Sunday, August 2, 2009

Buzz Aldrin's wife

        On July 31st, in a thread labeled "Buzz Aldrin says there's a monolith on Phobos," a regular blog-commenter posting as T'Zairis (an assistant librarian) wrote, in part:

I also went to Amazon after I watched the video of the Buzz, and I perused description info and customer reviews of his new bio, called 'Magnificent Desolation'.
While I didn't find anything to disabuse me of the notion that he is not really talking about Mars anomalies, he does apparently devote a lot of space in his book to his current squeeze, a woman by the name of Lois. She is apparently rather wealthy, as her family has all sorts of *banking connections*, which raises red flags for me when one is talking about 'governments within governments', secret connections, and things like escaping Nazis after WW2.
I'll have to see if the library system has ordered a copy of his bio as I am very interested in Lois's pedigree...

        Since I've actually read "Magnificent Desolation" I thought I would be helpful with those "red flags." I posted as follows:

To "T'Zairis":
Buzz Aldrin's third wife ("squeeze" is unnecessarily demeaning, don't you think?) is indeed Lois Driggs Cannon, of the formerly wealthy Arizona family that controlled Western S&L. After the US Government seized Western on June 14th 1989, the Driggs family fortunes became essentially worthless. I hope this is a useful starting point for your research.

ref: "Magnificent Desolation" p.228.

Mike Bara censored my post in its entirety.

June 2011: They divorced.


Biological_Unit said...

Mike and his brother are trashing Buzz Aldrin. Buzz has been hanging out with Snoop Dogg, so I suppose he could be blazing the sticky-icky, the endo, blunts, the incense normally smelled at concerts ...
Dave Bara believes everything Mike writes, amazingly !! I think I've had enough hiburu joo cronyism, nepotism, deception and chicanery. He's another Madoff - he made off with a lot of money writing something .. his "buk" can't be called fiction because it isn't marketed as fiction - yet !

Biological_Unit said...

Jim O told to shut it by the criminals at Dark Mission:

JimO hit again with Ken Johnston...'ve got big issues...
Just move on!

Ken Johnston, the man with the "deploma" from an obscure "deploma" mill, has not posted on the Dark Mission blog for at least TWO years !!
Why would there be a new edition that leaves a central character out of it ?
(That's a rhetorical question - this blog is run by decent citizens, not coarse criminals.)
Perhaps they killed Ken to prevent any interruption to this cash cow, the fictional and idiotic Dark Mission ??

Biological_Unit said...

Ken Johnston is still dead

Biological_Unit said...
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Biological_Unit said...

When will YOU speak out ?

expat said...

I deleted a post from "biological unit" because I believed it was racist and totally irrelevant to the issue under discussion. I will continue to delete any such posts from this blog in future.

Biological_Unit said...

Prejudice is another word for experience.