Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is This Nibiru? No, Mike, it isn't

        Today Mike Bara posted a lamentably (and typically) unscientific piece on the darkmission blog, proposing that Zecharia Sitchin and Andy Lloyd may be onto something with their claim that a sinister, and inhabited, dwarf star occasionally wanders into the solar system. Bara wrote, in part:

I've always been interested in Sitchin's work because I think it is at least partially correct, and much of what he claims is in line with my own work with Richard Hoagland. Part of that was covered in Dark Mission, specifically where I mentioned my interactions with Dr. Gary Neugebauer around an object IRAS spotted in 1982 that was the subject of a Washington Post front page story. Since then, I've been trying to track down more information on the object with little success.

I posted what I thought was a helpful reply, but it was prevented from appearing on the blog.

Luckily, I'm able to help you. Research on the web lasting about ten minutes reveals what your patient work since 1982 did not -- an article written by astronomer Thomas J. Chester of IPAC (the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center) at Caltech.

Read the piece for yourself, Mike. It's not that long. Or, if you're too busy dating strippers and driving fast cars, please pay attention to these extracts:

"These [four] objects were therefore "mystery objects", at least until the mysteries were solved in short order. These sources all turned out to be distant galaxies except one which was a wisp of Galactic infrared cirrus (Soifer 1987, Annual Review of Astronomy & Astrophysics 25:187), and no such source has ever turned out to be a solar-system object."

"Nearly everyone on the IRAS Science Team who looked at the early IRAS data found at least one source that they initially thought could be "the tenth planet". Many of these observations turned out to be IRC+10216, a bright previously known source which is almost exactly in the ecliptic plane (the plane of the planets). I found a 12 µm source at high galactic latitude without an optical counterpart which was thought to be a potential brown dwarf for about a week, during which time rumors circulated through the astronomical community. The rumor came back to me in a much-changed form, as all rumors do, into a possible report of a tenth planet, so this could be another source of a "mystery object". This 12 µm source turned out to be a peculiar carbon star, quite distant."

"From Carol Lonsdale:

I may also have traced the origin of the actual rumor. It could be due to an investigation into a strange source found in the galaxy M31. Several IRAS team members identified this bright and extremely cold source close to the nucleus of M31, and studied it closely because it had such peculiar characteristics for actually being in the galaxy. At one point it was called ``the mystery source''. For a time it was believed to be in the solar system because it was thought there was evidence for motion. However that evidence was finally shown to be due to hysteresis (the after effect on the detectors of crossing bright sources) due to the nucleus of M31; the hysteresis caused the effect to occur in different directions on scans passing over M31 at different angles."

Even more accessible to stripper-chasers and fast-car-drivers is this brief summary (added in January 2008) from the IRAS wikipedia article:

"The observatory also made headlines briefly with the discovery of an "unknown object" that was at first described as "possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of this solar system." However, further analysis revealed that, of several unidentified objects, nine were distant galaxies and the tenth was "intergalactic cirrus". None were found to be Solar System bodies."


Biological_Unit said...

Since then, I've been trying to track down more information on the object with little success.

Of course not !

Biological_Unit said...

To say that magnetic field lines can cross, or flap, or break and reconnect is tantamount to saying that weather diagrams can produce rain.

robert said...

I would like toleave a comment with you. Much of Hoagland and Bara work come from other sources like my friend Keith Laney the BEST Space Imaging person out there since he did the MGS MOCs for the two rover landings. His processing skills were and remain superior to original PI's.

Sitchen's work HAS stood the "test of time" the same as Dr. Flandern' EPH hypothesis everytime they go look at an "ice ball comet" they find...mantle and sedimentary ROCK at the core of these objects. I am sure if one could get a close-up view of ANY asteroid they'll find the same.

But back to YOUR research on "Planet X". The various articles you mention no longer pinpoint the SOURCE location for that infrared hotspot. Some spots in the sky via Google Sky in southern Hemisphere remain blocked. Why?

In addition maybe you can tell if space debris is so much of a problem with recent collision of an OPERATIONAL Iridium and old non-powered Soviet satellite was ALLOWED to happen and the DOD has now CLASSIFIED ALL it's observations from the scientific community.

See: Military Hush-Up: Incoming Space Rocks Now Classified

Why can't scientist access data looking around and OUTWARD be of "National Security" issue? hmmm-ahhh?

I could understand not peeking at suspected Taliban targets, but space rocks? The one that recently hit Venus was only "publicisized" because it was caught by an ameteur...gee one doesn't need a PHD to do "science". Where was NASA's NEO, the DARPA tracking, Space Command? Is something BIG hitting Venus because it was in the way and if it hadn't hit Venus "might" have hit Earth?

Wow if we HAD the data for trajectory and orbit calculations we might know. But quess what? JUST before that hit on Venus was when the DOD CLOSED cooperation with scientists.

Give a SOLID argument for such action EXCEPT to hide the trajectories of incoming space debris as we head toward the Galactic Plane Crossing of Dec 21, 2012?

expat said...

How's your reading comprehension, Robert? Did you correctly understand the partial sentence " such source has ever turned out to be a solar-system object."? Did you understand that it was written by Thomas J. Chester? Did you comprehend that Chester is a professional IR astronomer, not a superannuated journalist like Zecharia Sitchin or an unemployed aerospace technician like Mike Bara?

