Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yet another "stunning confirmation" of hyperdimensional physics?

        On the "official" Dark Mission blog yesterday, Mike Bara drew attention to the article in about the strange hexagonal patterns at Saturn's north pole. Continuing the pattern that any astronomical announcement that is at all off-beat is treated falsely as confirmation of Hogland's dotty theories, Bara wrote:

It's important to keep in mind that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, in conventional planetary physics or fluid mechanics which can account for this phenomenon. It is however an inherent and specific prediction of the Hoagland\Torun Hyperdimensional physics model.

As moderator of the blog, he refused to accept the following comment:

I've reviewed these explanatory pages:

The hexagonal storm on Saturn is mentioned in passing in the last of them, but I cannot find a specific prediction of the phenomenon anywhere.

Perhaps you might point us to where hyperdimensional physics made that prediction, prior to the 26-year old Voyager image. Thanks.

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