Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Robert Morningstar, critic of Applied Physics Laboratory

        The psychologist Robert Morningstar had this to say about the computer overload that temporarily put New Horizons into safe mode two days ago, as it approached Pluto.

"Aren't we getting tired of this "Lame Excuse" ??? How many times have they arrived somewhere and report "Lost Contact with ....". Only to regain contact "miraculously" a few months later? "

        So here we have a psychologist — whose ignorance of space technology is so profound that he often says the Apollo astronauts were not aware their conversations behind the Moon were recordednote 1 — criticizing the management of a mission that is now five billion km from Earth.note 2

        Here we have a psychologist, and frisbee expert, expressing his opinion that deep space missions frequently go missing and re-appear suspiciously a few months later. I can't actually think of a single example of that. I believe AM* has invented this from his own imagination.

        I'm very much aware that Mr. Morningstar is one of the NASA haters. I don't think he has any actual rational reason for his hatred, I think he's just blindly copying Richard Hoagland (an exceptionally foolish thing to do.) I don't think he has a clue what it takes to manage a deep space mission. I also think he's so ignorant of space affairs in general that he doesn't even realize that New Horizons is managed by Johns Hopkins APL, not NASA.

        Meanwhile, over on that other collection of ignorant commenters on things space-related, The Hidden Mission Forum, we find Keith Laney posting this:
"looks to me like both Dawn and New Horizon teams have been given a warning. I'm so sick of these clods stifling what we get to see and know... they would rather cause the crafts to malfunction and fail than allow us to know what they're really seeing."
        So, according to Keith, some mysterious other-force has caused temporary glitches in the New Horizons and Dawn missions, but AT THE SAME TIME the mission management has caused these glitches deliberately. I like Dee's comment  "How deep can the bar still sink?"

[1] See this blogpost, Note 1.
[2] The transit time for messages to and from the spacecraft is now 4.5 hours


Trekker said...

Does he even realize that contact was re-established after only a few hours?

expat said...

I doubt it, trekker -- he's just totally clueless.

Dee said...

RM: Aren't we getting tired of this "Lame Excuse" ??? How many times have they arrived somewhere and report "Lost Contact with ....". Only to regain contact "miraculously" a few months later?

Expat: "I can't actually think of a single example of that."

Perhaps RM, affected with various memory disorders as he is, was thinking of the European Rosetta mission which had a few months "trouble" with the Philae lander? The restoration of the contact was not really miraculously unless simply used as praise of the advanced recovery efforts finally paying off after months of waiting for approach.

Many "lost contacts" never recovered of course, Lunar Orbiter 2, Phobos 2, Beagle 2, Mars Observer, Mars Climate Orbiter.... just to name a few.

Morningstar is living proof of how idiocy progresses, metastasizes when leaving largely unchecked. Who will come after him on that spot? Mike Bara after his fourth book, claiming to be a retired co-designer of the Boeing 747? How deep can the bar still sink?

expat said...


Unknown said...

The reason a space probe comes back on after a long or short absence is because it's programmed to do just that. It has to since nobody's there to do it. Basically a probe is just a Linux server hooked up to a bunch of instruments which send back data at predefined times.
Whenever a server comes up, it runs through a sequence of operations, most of which depend on a previous operation being up and running. Some operations run error checking programs which nearly always fix any problems they find. (I work in dev-ops so I know what I'm talking about). The New Horizons glitch was case of the system restarting itself and correcting whatever problem caused the glitch in the first place. Nothing miraculous there, just good design.

If AM* or anyone else thinks the scientists, aka the Masonic cabal, that runs NASA didn't think of this, they need to go back to high school. Or better still, read a science book sometime.

Unknown said...


Rover's-Eye View of Marathon on Mars - 26 miles in 8 minutes.

Note all the apartment blocks and ancient gambling casinos. Oh no, sorry, NASA deleted them all.

Trekker said...

"they would rather cause the crafts to malfunction and fail than allow us to know what they're really seeing".... Is Keith Laney out of his mind? Does he really think a space agency, ANY space agency, would spend millions of dollars and millions of work-hours on a project, employ thousands of people and then deliberately sabotage it? Who does he think he's kidding?

Anonymous said...

Clearly the Illuminati/Lizard People/Zionists/Space Atlanteans expect us to forget how all technology back here on Earth works perfectly every time and never has any problems or unexplained malfunctions.

expat said...

Trekker: The short answer is "Yes, Keith Laney is out of his mind."

Binaryspellbook said...

This off the cuff bollocks conspiracy is treading dangerously close to Bara's gold medal position.

"I am completely confident that I can prove there are no such things as the laws of physics." - Mike Bara -

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expat said...

Glad you enjoy it, Atico