Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pareidolia strikes again!

        On May 8th Mike Bara posted this picture of a rock on Mars, on the official Dark Mission blog, with a brief comment ending..

"Now I don't know what the heck it is, but it sure looks like something that used to be alive. What do you think?"

        Considering that he directly solicited the ideas of his blog-readers, it's particularly strange that he refused to allow my comment to appear:

I think it's a breccia. Humanoid skulls don't have nasal bones anything like that.


        By May 11th, Mike had apparently seen the light of pareidolia, although it did not improve his spelling in any noticeable way. He wrote:

"I definetly think this is a skull, fossilized or not."

        He didn't say — probably didn't even think — what a skull might be doing in a landscape barren of any other sign of paleo-life. What does he think this ur-creature used for food? But that's the luxury of Hoagland/Bara style anti-science. What you confidently declare doesn't have to actually make sense.

        Just like Hoagland's confident declaration (Coast to Coast AM, March 16th) that the Shuttle Hubble-fixit mission would be canceled. The flight successfully launched yesterday, dead on time. D'oh!


tycho said...

That rock has been waiting soooo long for a Bara boy to come along and make it famous…

Biological_Unit said...

It's a Rock-colored Rock, not a Skull-colored Skull.

Biological_Unit said...

How about his latest "find", a Dome in the middle of a desert ?

This "dome" has the same Rock-colored floor as the rest of the surrounding barren mars-scape.
Of course, this "dome" is a Crater, obviously !!

expat said...

Yes, they ain't domes and they ain't geometrically placed. Were it not for those small details, "geometrically placed domes" would be a good description of this crater group.

Unknown said...

People who point to the stars and Mars for an explanation of everything ... are inevitably being paid by instruments and proxies of class warriors from Wall Street Public Relations.

People who don't want you to look down and start questioning issues like ownership & territory. Understanding such things is half-way to questioning them.

Hoagie got the idea for Mars from Lambert Dolphin at Stanford Research Institute (SRI). LD is a religious nutter. Google will tell you my reasons for saying that ... but these are the types dispatched to divide and conquer or infiltrate and (mis)lead the "colorful communities".

SRI is just outside the campus of the real Stanford and was picketed during the Vietnam War.

Biological_Unit said...

Bara has new Pics up.

As I have said before, referring to what I read from the Electric Universe folks, Regular Polygons are Predicted to be formed from the study of Electric Discharge Machining, which is well understood on over Twenty Orders of Magnitude.
Colossal Cosmic Thunderbolts caused the terrain seen.
Notice how there are nothing but Polygons, NO roads, NO gaps between "buildings", NO "windows" or "doors", NOTHING !!

As another intellectual lightweight would bloggeth, no.thing

Biological_Unit said...

Lambert Dolphin is an interesting person to Google ...

word: calnock

Biological_Unit said...

All of the Earth Cities I know of are Multi-Colored.
Why are the Martian Cities all of the Same Color as the surrounding desert rubble ?

Unknown said...

Pareidolia is one of those leading edge research projects ... to stay one step ahead by using modern technology to study its effect on humans.

Shape from shading they call it.

If it's emanating from that institution, then it should not be trusted. It should ba handled with a sense of amusement, that this is how rich people think poor people behave, think and feel.

They're going after truckers and people who use the radio to stay sober or stay awake.

In other cases, they're using mind altering drugs, but this is something other ... it's a soft soak, designed by wolves and coyotes to mislead the would=be sheep dogs.

Unknown said...

Last century, it was assumed that philanthropy was going to save mankind ... lions established "fatten the antelope" foundations.

Those museums and endowments are the key ... Rockefeller endeared himself to the Establishment by buying a town and not bulldozing a cemetary, which would have provided links between American families and Europe. Manly P Hall's wife tried to expose that, using ground penetrating equipment ... until Rockefeller bought the bankrupt town and prohibited further study.

Interesting these people funding knowledge in some directions are deliberately nakedly concealing it in other directions. Preventing their planted delusions from being exposed.

Mars is a distraction and anyone who sees through it should not consider the experience to be a negative inoculation ... they stepped in poo because they're getting closer to striking the root.

Biological_Unit said...

Darkmission.com is being Abandoned and Sold as a Domain.

I tried to buy it for 0.01 but the Minimum is One Buck.

Biological_Unit said...

Correction - You are REQUIRED to enter a bid of at least 60 $US.

word - vue ding

Biological_Unit said...

Word - jurstase

How do they know I was in East German Intelligence ?

I know, I'll shut up now ...

Biological_Unit said...

Now they are talking about Earth's Orbit changing. No Units of Measurement are given. A rough estimate of Percentage is too much to ask, of coors !
They apparently "channel" information by "vibing" somehow ...