Sunday, June 9, 2019

Follow-up on Mike Bara's dishonesty

James Concannon writes:

        We don't need to go back 15 years to what Mike Bara wrote in Who Mourns For Apollo to understand how dishonest he was on last week's ep of Truth Behind the Moon Landing. In a book he wrote just last year, he copy/pasted the same text as this blog cited on 3rd June, and added this:
"NASA spent millions to develop the necessary technology to insure [sic] that the astronuats that went to the Moon were protected from the the physical threats of deep space and they were monitored at all times with dosimeters while travelling to and from the Moon. So the notion that the Van Allen belts would have turned the astronauts to crispy critters is simply false."
--Ancient Aliens and JFK (2018), p.183

        So his pretense to be a Van Allen skeptic for the purposes of television production exposes him as a charlatan (technically, the reverse of a charlatan—an anti-charlatan, perhaps), willing to say anything a tv producer asks just for the thrill of being seen. Pathetic.


Chris said...

His dishonesty continues on Twitter where he consistently refers to the programme as "my show" (it isn't) and wrote "We tried very hard to be fair and impartial" (he didn't). I suppose we can't consider him a sell-out since that would require him to have had a moral compass in the first place.

THE said...
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expat said...
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THE said...
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Kevin said...

Mike Bara seems to be regurgitating a series of novels which are a favorite of mine (but are fiction). They're by Ian Douglas and start with Semper Mars. They imagine if all the ancient astronaut stuff were real, and asteonauts find it and go from there. Includes Annunaki on the moon, etc. Bara stole all this from a fiction author.

James Concannon said...

Good point. I see that Semper Mars is described as "military SciFi"--the very genre that Mike's twin brother Dave offers the world.