Friday, January 1, 2021

Time to assess Mark Richards' February prediction

 On February 20th, I wrote the following:

« I promise I'll be back at the end of the year when Mark Richards' prediction can be assessed with certainty. Given that Richards is now serving a life sentence in Vacaville jail, with no special access to sources, I'm very confident that I will be telling him, if he's listening, that he was wrong.»
So here I am, as promised, to evaluate the prediction. Here it is in full:

« 100,000 people in China [are] involved in the virus. 30% have died, 30% are infected and 40% are taken off-world by Reptilians assisting China in their drive to eliminate approx. 500 million people ...

Those humans taken off-world, according to Mark, by Reptilians, are sold to other races for food and used as sex slaves. This virus will mutate and other governments are using it to facilitate eliminating some of their populations as well. One-quarter of a million people will die of the virus this year.»


  • At the time of the prediction, 74,588 Chinese were confirmed infected. I can't now retrieve the number of deaths at that time, but 30,000 is undoubtedly wrong.
  • As of today 4,782 Chinese have died. The Reptilians have apparently made no significant progress toward 500 million.
  • "This virus will mutate". Absolutely correct.
  • As I noted in a later comment, it only took until 5th May for the quarter-million deaths to rack up. As of today, 1,822,467 have died world-wide. The USA alone passed the quarter-million mark about a month ago.
  • Now USA 346,408 deaths. UK 74,235 deaths
So Richards was not all wrong, but wrong enough for me to do the toldya dance.

        I'm not going to be able to resist similarly assessing Jerome Corsi's "Trump will win" prediction. But that will have to wait until 21st January.


Two Percent said...

HNY expat,

If you believe Worldometers, and anything China reports, they only had 2,236 deaths by Feb 20.

However, my Chinese contacts and observers believe the true figures are at least a factor of 10 higher.

There are currently multiple fresh outbreaks in China but I haven’t seen anything about this in the MSM.

The CCP is now in full positive propaganda mode, and citizens reporting anything to the contrary are likely to disappear, so we are not likely to hear the truth.

The exposure of China’s true nature and behaviour to the rest of the world is Trump’s greatest achievement and something he should rightly be proud of. A far greater legacy than that of the past 4 or 5 US Presidents.

I’m not much into making predictions but I will predict that all the currently approved vaccines will fail to work as hoped.


Anonymous said...

"...Dearest Friends and Family, ... I fly out of this hellhole back to Los Angeles at NOON on JANUARY 4th. Truly a miracle considering the FedGovScum wanted to lock me up for 650 YEARS…and my sentence was 6 years, and I am finally being released after 3 years 4 months.

But it hasn’t been for lack of trying for them to keep me in here. I filed a motion for compassionate release JUNE 28, 2019, after the BOP BLINDED ME after a botched cartaract op. ... then shipped me HERE to their WORST punishment prison. It has been this treatment that has given me advanced THROAT CANCER with a huge tumor bursting from my neck. ..."

Two Percent said...


No idea why this story has not spread further. Weird.

Note, this report also affirms the "factor of ten" discrepancy I reported previously, so Richards' guesses may not have been so far off. Apart from the Reptilians, of course...

THE said...

I was at the hospital in Santa Barbara County, last week. Nobody was ahead of me at emergency. I was treated for a minor injury and departed within ninety minutes. There was one patient admitted after me, and nobody waiting as I left.

"Oh my God, they're dropping like flies!"

Udder cowshit.

expat said...

Theadora darlin' you're looking in the wrong place, just as Mike Bara did last March, proclaiming "No epidemic in Seattle".

Isn't it rather obvious that people who need the ER do not want to be exposed to the coronavirus? You might try going back to that hospital and asking if you can tour the COVID-19 treatment center. They'll say no.

expat said...

Santa Barabara County has so far seen an aggregate 18,230 cases and 160 deaths. 290 of those reported dases were new yesterday.

A total of 352, or 56%, of the county’s hospital beds are in use; 136 are used for a COVID-19 patients. And 58, or 75%, of the county’s staffed ICU beds are occupied; of those, 39 are treating a COVID-19 patient.


expat said...

I might add that if you care to stake out the hospital at the time of the 5:30 shift change, you'll likely see a couple of dozen people looking half dead as they drag themselves to their cars to go home for a stiff drink.

Those will be the doctors and nurses who just spent all day trying to save the lives of patients who are at death's door.

THE said...

I was there at 6pm rush hour. Outside Emergency Admissions, is the Covid test center set up in a tent, by appointment only. Nobody was there, either.

First it was called, "Propaganda," then it was called, "Disinformation". Nowadays, they call it, "Fake News".

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

expat said...

Oh for Christ's sake.. That was the TEST CENTER. The suffering victims are somewhere completely different.

The stats I posted are neither Propaganda, disinfo, or fake news. Real people are suffering, on both sides of the PPE.

In future, comments referencing the bible will be auto-disallowed.

THE said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
THE said...

What's your objection to The Bible, Paterick? You must admit that even you can't debunk that. If you dare, I can provide Prophecies from the ancient Hebrew Scriptures, which foretell what we are going through today.

expat said...

It's over-used as a source of pseudo-morality by people who have no thoghts of their own.

Also, Leviticus is rubbish.

expat said...

Mini-sermon from Theadora/Orbs disallowed.

Two Percent said...

expat said:

"Also, Leviticus is rubbish."

Why do you claim thus? Do you mean, entirely rubbish?

Would you please offer me/us a little insight into your belief?

expat said...

Oh no, the last thing I want or need is an argument with a Leviticus fan.

Two Percent said...

1. I'm NOT a Leviticus fan.

2. I'm NOT seeking an argument.

Care to explain the comment all the same, please?

Two Percent said...

3. I'm NOT Theadora/Orbs, though I can understand why you might feel I'm seeking an argument.

expat said...

No really, I can't bear the thought of a biblical discussion of any kind.

2% said...

Well, Dang Me!

Who mentioned Leviticus in the first place?

expat said...

I decided to delete an offensive comment by Theadora/Orbs. Maybe it was a troll, or maybe he or she really thinks homeless people are being given accomodation in return for their guns and dogs. It doesn't matter whether it was sincere or not. I'm not having it.

2% said...

Fair enough, but Leviticus?

It wasn't even mentioned in the comment you have since deleted. ;-)

At least, you like the New Testament, eh? ("Oh for Christ's sake..")