Sitchin's errors are quite well summarized in the wikipedia article about him. Mike Bara's errors are what this blog is mostly about. They are extremely numerous and indicate that his knowledge of astronomy -- indeed of any branch of science -- is non-existent.

Keith Laney is a total side-issue, and I honestly can't say whether his reputation as a "processor" of planetary images is deserved. I do know this -- as administrator of an online forum he's a total failure. Administrating the Hidden Mission Forum, he is known to have vandalized members' postings with infantile material, and to have changed members' usernames without their consent for the purpose of mocking them. He is known to have banned members merely for expressing views that do not conform to his forum's party line. This behavior goes beyond mere incompetence -- it's a joke.

robert said...

Chester was ONE astronomer, I know of no others who agree via journals that the specific object in question back then had a consenses, or was the question "silenced" by ONE astronomer. Look at the Space Rocks now Classified Story...NOT a "side issue".

Here the DOD is unequivickly saying to scientists...WE will NOT share non-earth observations of space with you anymore for "National Security Reasons". period.

Did the Taliban set up a Moon Base? Have they launched space battleships? Has ET shown up and is flying around up there..."Fast Walkers" the movie.

The USA Military Industrial Complex Pres/Gen Eisenhower warned us about now controls nearly ALL information and research with ability to falsify data not just block it from being seen as is being done with "Space Rocks".

robert said...

btw...if you're unaware of Mr. Laney beyond THMF you are clueless to the brutal truths we seek and are one of those "noisy negativists" Nuclear Engineer Stanton Freidman coined long ago about possibility of ETI here and now.

Biological_Unit said...

you are clueless to the brutal truths we seek

Yea riight ...


RCH's second bananas and yes-men flunkies make a rowdy ruckus about being oppressed by "da Man" - suuuurre

Biological_Unit said...

you are clueless to the brutal truths we seek

that is fake ass word salad. what does it mean, really ? is it just Ativan ?

noted maniac mars revealer would be proud of yooz

expat said...

>>you are clueless to the brutal truths we seek<<

Who is this "we"? Keith Laney and his pals? Look, even a cursory review of their writings shows them up as illiterate dreamers with the kind of wit that goes down well in school playgrounds. Their grasp of science is rudimentary.

If Keith Laney's forum is a fair representation of the "brutal truths," I'm quite happy to remain clueless, thanks.

Biological_Unit said...

The Bara-ly science literate will be lying at the Bay Area UFO Conference:

Just think about it....
Eleven years of bringing you the most compelling theories and evidence in support of the truth about UFO's, their mysterious occupants and Earth's hidden underground bases!

General Admission - One Day Pass
$79.00 A G.A. - one day pass - admits you to all 45-minute lectures, and all exhibits. (Good all day Saturday or all day Sunday. Approximately $5.44 per presentation).

General Admission - Two Day Pass
$129.00 A G.A. - two-day pass - admits you to all 45-minute lectures, and all exhibits. (Good all day Saturday and all day Sunday. Approximately $4.95 per presentation, an excellent value, one you are not likely to find anywhere else in all of ufology!)

Workshop Tickets
$20.00 A workshop ticket admits you to any of the special in depth presentations - 90 minutes to 2 hours in length. You must have a G.A. Pass to attend workshops.

I think that this event is a total waste of money.

Biological_Unit said...

Just think about it....
Eleven years of bringing you the most compelling theories and evidence in support of the truth about UFO's, their mysterious occupants and Earth's hidden underground bases!

Yes, I'm thinking about why you wrote that, and for a price I get an answer.

Expat, why are you holding back the brutal truths ?

Biological_Unit said...

The acquisition and consolidation of ever greater wealth, natural resources, total political power, and control over others are the motivating forces which drives the decisions of the Illuminati.

Biological_Unit said...

There were no planes in the entirety of 9/11/2001.

Biological_Unit said...

Liars like Alex Jones and We Are Chumps outright attack anyone who brings up the “no planer theory”.

Biological_Unit said...

# Holy crap can these UFO people party! Holy crap! 3 days ago
# 3 straight hours of lecturing; I'm exhausted. Kicking back w/ Missy & listening to Sean. Whew! 4 days ago
# Up and around @ the BAUFO Expo. Off to see the amazing Robert O. Dean @ noon... 5 days ago
# Made it SF & gettin' ready for the speakers cocktail party. Nobody drinks like conspiracy theorists!

No, they just relax. No one will call them out. Who knows what they get "paid" for. I bet they get lots of heavy, severe sick drugs for their "efforts", whatever that might be (nothing)

Biological_Unit said...

I'm exhausted.

I would be too ! I can't keep up with the Bara-LIES
Imagine what the chorus of vapor in his empty skull during that awful and ludicrous speech must have been like !

Anonymous said...

Check out the new photos of the Moon ,Mars & Saturn
They have been withheld for over 40 years.

Robert Dean Ex Nato Cosmic clearance presentation

Biological_Unit said...

other astronauts have spoken up on the record about ongoing UFO sightings that occurred during *all* US space missions

It's true that even ONE sighting would be proof positive.
They could show up at, say, a UFO conference, after all, - but -