Monday, October 29, 2018

Richard Dolan vs. Kerry Cassidy: place your bets

        In July last year, I wrote that Richard Dolan is the "egghead of UFOlogy," and indeed he is. His wikipedia article, complete with a list of his publications, confirms it. His own web site, richarddolanpress, lists more of his analytical essays on paranormal subjects. He completely lacks the borderline hysteria that is a feature of most individuals in the UFO "community", instead taking an academic approach to the subject.

        Kevin Moore is a British researcher and documentary video producer/director who is currently working on a documentary about the murderer Mark Richards, with particular emphasis on Kerry Cassidy's interest in him. Kevin's a good guy in my book. He frames his shots correctly and his audio is intelligible.

To recap the case briefly: 
        On 6th July 1982, Richards conspired with two accomplices to murder Richard Baldwin, a vintage auto dealer who he was on friendly terms with. Evidence included fingerprints on the murder weapons, some of Baldwin's property found in Richards' house and truck, and Baldwin's credit card in Richards' possession. A jury convicted him after four days' deliberation, and he was sentenced to life without parole.

        Since incarceration he has spun elaborate yarns about his own heroism as part of "the secret space program," battling and defeating the alien hordes in outer space, at the helm of exotic space battleships. He has made outrageous and impossible claims of military service, and says his first wife was an extraterrestrial.

        All this has impressed Kerry Cassidy so much that she has made the trip to Vacaville nine times to interview "Captain" Mark Richards, recording long recaps of the interviews on video each time. She apparently believes everything Richards tells her, and regards him as a vital whistleblower revealing information the US Government wishes to keep secret.

        She  has written (blog, 26 September—updated 27 October) that Richards was framed for the crime and is a prisoner of "The Illuminati-Draco planetary governement." What ingrates those guys are, eh? You'd think someone who has saved the planet  from alien invasion on multiple occasions would get some respect.

YouTube preview
        Last Friday Moore vouchsafed us all a preview of his work-in-progress, featuring an edited interview with Richard Dolan. Dolan left us in no doubt that, like Moore (and this blog), he thinks Kerry Cassidy has been utterly bamboozled.
03:03 Dolan: "I don't fault someone, again, for holding to a belief but... but if they're going to persist in excluding evidence because of an ideological blindness then... then yes they need to be taken to account. So I'm very glad that you're doing what you're doing because I believe based on the evidence that I have seen that you... you presented a more than strong case that Mark Richards is... is a deeply, deeply, dangerous, disturbed and sick man ....
04:11 "Now I realize that the other side will say "No, he was framed," but the evidence against him is overwhelming."
One day later, Cassidy reacted, in text on her blog.
KC: "Rich is not the man that I once knew.  What was once a fiery rebel working to expose the secrecy and revealing the role of national security as the proof of the coverup of UFOs in our skies, has now become an apologist for the state, hiding behind a false front masquerading as the voice of paternalistic “reason”.  He has settled for only the most conventional and superficial of explanations for a crime that implicates a top whistleblower who has for the past five years been at the cutting edge of our sector, revealing the very guts of the real truth behind the very craft Rich was so fascinated by as a young man.  And yet strangely, it appears that RD never asks himself the question, can evidence be faked?
"What a coup for the dark side to have recruited this man who once challenged them on every level for their lies and hypocrisy to suddenly join their ranks in pretending that there are no other explanations for this terrible crime than to attack a top whistleblower and officer in the Secret Space Program as being “evil” and “dangerous”?  And why, rather than look deeper into why the state would be well motivated to stop the growing popularity of the Mark Richards disclosures, RD (and others) choose to unquestioningly accept the evidence presented by a man who has no background investigating crimes and little knowledge of the rule by secrecy? Do you not find it the least bit suspicious that in the process RD and Moore are working so hard to discredit me, a journalist who routinely reveals the real truth behind so many of life’s mysteries?"
        It's a mystery where Kerry gets the idea that Dolan is "hiding behind a false front"—in Moore's video he's seen looking relaxed but serious, sitting on a nice soft sofa, presumably in his own home. As to whether she's correct in stating that she "routinely reveals the real truth behind so many of life’s mysteries," that's a matter of opinion. Mine is that she's hopelessly gullible, handcuffed as a journalist by her own paranoia. But I don't think we've heard the last of this.


