Friday, October 6, 2017

Kerry Cassidy on the road to Mandalay

        Kerry Lynn Cassidy wants us all to believe she has secret information sources that enable her to interpret current events more correctly than the professional media. Judging by her track record, I'd say that's just what Kerry wishes were true as opposed to anything with any actual truthiness. Yesterday she wrote "Years ago Camelot was told that 2017 was to be the final date for the showdown related to the currency reset." Well, there's not much of 2017 left for that one to play out, and there's no sign of this "reset" at all. Sean David Morton was another one who fretted about conspiracies in relation to currency, and look where that got him (in Federal jail, in case you hadn't already heard.)

        If you've guessed that the context of Kerry's remark is the horrible massacre that killed 58 country music fans in Las Vegas last Sunday night, you're correct. In a blogpost titled "War of Worlds: Pirates of Mandalay Bay : Illuminati versus U.S. Navy?" Kerry lays down her usual mix of paranoia, untruth and misunderstanding. She begins:
"The location of this latest false flag however real the human casualties relates to the history of Mandalay and Kipling, the British illuminati versus possibly what they may see as the U.S. Navy "pirates".  This may well be a turf war between illuminati factions over who will run the financial system and how and when it gets taken down and reformulated into the NWO currency.
No doubt this is also all about controlling the guns (and getting the U.S. populations under control by attempting once again to take away their guns).  One would think by now they would know this will never work."
         My reformulation of that last comment would be "One would think the likes of Kerry Cassidy and Alex Jones would have realized by now that relentlessly interpreting shooting tragedies this way has no basis in fact or experience. From Sandy Hook to Pulse to Dallas to San Bernadino, such speculations have been shown to be hopelessly wrong. Guns have never been confiscated or even significantly reduced as a result."

Shooting blanks
She continues:
"The claimed shooter Stephen Paddock is a Manchurian Candidate if I have ever seen one...  Avid gambler, accountant and property manager.  Why?  Gamblers are heavily under mind control and in this case Paddock was an avid video poker player.  This only facilitates inserting subliminal commands necessary to activate a sleeping assassin.  Most likely he had no idea what he was doing. However, with the number of other shooters operating that night there may be no real way to tell if Pollack's gun was shooting blanks as a distraction or not."
        I'm not a poker player at all but I believe hundreds of thousands of men and women play video poker. How anyone would "insert subliminal commands necessary to activate a sleeping assassin" without activating everyone else is a problem for me. Besides, I doubt Cassidy has any evidence that Paddock spent any more time at video poker than the average teenager spends nattering and texting on his or her smartphone.

        The speculative connection to the British Illuminati via Kipling would be hilarious if it didn't show such gob-smacking ignorance and insensitivity to the agony of families who have lost sons, daughters, mothers and fathers. Not that we expect anything approaching sensitivity from Kerry—four days after the Charlie Hebdo assassinations she wrote "Where are the bodies?" as if she wouldn't even believe it had happened without seeing for herself the mutilated corpses of cartoonists.

        In a much briefer post a day earlier, Kerry Cassidy wrote "The signs are everywhere that the shooter in the Mandalay Bay massacre was a patsy and that shots were coming from other directions as well as on the ground"—to which I have to say WHAT signs? She also revealed just how gossamer-thin her "evidence" is, writing "I think there are some striking similarities to shooting in Manchester concert in the UK.  Man-dalay / Man-chester / Manchurian." That's about as convincing as the connection Kerry Lynn Cassidy / Killing LasVegas Concert / Kinky Laughable Codswallop.

Snopes has now looked at the evidence for a second gunman and confidently declared it FALSE.


OneBigMonkey said...

There are absolutely no similarities to the Manchester Arena bombing, what with that being a bomb detonated up close to victims, not a heavily armed sniper in a hotel room some distance away.

The only possible connection would be that both perpetrators had a massively delusional view of the world and what they needed to do to make their point. I wonder where people get those massively delusional world views from?

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

Happy Mooncakes, Paddycakes.

6.0 magnitude Earthquake strikes off coast of Fukushima

Anonymous said...

"THE Orbs Whiperer said...

Happy Mooncakes, Paddycakes.

6.0 magnitude Earthquake strikes off coast of Fukushima"

JFTR, that was just two days past another lunar syzygy.

Still no correlation, James?

James Concannon said...

No, of course not. Correlation would have to be established over a very long span of time. That particular area has had many huge 'quakes including the one that caused the tsunami that knocked out the power station.

expat said...

30-day record, Pacific rim:

2017-09-19 18:14:38 (UTC) 7.1 0km NE of Ayutla, Mexico
2017-09-20 16:37:16 (UTC) 6.1 280km ESE of Kamaishi, Japan =========NEW MOON
2017-09-20 20:09:49 (UTC) 6.4 85km NNW of Isangel, Vanuatu
2017-09-23 12:53:02 (UTC) 6.1 15km SE of Matias Romero, Mexico
2017-09-26 04:20:00 (UTC) 6.4 South of the Fiji Islands
2017-10-05 ============FULL MOON
2017-10-06 07:59:33 (UTC) 6.0 255km ESE of Ishinomaki, Japan

Very very weak correlation

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

James inadvertently alludes to interesting conundrum. If Earthquakes are so easy to predict, then why did they place nuclear power plants in Fukushima?

My favorite Mooncakes are the ones made with rose petals, washed down with fine, light Oolong.

Dee said...

A majority of the larger conspiracy theories seem to have one major theme in common: presupposing some powerful, super high-tech stretched out network (and/or alien-tech or simply supernatural --what's the difference?) being able to control events to the tiniest details including all the cover-ups and misdirections. A bit like Descarte's demon or even Morton's demon...?

