Sunday, May 20, 2012

The minimum science Hoagland must do

James Concannon writes:
Today I sent the following message to Richard Hoagland:
If you seek to show that huge pyramids amplify "torsion waves," you must have a minimum of three experimental sites as follows:
  1. Unaffected by the Venus transit, as a control
  2. In the path of the transit, but remote from the pyramid
  3. At the pyramid

You should also provide a baseline recording captured a week before the transit, and you should make a specific prediction about what the three sites will sense.

If you do anything less than this, your results are junk science.


        I would add that much the same applies to today's annular eclipse. If anyone is to take Hoagland's "experiment" seriously, we need at a minimum a) A specific prediction, b) A baseline, and c) A control.

        I very much doubt we'll get any of that. More likely it'll be the usual "Oh look, squiggles on a laptop screen. If I fake the timings a bit I can make those synchronize with the eclipse/transit/whatever."

Note to anyone new to this blog: We're talking about some childish "experiments" Richard Hoagland has done in the past involving 1960s wristwatch technology, and says he'll repeat today and at the Venus transit. For more info, refer first to this post.

        Meanwhile, Hoagland's former co-author, college drop-out Mike Bara, is at Mt. Shasta giving some kind of a speech to some New Age loonies who've been  suckered into paying to hear him. In Facebookistan, Mike writes:
"Today, both before, during and after the eclipse, your thoughts prayers, dreams and intent have a special power. The closer you are to Shasta itself, the more amplfied[sic] this effect. Use this power wisely. "

        I don't think it will do any good to ask Mike to cite a reference for that unusual information. We've basically heard all his insults already, some many times. And that's all I think an inquiry would elicit.

        Reminder: In his dreadful book The Choice, Mike wrote that an annular eclipse occurs when the Moon is unusually close to Earth. That's how much of an authority he is on the question.


Trekker said...

Hoagland claims he's updated his latest post to Enterprise, though as he hasn't noted which section is updated, it's hard to tell exactly what he's referring to.

He hasn't improved the readability or the layout, though!

F.C. Trevor Gale. said...

Interestingly, although I have been in contact (using normal means, no 'mind waves' or anything) I have not heard any reports of power grid frequency fluctuations which he intimated at. Also, in spite of the massive disturbance, or effect, that this eclipse could allegedly cause, I detect no problems with my trans-ocean R.F. transmissions nor receptions at 14 MHz and 21 MHz beyond other well-known and predictable variations.
This is a major devaluation of the drama that I should have been expected and I am of course most disappointed because I was hoping to be able to tell all my friends and colleagues that I had witnessed a potential disaster, an electrical re-wiring of many peoples' nervous systems, a red-eye shift for a lot of photographers in their unshielded studios, schools having to fire their science teachers, islands losing half of their populations and large segments of the human race being subjected to extra-terrestrial radiation.
Well, okay, perhaps not that last one, we all like to sun-bathe sometimes, don't we?
I suppose it must be that I lack understanding of magic...

Anonymous said...

'When the moon is "unusually close"' - HAHA! Yeah, because some days its a quarter of a million miles away, and other days you can almost headbutt it with a trampoline. Well done, Bara.

strahlungsamt said...

Bara should know that with Great Power comes Great Responsibility.

Then again, since there is no power worth speaking of, either torsion or from Mt Shasta, there need be no responsibility.

This is the First Law of Pseudoscience.

Trekker said...

One of the fans has just asked: "This is very exciting... also a "new moon" tonight. Will that also add to the effect?"

You couldn't make it up!

expat said...

OMG, hilarious!

Chris Lopes said...

There is nothing wrong with the paper that a remedial English course and a good book on Web design wouldn't cure. Unfortunately both those things take time and effort to master, and Hoagland doesn't seem to have enough interest in either topic to bother. Also, being unreadable is kind of an advantage when you are trying to sell nonsense.

expat said...

The new material added to has meant that, on Firefox, even more text has dropped off the background image at the page end.

I don't quite get why that happened. Possibly due to use of the illegal attribute "height" for a table tag.

Chris Lopes said...

I still don't understand why he didn't just use one of his other "papers" as a template for the new one. Granted, he'd have to learn a bit about HTML tags to understand what goes where, but that should be easy for a guy who discovered a new branch of physics. I also note that this "update" didn't include fixing the infamous "(c) 2102 Enterprise Mission" problem.

Anonymous said...

"(c) 2102" - ?!... Has Dick copyrighted his website from a hundred years in the future?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAAH - that is priceless!!!

And this is the guy who discovered and "deciphered" all the 19.5 codes in the mathematical codes of Elenin!!

HAHA - what a pri(c)k!!

strahlungsamt said...

Nah! See he's covering his base for when the existing copyright expires on the images.