David Young said...

I'm not a betting man. But if I were I'd put everything, including my shirt on Richard. Time the swamp was drained.

Two Percent said...


I thought it had already been agreed here ( that KC is mentally ill.

I concur. Reminds me of strongly of someone I know. Also dreamed of being a movie star, and made similar feeble efforts to attain stardom. Interesting. Claimed esoteric knowledge is another trait in common. Follows many similar ideas. Maybe dismal failure to achieve one's dreams is a source of mental illness? Perhaps not quite as nutty, but definitely had paranoid hysteria and bi-polar tendencies. Also a pathological liar (one who lies "automatically", even when it is of no benefit to lie). In her case, she grew up with TWO abusive alcoholic parents, so there is a very good, rational explanation. No doubt, KC has a similarly abusive childhood history.

It's not really nice to subject a mentally ill person to such scrutiny, is it?

Anyway, I don't think she deserves this.

BTW, what happened to the comments about "fair use" etc? I was keen to look up that link - could you reiterate, please?

Two Percent said...

Yegads, expat!

You didn't watch the whole doco trailer, did you!?

Really, you should. I haven't finished myself, but I'm disturbed by the doco maker's methods.

As for Richard Dolan, you said:

"... Dolan ... in Moore's video he's seen looking relaxed but serious, sitting on a nice soft sofa, presumably in his own home. "

In that same video, at 4:52 Dolan says: "... you've made the trip to see me here in - in my house..."

Then at 5:32, Moore says: "I interviewed him in Rochester, New York..."

But wait til you see the bit where Moore secretly films Richard's wife. Wow!

We haven't seen the end of this!

expat said...

2%... Someone on Moore's team saw my post and assured me that none of Kerry's video will be used in the final docco. So my point is moot, but this was the link I posted.

Yes, the sequence with JoAnn was interesting, I'm sure he'll be using that.

Two Percent said...

If nothing else, it shows why wives are not considered reliable witnesses.

But this is nothing to condemn. It's life, Jim.

Looking at the bigger picture, but for this quality of women, most guys would be single, so I count my blessings often.

As for KC, the moment she said (12 seconds into the first clip at 14:15) Richards' GRANDFATHER was involved in the Secret Space Program, she lost me.

Richards is now 65(+?). He must have been born about 1953, when his FATHER was a younger adult (presumably). Likely, his grandfather was another 20-25 years older then (at least 40, maybe 60, in 1952). Or older. That was about the start of the Space Race, so when do we suppose the Secret Space Program kicked off? 20, 30 or 40 years later still? Gran'Poppa would've been well past it by then, methinks.

OH!!! I get it. The Secret Space Program kicked off during the Apollo campaign. Of course. THAT'S why/when.

Oh well. It's not my problem that half the human race is hopelessly gullible. (And I don't mean divided by sex. Not at all.)

Erickson said...

Just to be clear, Richards paternal grandfather is said to have invented the Richards Anti-Matter Drive in the 1930s, but it was up to his father to pilot atomic rockets and captured alien saucers in the late 1940s until he was eventually appointed head of earth security in the 1960s. It is a remarkable family history.

But that Kerry is able to make Dolan appear to be reasonable is an achievement. Dolan looked at the Roswell Slides and found them to be compelling. Between his pursuit of disclosure and breakaway civilizations, I am not sure that he offers much more than a veneer of respectability.

expat said...

Thanks—the skymatters article is very fine, not least because it describes this blog as "excellent". It's quite possible that Dolan is fooling me somewhat with his academic manner. I'm very influenced by the fact that Derek Eunson knows Dolan quite well and vouches for him.

Derek Eunson formerly contributed to this blog and was very instrumental in the brilliant prank on Hoagland carried out by his partner Irene Gardner. Derek is now teaching math and physics in China.

Binaryspellbook said...

Keep up the good work brother.

Erickson said...

An "investigator" for Kerry wrote a report on the Richard Baldwin Murder Case. Much of it is an attack on Moore, and Collin contrasts him with Kerry's "professionalism." I think that Moore is preparing a thorough documentary so we'll see who is professional in the end.

However, Collin's article was so full of errors, omissions, and twisted statements that it deserved a response. So
I wrote a reply to that part of the article. Something to do until Sean files his opening brief.

expat said...

Thanks again. Very cogent.