Thursday, August 13, 2015

Robert Morningstar in la-la land

James Concannon writes...

        A very fetching young lady by name of Tiffany Rae Larkin just recently  finished editing a video interview she recorded with the nutcase psychologist Robert Morningstar, and she posted it on her Foo-Boo page. It seems to have been shot in a very large hangar, on a single camera, at last year's Secret Space Program conference in San Mateo before AM* gave his presentation. So he was in a sense selling himself.

credit: Dream Tree Productions
 02:00 AM*: "What I discovered are the most important photographs of the Apollo project, and they laid buried in archives for, now, 42 years. Since the last flight, Apollo 17 and 16 in 1972. And these photos ... they were difficult to access for many years. And even when you see them, if you don't look deeply into them you'll not find what's really recorded there. What I'm going to show you are towers on the Moon. For years -- decades -- we've heard legends of towers on the far side of the Moon ... UFOs, space stations, and that's what I'm going to show you. I'm going to show you a constellation of space stations ... on the far side of the Moon. Towers that are, in my estimate, almost 100 miles high, all over the Moon. And it indicates an extraterrestrial presence because these things could not be ours -- they're not of this Earth. It also explains why Apollo missions 18, 19 and 20 were canceled.

TRL: "When were those missions?

AM*: "They were supposed to be after 17, but 17 was the last one.

TRL: "But what year?"

AM*: "1972 was the last year. The Apollo mission was only supposed to be the beginning of Lunar exploration. We were supposed to then establish a Moon base, perhaps set up a space station, but as was reported during the conference, one of the astronauts said "Their ships were bigger than ours, faster than ours, menacing, and after we saw them there was no question of us having a Moon base." They were frightened off the Moon.  The other thing I'm going to show you is what frightened them off the Moon."
         During the video Tiffany or her editor cut away to what she thought were some appropriate things:

- Morningstar's depiction of Mare Imbrium, in which he mis-labeled all the craters.
- The "crashed spaceship", which we now know is just a dune feature.
- "Big Ben," which we now know is not a tower at all.
- The so-called "alien base" photographed by the Chinese Chang'e orbiter. Not only is this NOT an alien base, it isn't even a Chang'e image. It's a detail from Frame 3085 from Lunar Orbiter 3, dating from 1967.

OMG!! Mylar!!! Let's get outta here!
        As for showing us  "what frightened them off," perhaps he meant the 18-inch piece of floating mylar from Apollo 10.  He still insists that it's a space station 166 miles wide, and refuses to give his estimate of how far away it is (my estimate, based on knowledge of the optics, is 2,338 miles.) Actually it's 18-20 feet away.

        On FB, I asked him who exactly  was frightened. James Fletcher, the NASA Administrator? George Low, the Deputy? Remember it was George Low who made the very, very bold decision to send Apollo 8 round the Moon, even though the Lunar Module wasn't ready. This does not seem like a person who would get scared by any unexpected lunar discoveries. His reply:

The man who killed Apollo, managed & executed the dismantling of the Apollo Program was, eventually leading to the destruction of the blueprints and production tools was -> James C. Fletcher 'Nuff said" -> M*

        So then I asked him what evidence he had that Fletcher was scared, and he replied "Yes, James -> "Scared" ... Just like you. -> M*

        There was more in Tiffany's video, and it went on to a Part 2 in which AM* explained how the extraterrestrials ("The Greys") communicate with us. Honestly, I'm not a trained psychiatrist but he really did look and sound like a crazy man to me. Just my amateur opinion.

Today (15 Aug) I put erickson's good question to the Morningstar person. Here's how it went:
James Concannon: Robert my dear chap, do you not see that your story is self-contradictory? If NASA was "frightened" in 1969, WHY DID THEY LAND FIVE MORE MISSIONS????????

Robert Morningstar:  James, That one of the most stupid quearies [sic] that you have ever posed. It is unworthy of reply. -> M*

I tried.

Thanks to Carolb for additional info.


purpleivan said...

Almost 100 miles high. So almost 10% the radius of the moon.

If these towers had the same ratios as even the skinniest Earth base towers of significant height, then these would have been visible to pretty much any amateur telescope ever pointed at the moon, especially given that they're are "all over it"

Sorry about the noise, it's just me banging my head on the desk.

Erickson said...

The thing that I do not understand is why it took until Apollo 17 to decide that it was best not to return. As soon as I saw the 100 mile tower, moon bases, a space station 166 miles wide, and all the other things that Morningstar reports, I would have thought twice about going back until I was better prepared. But we kept at it, and even went down to the surface with comparatively primitive missions. In fact, we know from the Apollo 20 YouTube videos that we weren't too scared to secretly go back and explore the crashed space ship. What does Morningstar say about that? Or about Hoagland's view that the structures are actually ancient? Let's not forget what John Lear says about it all. It all gets so complicated, especially if you factor the secret space program into it all, which Morningstar must know about since he went to the conference that proved beyond a doubt that the secret has not been kept very well. But I guess that since the real space program is secret, there was no need to continue with Apollo.

Chris said...

Glass skyscrapers on the surface of a moon covered in craters from impacts. Skyscrapers - those things humans build in heavily populated areas when land is at a premium. Only on the moon. 100 mile skyscrapers made of special glass - wonder how much stress the base would be under with 100 miles of glass above it.

A child would be able to debunk this imbecility.

Binaryspellbook said...

Morningstar was on OSOM today. He was using images scanned from a television set and "analysing" them. What a clownhat. Image analysis expert my arse.