Thanks to Robin's HOMEOPATHIC "Eternal Life" "FORMULA"....... , Richard will live for another 1,000 "ONE THOUSAND" years....
So this is STUNNING CONFIRMATION that Richard is "IMMORTAL"...... because he has been CHOSEN BY THE ANCIENTS to reveal the NUMBERS 19.5 and 33.

(sorry if my hoaglandese translation is not perfect)

Chris Lopes said...

Thanks for reminding me that Hoagland is claiming copyright on images that aren't really his. He didn't create those images, so he has no right to stick a copyright notice on them. As has been noted, Hoagland's grasp of copyright law is as faulty as his grasp of science and math.

I also note that many of the images in that article seem to be uncredited. We have no idea where he got them, so we have no way of knowing they represent what Hoagland says they represent. Kind of sloppy for a guy claiming to be a scientist.

Binaryspellbook said...

"Science is nothing if it isn't prediction George."

I predict "stunning conformation" - of whatever Hoagland's HD prediction of the week is.

I predict doctored data and manipulated results.

I predict he will continue being economical with the truth, and continue fleecing his flock for every red cent he can extort.

Anonymous said...

...and I predict that his loving disciples will be only to happy to accept whatever nonsense he spouts as gospel truth, without anything more than their beloved Hoagland's say-so to make it absolute scientific fact.

Jiminy Oddbird said...

Ahoy Trekker,

Hoagy probably is alluding to his going back and deleting some more glaring mistakes on his site, now that he finally has paid his webmaster the ransom for the password.

Thank goodness for

Jiminy Oddbird said...

Topher, it sure is strange that nobody cares about the copyright of images that Hoagy uses, except you. If you really knew the law, he would have been sued long ago.

Jiminy Oddbird said...

Jiminy boy, How on Earth can there be pyramids unaffected? Are you saying we need to find pyramids on some other planet in some other Solar system as a control? It's just like Communists who say that Communism can't work until the entire world becomes Communist. The theory can't be tested in a vacuum. Or just like the scientists who were rightfully concerned that the first atomic bomb test might have created a chain reaction and destroyed the entire planet. Or the Hadron Collider creating a black hole.

Chris Lopes said...

I only mention the copyright thing because Hoagy and his sidekick seem to get VERY upset when their own copyright is violated. I also might mention that others have had to go to Hoagy's ISP to get their material removed from his site. That he hasn't been sued is just a testament to the fact that he doesn't exist as far as the copyright holders are concerned.

expat said...

Misti: A control site would, of course, be well away from any large pyramids in addition to being as far as possible from the path of the eclipse/transit.

strahlungsamt said...

Have you guys seen this? The trailer park on Mars. Funny part, it's right below the "town square" and the "face" in Cydonia and Hoagie and Mike never even noticed.

All they need now is a Martian Ricki Lake show, Martian Wal-Mart and Mars-Meth. Yee-Haw!

Esteban Navarro said...

Trailer Park boys. What Hillarious & amazing serie.A martian version would be great too!

strahlungsamt said...

Of course, don't forget about this classic.

Trekker said...

Esteban, I see he deleted your post from yesteday, where you asked him, quite politely, to give his word as a gentleman that he would forward his findings to a University for examination and experimentation....I wonder why he deleted it?? Any ideas, LOL?

Binaryspellbook said...

The results are IN lads. Of course they are "stunning, phenomenal, ground breaking, and, totally made up."

Jiminy Oddbird said...



strahlungsamt said...

Awwww Pooooor Richard. Didn't get his $80,000 for that trip to Egypt.

Now that this Eclipse is history, and its astonishing torsion data "in the can," we are focusing all our efforts on getting ready for the far more difficult torsion measurements we need to undertake at Giza, of the Last Venus Transit -- on June 6th, in just over two weeks!
Again, without serious financial support from our Enterprise constituents -- for air travel, rental cars, hotels, web technical assistence, TV production crew, etc., etc. -- this second 2012 "expedition" -- to cover the Venus Transit and gather its crucial additional torsion data on a "spinning twin of Earth"--
Please, donate whatever you can at the Enterprise Paypal donation link now (Enterprise website - top right) -- as, judging from the phenomenonal data on the Moon/Sun alignment we have acquired Sunday, the new Venus data will be crucial to verifying our first Venus Transit torsion observations, 8 years ago ... and their intimate association with the new data from the Eclipse.
And again, thanks. :)

Excuse me while I reach for my credit card.

Esteban Navarro said...

Yes Trekker, I smell that was not deleted cdue to the Sinatra clip on his "Sirious" thread …

I hope Expat didn´t mind I stole his data and words to embarrass the arrogance of ufologic conspiranoia´s grandpa . I'm becoming a medium between Expat and Hoagies .( OOooooommmmm ).... ...

I´m sure that his scribblings will be identical to those 8 years ago ...“Predictions”…Brblbrbrbrbr!

