Thursday, September 3, 2015

"Mike Bara is definitely wrong" says French prosecutor

        The flaperon that washed up on the beach of RĂ©union is now confirmed to be from the missing flight MH370.

"Investigators learned Thursday that a series of numbers found inside the plane flaperon matches with records, held by a Spanish company that manufactured portions of the component, linking the debris to MH370, the office of Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins said.

"Consequently, it is possible today to affirm with certainty that Mike Bara is full of shit," the office said.

        The citation is from CNN but it may not have been accurately transcribed. WINK..


Binaryspellbook said...

God. Reading his twitter is quite the experience. The man is absolutely repugnant. Included were insults against just about everybody who doesn't agree with him. With Cartman Bara resorting to one of the techniques he uses when he has lost an argument. This is where Bara will declare himself the winner and say the argument is over because his adversary simply "isn't important enough" for the likes of planet_brain Bara to be arsed with. I saw references to yoga pants, his ex-wife, females who have dumped him (when they clearly should have known better), and various other little gems that give an insight into what this human being actually is. Vile is a word that immediately sprung to mind.

Is it any wonder that he is forever lamenting the fact that he doesn't have a girlfriend. One only need go to his blog and read the articles he wrote attacking Dr Stuart Robbins personally. Here we see his homophobic, misogynistic bile on full display. That, Mikey Boy, is why woman don't want fuck all to do with you.

Chris said...

Bara can't keep a partner, boasts about sexual opportunities, sniggers at sexual innuendo like arses and tits, hangs out at stripper clubs, thinks everyone's an idiot, hates gay people, gets angry when people don't agree with him and believes in monsters and aliens.

So basically a socially inept 14-year old mentality in a fat man's body.

Binaryspellbook said...


FlightSuit said...

I refuse to believe Mike Bara would ever be so cynical as to try to exploit a tragedy in order to make himself seem relevant and "in the know."

Clearly, his Facebook account was hacked.

Erickson said...

I thought the conclusion had been affirmed with certainty a long time ago. But I can only imagine what Bara would say about a French prosecutor who refuses to accept the possibility that the terrorists had to get rid of the plane - once they learned that Bara was on to them they dumped it back in the Indian Ocean.

Dee said...

Erickson: " once they learned that Bara was on to them they dumped it back in the Indian Ocean. "

Which is exactly what happened with the plane in the TV series called "Lost". That must mean the producer of that show must have relations to Chris Carter who did the nearly true X-files and is very likely part of the same cinematographic cabal as Hoagland's good friend Gene Roddenberry.

The plot keeps thickening!