Saturday, January 6, 2018

Seven down, five to go

        The sad news of John Young's death yesterday at age 87 prompts me to celebrate the fact that five Moonwalkers are still alive. Here's the tally:

Apollo 11
Neil Armstrong: d. 25 August 2012 after coronary by-pass surgery (which should never have been attempted IMHO)
Buzz Aldrin: STILL WITH US, will be 88 on 20th Jan

Apollo 12
Pete Conrad: d. 8 July 1999 after a motorcycle crash.
Al Bean: STILL WITH US, age 85

Apollo 14
Al Shepard: d. 21 July 1998 from complications of leukemia
Ed Mitchell: d. 4 February 2016 under hospice care

Apollo 15
Dave Scott: STILL WITH US, age 85
Jim Irwin: d. 8 August 1991 after a third heart attack, first of the Moonwalkers to die

Apollo 16
John Young: d. yesterday, complications from pneumonia
Charlie Duke: STILL WITH US, age 82

Apollo 17
Gene Cernan: d. 16 January 2017
Harrison "Jack" Schmitt: STILL WITH US, age 82

        I have no personal memories of John Young to share, as I have of several other Moonwalkers (see this blogpost for my memoir of Armstrong.) I was accredited to STS-1 and was present at both the launch and landing, but never met its commander. But of course, he truly was a legend. Here's a nice obituary from CollectSpace.

        As requested by Trekker, here's the tally for the Command Module Pilots, who stayed in lunar orbit while their luckier mates were cavorting on the surface. It's three down, three to go:

Apollo 11
Michael Collins: STILL WITH US, age 88

Apollo 12
Dick Gordon: d. last November 6

Apollo 14
Stu Roosa: d. 1994 from complications of pancreatitis

Apollo 15
Al Worden: STILL WITH US, age 86

Apollo 16
Ken Mattingly: STILL WITH US, age 82

Apollo 17
Ron Evans, d. 1990 of a heart attack in his sleep

Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year resolutions for Richard Hoagland

I will stop interrupting and talking over guests on The Other Side of Midnight. My excruciating performance with David Wilcock on 30th December was a fine example which several listeners complained about.

I will complete publication of my  book The Hidden History of Mars: A War In Heaven. Last March I announced it as "just recently completed" but it is not yet available.

I will make good on my promise, on 24th March 2017, to give free copies of the book to OSOM club members.

I will end the charade of the "club" requiring members to pay for access to the OSOM archives. Now that my show is on blogtalkradio everyone can see archives, and continuing to take subscriptions amounts to fraud.

I will get professional help to update my web sites. Both of them are broken to some extent and I'm clearly not competent to fix them.

I will delete the page "Von Braun's Secret" since the mathematics underlying it have been shown to be wrong.

I will stop claiming that the frequency excursions of my 40-year-old Bulova wristwatch are "a technology that can save the world," or "stunningly confirmatory," or any similar hyperbole. My experimental protocols have been shown to be entirely inadequate.


Happy 2018 everyone.