This is in itself an interesting idea/ideology as it seems more like some very old belief, back down to primal cultures where nature spirits were classified and then worshiped and/or feared, invoking ritual and dance as method.

Whenever challenging the more outlandish modern conspiracy, this same issues crop up. It's actually impossible to prove the non-existence of such powerful force, like it would be to disprove the existence of God or the Devil. This is also quite possibly the reason the idea gains support and attraction: its very unassailability provides the desired rock to stand on in a world full of shifting sands. On top of that the "infotainment", the scares, anger and excitement of what is basically the essence of most of modern entertainment and its "make belief". But then, to some, this is only working when entertained as "might be even REAL, who knows". That very thought amplifies then the story and its impact, increasing pay-off. Then for donations: click *here*.

Two Percent said...

"expat said...
Very very weak correlation
October 7, 2017 at 9:30 AM

What is correlation? - Definition from › ... › Business intelligence - business analytics
Correlation is a statistical measure that indicates the extent to which two or more variables fluctuate together. A positive correlation indicates the extent to which those variables increase or decrease in parallel; a negative correlation indicates the extent to which one variable increases as the other decreases.

expat: Contrary to what you say, I submit that there is a very clear, definite, even strong correlation between lunar syzygies and earthquakes of magnitude 6.0 or above, in the sample data, above.

You seem to suggest that because the earthquakes do not in every case occur on the exact day of each of the two syzygies noted, they "don't count" when it comes to correlation. I don't think that's scientific.

The lunar cycle happens slowly. The gravitational forces involved are analog, not digital. They don't suddenly switch on 12 hours before closest alignment, and switch off again 12 hours after. Even if they did, there is nothing to say there wouldn't be a delay between the peak of the event and the result.

Just like the triggering of a mouse trap, it takes a certain amount of time between the release of the trigger arm and the arrival of the trap bar at the "action zone". Of course, a proper analysis would detect such a delay, if there is one.

The first point is that the slight additional gravitational forces due to the moon's alignment build slowly for maybe 2 or 3 days prior to alignment, and fade equally slowly thereafter. I would suggest that the relevant "window" for correlation might be 1-2 days before nearest alignment, and maybe 2 to 4 days following, but it would require a full statistical analysis to determine the proper values.

If we arbitrarily choose a window beginning 24 hours before alignment and ending 72 hours after, and analyse the data accordingly, (overlooking the lack of precision defining the syzygies) it appears that only one of the earthquakes in the sample data is outside the relevant window:

2017-09-26 04:20:00 (UTC) 6.4 South of the Fiji Islands

Thus, within this arbitrarily chosen set of criteria, there is a strong correlation. In the 30 day period, 5 'quakes are within the windows, and one is outside. I'm sure a statistician can better quantify the degree of correlation apparent in this sample, but to me, it looks like this:

EQ/day inside windows: 5/8
EQ/day outside windows: 1/21
(1 day, part of next cycle omitted.)

Ratio: 105:8 (Approx 13:1) => Strong correlation

What say you?

Yes, I know this is Off Topic, but what's sauce for the goose...?


P.S. Snopes has only looked at a "4th floor window" scenario. Hardly exhaustive.

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

As far as a common World currency is concerned, it's the US Dollar (not gold or silver, either). That trend will only continue with the ever increasing Deflation and deepening Recession.

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

Two Percent is on the right track. James Berkland allowed for a Seismic Window of time for his forecasts, along with a potential range of magnitude, because of unique geological complexities in any given location. In that context, he had about a seventy percent success rate. In a previous thread, Two Percent wonders about how extensively that Berkland was able to monitor supporting phenomenon of runaway pets. Berkland depended upon his audience to a greater or lessor extent, to report to him from their local observations of posters on telephone poles, as well as local classified ads. Earthquake prediction is to some extent, intuitive; an art as much as craft. It would seem that there might well be promising potential for further refinement.

Two Percent said...

Thanks, Orbs. ;-)

A little update:

2017-10-06 07:59:33 (UTC) 6.0 255km ESE of Ishinomaki, Japan 10.0 km
2017-10-08 14:04:38 (UTC) 6.1 153km NW of Pangai, Tonga 10.0 km
2017-10-08 20:48:58 (UTC) 6.3 Balleny Islands region 10.0 km
2017-10-08 22:34:33 (UTC) 6.6 60km E of Buldir Island, Alaska 111.8 km

Correlation data would now be:

8/8 : 1/21, which I think comes down to 21:1

Actually, the Lunar Cycle is just over 29.5 days, so rounded should really be based on the whole 30 days, which would make it 22:1.

Let's see what happens over the next day or two. We may want to widen the post-syzygy window a little.

Anyway, at the moment, this is starting to look like much more than merely a random coincidence. In fact, I'm starting to suspect other inter-relationships... Let's hope I'm wrong. But a very interesting story appeared here a couple of days ago:

I hope this isn't one of those "coincidences".

Two Percent said...

It's New Moon tomorrow.

According to the USGS, there have been NO M6.0 or higher quakes since 2017-10-10.

I guess today is the day to declare the next New Moon Earthquake Window open.

It will be very interesting to see if this concerning pattern continues.

I suspect we'll see a few M6.0+ quakes in the next few days, but I'm not brave enough to suggest where.

Any missing cats, anyone?

Two Percent said...

Just In:

100km SSE of Pangai, Tonga
2017-10-18 12:00:59 (UTC)
10.0 km

Not sure if this was delayed getting to the USGS Database, or whether the window was already open, but close enough for government work.

I guess not too many missing cats reported in that part of the ocean.