Friday, May 18, 2012

Gaiam Inspirations TV

        My comment (attached to this post) about the deceptive use of the word "free" to describe Hoagland's appearance last Wednesday turns out to be inaccurate. It is in fact possible to see it without divulging any credit card info. So, OK, I apologize and here's my review.

        Technically, the Gaiam TV studio is pretty good—way better than most Internet TV setups (such as the rubbish put out by Kerry Cassidy.) It's a 3-camera studio complete with teleprompt and image overlay. I didn't notice any chroma-key being used but that doesn't mean it couldn't be. Hoagland was provided with a tiny hand-held Powerpoint sequencer so that he could offer insert images to the vision mixer. It all went well and I doubt that much, or even any, editing was needed. Jay Weidner was a decent enough host/interviewer, but no more challenging than George Noory. The producers were Andrea Mather and Jay Weidner, and the show was directed by Doug Moldawsky.

        As for the content—well, few surprises there. It was a 55-minute scamper through the Allais Effect, Hyperdimensional Physics (with the same near-incredible lack of rigor that we've come to expect from Hoagland & Bara,) Bruce DePalma, Nikolai Kozyrev, the Inaccutron "experiments," and the Flynn Effect.

Look out, Las Vegas!

        Around the 35-minute mark Hoagland did get into some new material. He noted that the path of next Sunday's annular eclipse passes over the Hoover dam. That happens to be untrue— the dam is right where the Nevada/Arizona border does a squiggle, just south of the eclipse track. But OK, maybe close is good enough—so what? Hoagland made a prediction. The torsion field generated by the eclipse will cause the 2000MW turbine generator sets to run fast, so the frequency of the power delivered to Las Vegas (and elsewhere in the SW) will increase. Quite possibly the whole grid will go down "and that will raise people's consciousness."

        Unlikely. An outfit called the  North American Energy Standards Board regulates the utility frequency all over the USA. The rules state that whenever the error exceeds 10 seconds for the east, 3 seconds for Texas, or 2 seconds for the west, a correction of ±0.02 Hz (0.033%) is applied. Time error corrections start and end either on the hour or on the half hour. Besides, centralized electrical power supply has been an ongoing concern since the 1920s. If eclipses affected turbo-generators, you'd think somebody would have figured that out by now.

        There was a tail-piece to that false story that was pure, quintessential HoagLA-LA-LANDian fantasy.

"Why are there 17 generators? Not 18, not 16—17 at the base of the Hoover dam. It turns out that's an incredibly important number, connected to Osiris and to Horus and the whole Egyptian mythology we've been tracking through NASA. Once you start pulling on one little thread of this matrix, all kinds of things come unraveled."

        All kinds of things including Hoagland's own sanity, it seems. Why didn't Jay Weidner say "IT HAS TO BE SOME FUCKING NUMBER, RICHARD"?

        There was one last piece of unintentional comedy. Hoagland speculated that Prince Charles's recent by-invitation Scottish weather forecast was a "secret code" meaning, to those in the know, that the weather was also subject to torsion. Yeah, yeah, sure. I'll have to ask His Highness about that next time we're having a beer in the Balmoral pub.


Chris Lopes said...

Based on what Hoagland has said previously about HD physics, there is a problem with his Hoover Dam prediction. Hoover Dam is a hydroelectric plant and HD physics is impervious to water. He mentioned that fact as to why Obama being born in Hawaii (at 19.5 degrees remember) was so important. While he was being carried by his mother, the embryonic sack (mostly water) protected him from HD physics influences. It was only after he was born that being at 19.5 was helpful.

Anonymous said...

Wait, what?!... Don't tell me I've missed Dick saying fetus barry was being attacked by space nazi's and their HD ray guns, but was completely protected by a bag of water and thus managed to survive, and fulfill his re-incarnated egyptian destiny of leading humanity into a golden age amongst the stars (where the economy will be 17x better and we'll all live happy ever after, hand in hand), did he??...

strahlungsamt said...

I clicked on the link to in the last post and I got this Lisa Garr bimbo interviewing some woman about how thoughts control our destiny or something. (Couldn't find it on youtube - still searching).

Anyway, the gist of it was that everything we want which think about eventually happens. Which is strange because I keep thinking about having the entire Swedish bikini team move into my apartment to keep me "entertained", so to speak.
I've been thinking about it for years now and it still hasn't happened. :(

expat said...

"...the gist of it was that everything we want which think about eventually happens."

Oh, the bimbo must have been reading "The Choice," in which Mikey Bara tells us that the world can be whatever we want it to be.

Speaking of which, Mike's up Mt. Shasta and his last two tweets were...

I forgot about alcohol and altitude. Weeeeee!

I fucking hate cops

...hope he's all right. We need the entertainment he provides.

Jiminy Oddbird said...

Think multiverse horsehit, where anything that could happen, does happen in one of an infinate number of universes, where there are an unlimited number of each and every one of us. In at least one universe, we are all Swedish bikini models.

strahlungsamt said...


Please tell me where that Swedish bikini universe is and I'll rev up my nuclear powered torsion-drive Borg spaceship (the one that's orbiting at 19.5 degrees behind the comet Hoagland hasn't found out about yet) and I'm there dude!

Jiminy Oddbird said...

Strahlungsamt, are you saying you actully want to be a Swedish swimsuit contestant?

strahlungsamt said...

No Misti,

Just Judge, Jury and Executioner... if you get my drift. :)

Geo said...

Just an FYI in case it's helpful: the Gaiam TV site does not appear to have the striking Hoagland interview available except to purchase. It is, however, now available in four stunning parts at YouTube -

Two stunning and striking things which struck and stunned me about this interview as I squirmed my way through its labyrinthine logic were, 1) Hoagland rather hilariously and inadvertently seemed to sum up his recent theories fairly well when, in reference to Nikolai Kozyrev, he said it was 'not exactly what i would prefer to do – to think' and, 2) he might consider borrowing $6 from his contributors and pop down to Great Clips for a trim.

expat said...

Oooooo, I don't know about that last bit. I think the Branch Hoaglandians like the messianic look. One of them even posted, lovingly, "you're like a white lion." Ugh.

Geo said...

White lion. That's hysterical. They weren't even a good 80s band. Maybe he ought to call Giorgio A Tsoukalos over at Ancient Aliens and get some styling tips!