomers ! They got old and cynical and now just stroke each others ego, making younger people puke.

Biological_Unit said...

A new vision of society is emerging from the research and firm conclusions of some of the world’s most distinguished and reputable neurologists, psychologists and psychiatrists. These are men and women of stellar scientific backgrounds that mass-produce Nobel prizes in science and medicine.

These unpleasing but truthful messengers are stating or corroborating one clear, simple finding:
Our culture has been taken over by literal psychopaths, and all who are not psychopaths are nevertheless living under their thumb, affected by them, perhaps influenced by their persistent lies, and suffering miseries through them that mankind would otherwise never experience. This is the message of the experts.

Whether we fight psychopaths or not, we are still on a psychological and moral urban battlefield, suffering wounds, deprivation, misery, despair and sometimes premature death in their world.

And that is just the good part. The bad part is the possibility of World War III, with millions of people turned into hate-zombies with devastating weapons of mass destruction at the command of rejoicing psychopaths.

Of course, if DM is the cause of distress, by all means keep making fun of questions ... that's the most important thing in your rise to Glow-Ray, the crushing of the little guys ...

Biological_Unit said...

One of the most important benefits of understanding the new finding of the prevalence of psychopaths in society is this:
whereas so-called conspiracy theories tend to appear to decent people as “off-the-wall,” now no more. The main objection to a conspiracy theory, especially one that posits the involvement of many evil people, is this: “I cannot imagine anyone doing such a thing. And it could never be a secret.” Wrong: psychopaths are numerous and they do know how to keep a secret and kill to maintain it.

Naaaaaaaaah ...

Biological_Unit said...

Mike Bara agrees with YOU that Men are easily transported to the Moon with Stone Knives and Bear-Skins !!

If either of youze had a brain youze would agree with me.

Outdoor Sports - what - you think England has a chance in South Africa ? It's population is too small.

I predict Russia will win hockey gold next year. I think most Canadians are secretly resigned to it.

Biological_Unit said...

The governmental-military-industrial organism is a symbiotic union of self interest, greed, and lust for power on a level never before seen in human history.

They must be terrified of bloggers


Biological_Unit said...

(bautforum) DippyHippy I also think a fair portion of those who advocate these ideas are conspiracy theorists. It's just the way the theories are presented... like they're accusing the scientists of being incompetent, stuck in their ways, lying or just plain blind to the apparently obvious."

Biological_Unit said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Biological_Unit said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Biological_Unit said...

Could someone post the above at DM ?

I'm proud to say that I am banned at DM.

Don't expect it to show up, after all. He has hearsay evidence he is going through.
It's not like he actually knows any serviceman. He thinks like Henry Kissinger. Military men are dumb pawns to be used as sheep. He doesn't hang around sheep. He hangs with STD-laden Porn Stars.

Biological_Unit said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Biological_Unit said...

Finnegan bloggeth:

There's this spinnin' junkpile up in the sky
over Norway, hoverin' pretty as ye please, held
up by what? Antigravity?

Being accelerated to Orbital velocity by the previous, successful rocket stages might have something to do with that !

And YES I saw a similar thing before.
A mishap with a Japanese rocket created a similar shape.

Biological_Unit said...

The demolition of WTC7 was whisper quiet and the seismic signal was not significantly greater than background noise.


Biological_Unit said...

Flight 77 was supposed to hit Building 7

Whoever did it probably can do whatever the hell they want

Biological_Unit said...

proof that the towers came down at "freefall speed," whatever that is.

Falling objects on Earth accelerate at 32 feet/second per second. A real N-Junear would know this or would know how to find this info.

This is a prime example of the failure of our current education system

See above, below and everywhere Mike scribbles.

Airplanes and some race cars (F-1, Indycars) use what is called a "monocoque" design. Simply put, what this means is that the skin itself (i.e. the pressurized fuselage of a jetliner, for example) is a stressed member of overall structure. The Twin Towers were essentially such a design, with the external lattice work supporting a considerable amount of the weight of the overall building. That's how they were able to build them so high, for one thing

Would Mike like to refer to the pictures of the WTC being constructed ?
47 MASSIVE steel core columns supported the weight of the buildings.

The planes were flown in at an angle

Which TV network feed are you using ? They don't agree - making the whole story IMPOSSIBLE !!

They also exited out the other side

They flew through ?!? Planes are mostly aluminum. The WTC was steel. WTC should win !!

I'm glad to hear even TEM stalwarts are distancing themselves from MB. Apparently, RCH and Ken Johnston are too !!
Hooray !! MB is exposed !
Thank you Expat. Your open-mindedness is well noted.

Biological_Unit said...

What the hell are you doing deleting my comments ?

Anonymous said...

Two words, Unit.

British Israelism.

Expat is not Scottish, English, Welsh or Irish. He is an Aristocrat. It oozes off these pages.

Biological_Unit said...

I will look at the bright side.

Expat is protecting me from the Bronfmans.

Awwww, that's nice !!

Anonymous said...

Unit: "freefall speed, whatever that is";

g, the standard value of Earth's gravitational acceleration at sea level, 9.80665 meters per second per second times 3.2808399 feet in a meter equals 32.174048605335 feet per second per second.

This result is 32 feet per second in two significant digits. I wonder why an engineer would fail to grasp such a basic concept. Does he also struggle with fractions ?

don't tase me, bro ! said...

freefall speed, whatever that is

I thought things fell because weight is heavy and falling things go faster as they fall.

What are you doing with Equations ?
Don't you know Algebra is an ARAB word ? (boo, hiss !!)

Don't you know that Fox News and their bosses now look down on these things as being disruptive to society in general ?

Tinu_Lacigoloib said...

freefall speed, whatever that is

Really ? What kind of Engineer would say such a thing ?

Biological_Unit said...

Politically Correct Holiday Greeting

Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low stress, non-addictive, gender
neutral, celebration of the winter holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/solstice persuasions and/or traditions of others,
or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all and a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset
of the generally accepted calendar year 2010, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America and other Western countries great (not to imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country
or is the only "America" in the western hemisphere), and without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical disability, religious faith, choice of computer platform,
or sexual preference of the wishee.

Legal Disclaimer: By accepting this agreement, you are accepting these terms.

This greeting is subject to clarification or withdrawal. It is freely transferable with or without alteration to the original greeting. It implies no promise by the wisher to actually implement any of the wishes for him/herself/themselves or others, and is void where prohibited by
law, and is revocable at the sole discretion of the wisher.

This wish is warranted to perform as expected within the usual application of good
tidings for a period of one year, or until the issuance of a subsequent holiday greeting,
whichever comes first, and warranty is limited to replacement of this wish or issuance
of a new wish by the wisher.


(Name withheld for legal, social and cultural considerations)

Jeannie said...

Wow! You are obviously a NASA New World Order hack. How can you sleep at night when you do this to your own fellow man. I am buying the new Dark Mission book. I trust Hoagland because he isn't on the NWO payroll, but you certainly are. When our ancient advanced civilization history becomes known to all, you and your friends better find a rock to hide under because everyone will be pissed that you deliberately hid all this and free energy technology from us all. We will all be coming after you and your criminal elite buddies. We will all be coming after you and you know it.

expat said...

Wow, what a hilarious comment.

>>You are obviously a NASA New World Order hack.<<
I am not and never have been either an employee or contractor of NASA. I'm not sure what you mean by "New World Order." Hack, oh well maybe, just as Mike Bara accuses Dwayne Day of being. I guess you people label anyone as a hack who writes what you disagree with. Fine.

>> How can you sleep at night when you do this to your own fellow man.<<
Very easily. Hoagland and Bara have a right to deliver a manuscript of unmitigated trash to a publisher. Adam Parfrey has a right to publish it, poor fool. I have a right to read it and criticize it.

>>We will all be coming after you and your criminal elite buddies. <<
Sounds a lot like an empty threat to me. When's this due to happen??

nyceddie said...

Jeannie said...
Wow! You are obviously a NASA New World Order hack. How can you sleep at night when you do this to your own fellow man. I am buying the new Dark Mission book. I trust Hoagland because he isn't on the NWO payroll, but you certainly are. When our ancient advanced civilization history becomes known to all, you and your friends better find a rock to hide under because everyone will be pissed that you deliberately hid all this and free energy technology from us all. We will all be coming after you and your criminal elite buddies. We will all be coming after you and you know it.

July 9, 2010 9:22 AM

When you have fools such as Jeannie expressing their stupidity it almost leaves one wordless. Hoaxland and Bore exist only because of mentally-deficint robots such as Jeannie. You go, Jeannie, straight to you know where!

Unknown said...

I thought this website was supposed to tell us hoagland is a nut. Other then hoaggys directions were a little off and he sees red instead of orange, you proved nothing. What about the pics? I am a amatuer astronomer. I have seen that 8 mile tall spear that sticks up from right here on earth. I think you have authenticating his book more then anything. The things you have mentioned here is just minor nitpicking. People like you with your closed mindedness keeps the world in the dark. You want to debunk someone, come up with something better. Just makes you look ignorant.

expat said...

>>The things you have mentioned here is just minor nitpicking.<<

Thanks for the comment. I don't think pointing out that a cited paper (Rowley & Neudecker) does not support Hoagland & Bara's proposition about lunar glass is "minor nitpicking." Lunar construction glass is the centerpiece of their claim to have found massive glass structures on the Moon.

>>People like you with your closed mindedness keeps the world in the dark.<<

Why do you think my mind is closed? Isn't there enough evidence right on this page that I investigated the claims in this book with an open mind? The fact that I discovered many of them were lies does not testify to a closed mind.

expat said...

Pat, could you give me the coords of that 8-mile tower please, or the nearest crater? I'd like to check it out on the LROC image library.