Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Sean David Morton: heart attack

This from Sean David Morton's blog on Project Camelot:
"Under the massive stress of finally getting my Appellate Brief in, last Thursday night I suffered a mito cardiac infarction, basically a mild stroke. My heart was racing, a massive stabbing headache, bulging eyes and my left arm and hand went numb. I asked to go to the hospital and was told that I was WELCOME to wait for the DOCTOR to come HERE at 0600 on MONDAY. So I may just die in here, and nobody would care." (emph. added)
        So it seems Morton is as error-prone on medical matters as he is on finance. He means a myocardial infarction, not a mito-. And it isn't a stroke, although a stroke can be one of the worst collateral outcomes. It's a common or garden heart attack, and as a 60-year-old grossly overweight American male, it's not at all a surprise, or shouldn't be. However, he's right to be concerned. He needs angioplasty, and delaying it is extremely unwise, possibly fatal.

There's more:
"It also appears that TIME and NEWSWEEK are going to do stories on our situation and what has been done to us…but I can’t trust them to do anything but amp up the smear and describe us as “DANGEROUS DISSIDENTS” and/or “Crazy SOVEREIGN CITIZENS and TAX PROTESTORS” NONE of which we are or have EVER BEEN! Again, I NEVER taught or spoke about TAXES."
        Excuse me, Sean baby, but what exactly were you lecturing about on the 2016 Conspira-Sea cruise? You remember the one—it was that time when you and your wife were arrested as soon as you stepped off the cruise ship.


expat said...

It just occurred to me to wonder: If no doctor was around at the time, who came up with the diagnosis?

Two Percent said...


Who posted it?

Or, do they allow inmates Internet Access in the US?

That would be pretty liberal, and almost an incentive, for some.

Free housing, free food, free healthcare, free internet... What more could you want?

Erickson said...

In April, Sean argued a motion to the Ninth Circuit asking to represent himself on appeal. The hearing was pretty straightforward. Sean went over the usual claims to have studied at Oxford, have two degrees from USC (fine arts and pre-law), and a doctorate from the International Institute of Health and Spiritual Sciences - not to mention studying in a monastery in Nepal.

The most entertaining moment came at the end when the court referred to him as Mr. Morton and Sean corrected him as being Dr. Morton. I guess if you pay money for a degree from an unaccredited school you want it recognized. In any event it will be interesting to read his appeal since the court granted the motion.

Erickson said...

No direct internet is allowed, but it is relatively common for prisoners to write material that is mailed to someone who posts it elsewhere.

expat said...

Melissa's been jail-blogging too, reporting that the food is shit and the medical services inadequate.

Two Percent said...

Hi expat,

Many thanks, BTW, for that link to ProjCame-a-lot...

Most entertaining reading. You could have a regular field day.

"Dr" Morton's Law - except his messenger forgot to use his proper title.

I love the amazing connections he makes, but he neglected these:

"Also, the murder of the Washington Post reporter in Turkey and the Saudi Embassy…possibly links to the cover up of the real reason behind the LAS VEGAS MASSACRE of OCTOBER 1, 2016"



I was astrologically planned to be born on October 1st, at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California. I was born 4 days EARLY (cuz I wanted to get the HELL out of THERE!) as my father wanted me born on HIS birthday, Oct. 5th….of course he also wanted to name me GERRY…..EEEWWWWW!

(Of course he did.)

And then to this one:

"My SISTER was astrologically planned as well, and SHE was born on my mother’s birthday of April 4th…and they BOTH turned out to be hateful, spite filled venomous demons!"

Yep. The Chinese consider 4 an unlucky number, so obviously, being born 4/4 was super unlucky.

Or, maybe it's just that bad DNA runs in families.

Clearly, 'e loved 'is Mum. And 'is sis'. I wonder just what 'e did to earn their venomous spite.

No doubt, 'e's sorted out all those childhood issues with Mel.

Anyway, now it's pretty clear what drives him to write such drivel.

expat said...

It's pretty obvious that Kerry Cassidy is Sean and Melissa's ticket to the internet, since their blogs are both hosted on Project Scamalot.

Amazing, eh? They steal $116,000 of Kerry's inheritance and still she indulges them.

Two Percent said...

Perhaps Kerry is a very kindly soul, if a little "confused".

But perhaps, she sees through all the criminal offending, highly anti-social behaviour and all the rest of it, to a pair of even more tortured souls (than her own)? Maybe she sees how they have been born under cursed stars and feels she is doing something out of love....

Or perhaps she is grateful for her own better fortunes, along the lines of:

"There, but for the grace of God, go I"?

I dunno, but compassion is still a human virtue, and maybe we ought to consider that. It's so easy to condemn, to make the less fortunate our scapegoats, and that is much less virtuous...

Jesus Christ had a few things to say about this.

Here's to Kerry.

Erickson said...

I was just checking Morton's status in the Ninth Circuit because I do nor want to miss his opening brief on appeal. He asked for - and received an extension of time in order to present "new exculpatory evidence." Of course on appeal the court cannot consider new evidence - they are ruling on whether the record of the district court contains prejudicial error. So I can hardly wait. It's currently due on znivember 29.