Will see if at least he´s be able to disguise their frauds in a more accurate way..

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't know which is worse: Hoagland and his "science" or his legion of epically f*cktarded followers who hear a few "science-y" words and see a picture of a meaningless graph that looks like it was made by a mentally challenged chimp sticking his finger in a power socket, and lap it all up as something oh-so-wonderful and PROOF of some under-lying controlling force in the universe that only they know about... (whilst blatantly ignoring absolutely everything else to the contrary).


expat said...

Esteban: I don't mind you using my data to embarrass Hoagland, not at all. It's a miracle he hasn't banned you yet -- make good use of it.

Esteban Navarro said...

You´re right, Anon, but …They´re not idiots, at all. They are believers. We all are, in one form or another, on one thing or another. Hoagland only provides them with the words and "evidences", with a thin veneer of “scientism”, and a thick layer of dead -wrong malicious conspiranoia , in order to blame someone who (as always!) are hiding the truth and poisoned our lives and Knowledge. In fact, any social anthropologist would tell you that Hoagland is not but a manager, someone who has been attributed , charged by themselves with the responsibility to tell them, those who are asking ,what they want to hear, with grace and aplomb, if it´s possible, but with the premise that the trick is not to be seen.Any priest, pastor or chamán ever ,knows that. That´s the requirement. This is as old as all rituals and magical practices in the history of humanity, is something that is very well studied in sociology and anthropology of religions, especially in hierarchical societies and cultures. Hoagland meets this anthropological cliché literally, except to the Tricks.( And It ´s essential for this type of mechanism to work. Hoagland and Bara´s Frauds are filthy)
It´s a recurring phenomenon. In fact, It´s a tool with all civilizations have endowed themselves, in order to exorcise his “demons”.

TV´s, newspapers, speeches… “masses” can not be hypnotize, seduce or stupefy by anyone ,ther´s another myth, unless they do not want to.

The symbolic speech is always very effective and very powerful, because it gives meaning to things that really make no sense. Religion and magic never faces science really, but the lack of meaning. They simply can not stand that life has no meaning actually.

… As you can see in any kind of discourse, especially in the “ political” one, because it gives meaning to things that really make any sense (flags, nationalisms, illusions ´bout races or idiosyncrasyes, or different points of view on the same event, objectively understandable and and consequently fixed, or cultural sexuallity or the absolute Truth ´bout anything or whatever…( There are too much Hoanglands out there, and pretty much dangerous)
There is a “Group- feeling” in the followers of Hoagland, ( ¿Who are following whom in the first place?). Religion and magics never really confronted with science, despite the bonfires of the past, but the lack of meaning, the absence of meaning. That´s what seems to be unbearable . Everybody want to hear an holistic, total and simple explanation. Easily understandable, if it´s possible. The whole phenomenon of “Witch hunts”, including McArthy´s, is much more complex, as Mailer and Chomsky say…
Forgive the tirade, Anon, I got carried away ...
Nobody persuades anyone to do anything. Everyone comes from home “convenced and Reddy”. But at least , the show has to be plausible and convincing, hasn´t it?!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the read, Esteban. Thanks. :)

Esteban Navarro said...

Ah,Ha, ha, ha, Thank you very much,Expat… In fact, when I crushing and use your accurate and overwhelming data and arguments to ask and troll him, I can´t help to feeling a little bit sorry for him, really, I know It ´s such a bit patronizing and arrogant ,but it´s beyond my control (said the vicious Viscount in “Dangerous Liaisons”)…

As you said , Hoagland's choices of which of my posts to delete and which to allow seem pretty random. (I had troubles posting your entire content directly. His FB told me that included "spam code" a couple of times …?!) I think he still hasn´t banned me yet because I am for him as he for NASA, not even a small and harmless nuisance mosquito, because his objectives are in somewhere else, otherwise it would be a waste of time ...I don´t Know….

I´ll try to follow your advice…I will try to keep up! Ha, ha , ha…. I actually think he applies the same system to judge my posts like to check the real veracity of his researching –investigation- issues: the first feeling that comes to his mind,
(no matter how absurd such a thing can be) ,always respond to his delirious way of seeing the World, of course.

You're wellcome, Anon, you must forgive me ... should be this fucking and growing Spring-hot here in Spain, plus the fact that we teachers are being fired because of "the economic crisis" , too much free time …;)

Jiminy Oddbird said...

Richard C. Hoagland wrote:


The torsion physics works DIRECTLY on your heart ... not the EM-based pacemaker. :)

And, yes, it should have a POSITIVE effect ...."!/notes/forest-timberline/richard-c-hoagland-torsion-physics-works-directly-on-your-heart/103944359745514

Jiminy Oddbird said...

Now Dick's practicing medicine without a license.

Anonymous said...

For comparison,
Let's take a look into how science investigation proceeds in a controversial field of research: