Saturday, July 25, 2015

Richard Hoagland: Rockets, lies, and e-mail

        I don't subscribe to Richard Hoagland's new chat-show on digital radio. I don't mind listening to arrogant pseudoscientists in the wee hours of the morning, but that's on the pocket radio tucked up in bed, and for free. I draw the line at getting out of bed and paying for it, no matter how little. So I won't be reviewing The Other Side of Midnight unless somebody pirates it to Youchoob.

        Binaryspellbook, being in a very different time zone, evidently does listen, and on his blog yesterday he wrote this:

"Then Hoagland mentioned Explorer I and his explanation of it on his website. He then quickly admitted that there were some errors in the calculation, but there was still an over-performance of the rocket. He then went on to state that if anyone had emailed him regarding this error he would email them back with corrections."
        Here's the complete collection of my e-mails to the pseudoscientist on this topic. He never replied to any of them.

1 July 2013
Subj: Your mathematical errors in 'Von Braun's Secret'

I believe it has been nearly two years since you admitted, on Facebook, that you had made serious mathematical errors in your web page, Von Braun's Secret part 1.

At about the same time, also on Facebook, you wrote of your "decades-long, demonstrated scientific competence." I am writing to express my surprise that a man who seems proud of his scientific rigor would allow these catastrophic errors to go uncorrected for so long.

Just in case you need reminding of the nature of the errors, you misapplied the Tsiolkovsky equation by using it on all three solid upper stages of the Juno rocket at once. You also failed to evaluate a natural logarithm which forms a well-known part of the equation. When the equation is applied and evaluated correctly it does not support the ideas that you wish to communicate. That is because those ideas are wrong.

May I know why you have allowed this travesty to survive so long (and any answer along the lines of "I've been busy" or "I haven't had time" will be greeted with derision)?

13 August 2013
Subj: Von Braun's Secret FALSIFIED

Well, I see the mendacious web page is still uncorrected. Still delta-V = 3520 ft/sec.

You can't correct it, can you Richard, because if you did work the math correctly you'd arrive at delta-V  = 14,189 ft/sec. The 600 ft/sec excess velocity at orbit injection would be an error of, not 17%, but just over 4% -- easily within the tolerance of the military polysulphide aluminum/ammonium perchlorate fuel.

Are you not JUST A LITTLE BIT ASHAMED to have a theory which has been mathematically falsified published under your name?

28 September 2013
Subj: Another reason to withdraw Von Braun's Secret

Not only is your math unforgivably wrong, but your map of the tracking stations is totally at variance with the actual truth.

The Microlock network consisted of:
Antigua (doppler)
RED - Earthquake Valley
GOLD - AFMTC Florida
BLACK - Ibadan, Nigeria
SILVER - Singapore

The Spheredrop network had stations at:
China Lake, CA
Temple City, CA
White Sands, NM
Cedar Rapids, IA
Huntsville, AL


30 September 2013
Subj: Another reason to withdraw Von Braun's Secret

By the time the second stage fired off the vehicle was traveling horizontally, therefore any so-called anti-gravity boost would be irrelevant.

Do you understand that?

Source: Technical report on Juno.


Dee said...

Here's a rather bizarre Youtube video about RCH just uploaded (created?) by MarsRevealer. Something of a meltdown, a labor of hate and please note it's NSFW. Someone should save it before it's yanked as it has some funny imagery here and there.

Trekker said...

I wonder who's writing the posts on Hoagie's reactivated FB page? He doesn't reply to any posts and the style is not his - no single-line paragraphs, no capital-letter emphasis, no ellipsis all over the place. I wonder if Robin has taken over as scriptwriter?

Anonymous said...

Wait: Hoagie has now got his own late-night subscription radio chat show?!? (wasn't he supposed to be hosting a 4hr Coast show to commemorate the moon landings or something?!)

expat said...

Anon: You're way behind. In this blogpost you'll find audio of the moment when Hoagland totally blew it.

Then in this blogpost is audio of RCH giving his side of the story.

Binaryspellbook said...

If you guys pop over to the Bellgab forum there are links to where you can listen directly to Hoagland without the $5 shit going on. Not sure if membership is required. It's a fun place anyway even if it is.

There is also a thread regarding Hoagland's new radio show. You will find that in the "Other Talk radio/Podcasts heading.

G-Zeus said...

The will stream Art Bell and Hoaxland on the Net gratis. Art can be heard on Shortwave radio and numerous AM broadcasters as well.

MarsRevealer said...

Tuesday July 28, 2015 – Open Lines

"Tonight RCH will take calls and discuss whatever is on the minds of his listeners."

Believe that?? or will he continue to suppress the truth & THE FACES OF MARS STILL FROM ALL OF YOU?

Call in to his show tonight... ask him about UFO DIARIES, The Faces Of Mars images The producers both said HOAGLAND PROVIDED, & also why Hoagland encouraged my investigation but changed his mind when we found out the pictures came from him.

The DICK Hoagland is charging people money for his show, & says they can speak about whatever they want to discuss about?? Yet by his reply, we can guess what he will do. I e-mailed him asking him even if I can call in. His reply?,... DON'T BOTHER!!! WE NEED PEOPLE TO CALL IN & ASK. LOL

Hoagland hanging up also on someone about this shows that THE AUDIENCE IS NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT WHAT IS ON THEIR MINDS!! THE AUDIENCE.. WANTS THE TRUTH!!!

Dee said...

Gary, when are you're going to admit that all of the pictures have been used in fraudulent ways. Just like you did at the time. You should retire from that confusing business and not waste time with revenge. Do something nice and different. Forget Mars!

Dr. Dee

Anonymous said...

You're missing out on some of the most hilarious radio broadcasts of all time. It's free to listen to, the $5 subscription is only for the archives. Here's the link to listen -

G-Zeus said...

I was wrong about Art being carried on the AM broadcast band. George Noory is still around with the Coast to Coast AM show, obviously. D'oh!

Trekker said...

The comments that have broken out on Hoagie's FB page since this new show aired, are hilarious.

They range from the stark raving mad, to the rational; from the hilarity of being able to hear the background noises of coughing, typing, chairs scraping, phones ringing, to the sycophantic - posters who must have been lurking in the shadows for the past three years of silence on his page. Reading them is an entertainment in itself.

Unknown said...

I have just subscribed to Hoagland's internet radio show... for free... from what I can tell, it seems like you can just download the episodes from your podcast app of choice. I don't think I will regularly listen to episodes, but I tend run through podcasts I listen to quickly... best wishes!