Monday, May 6, 2019

Mark Richards writes, and writes, and writes some more

        Mark Richards put finger to keyboard on 24th April to spew verbiage into the world-wide web, starting with this paragraph:
"My family and I found ourselves in an unenviable position this winter, as the Fake News pundits set some English cyber bully into full attack mode in our direction. He opened his attack with a series of interviews with some questionably one-sided ‘witnesses.’"
         Well, it doesn't take a genius to decode that. The "English cyber bully" is Kevin Moore, who is in production on a video documentary provisionally titled Richard Baldwin: A Murder in Camelot. We don't yet know who all the witnesses are—in fact, Moore seems to have run into a bit of production trouble and is said to be back in the USA doing some reshoots—but we do know that one of them is Richard Dolan. Dolan made a mortal enemy of Kerry Cassidy by agreeing to the interview, as I reported last October. Dolan is not a man to leap to conclusions or to speak hyperbolically just for effect. He considered the facts and came to his conclusion that Mark Richards the convicted murderer is dangerous, disturbed, and sick.

         Richards considers that a one-sided attack. But Moore also interviewed Kerry Cassidy at great length, and also shot video of a conference at which Richards' current wife Jo-Ann was speaking, last October. Now Moore has said he won't be including any of Cassidy's interview because she does not want to be on his show. As for Jo-Ann, she wrote a week ago:
"No, Kevin, I will not be in your documentary. You do not have my permission to use recordings of our phone conversations. You do not have my permission to use any video footage that you filmed of me when you showed up in CO."
        So that takes care of the only two people in the whole wide world who would speak kindly of Mark Richards. As a federal prisoner, Richards himself is not eligible for a video interview. In the circumstances I don't think Kevin Moore can be blamed for presenting a biased case. I'll leave it to him, if he reads this, to refute the idea that he was set to make his documentary by "the Fake News pundits."

On and  on and on....
        Richards did not stop with that one blogpost, which was 898 words. On the 25th, 27th and 29th April he let the keyboard rip again with Part 2 (1,600 words), Part 3 (1,767 words) and Part 4 (1.144 words). That's a bit over 5,400 words so far, and he threatens more. Even he himself describes it as a diatribe, and —God help us—Part 4 ends with the words "To be continued."

        In all that verbiage, what's missing is any sort of evidence of Mark Richards's claimed innocence, and any sort of evidence to substantiate his claims to have been heroically battling alien forces in outer space at the time he's supposed to have been masterminding the murder of Richard Baldwin. The closest we get to evidence is Jo-Ann's protestation:
"Mark graduated from high school in June 1971. I have proof of that. Mark has just sent to me additional proof as well – prison documents that verify his high school graduation and five college degrees. I will post these documents soon on my blogsite. I should also soon have their verification of his military career.
When the time is right, I shall point out flaws in what Kevin has been reported [sic]"
Let's see that documentary proof, Jo-Ann. The time is right RIGHT NOW.

Update 12 May:
        Part 5 (1,592 words) and Part 6 (1,461 words) are now up, and still nothing resembling evidence to support Mark Richards' tales of interplanetary heroism.


Jo Ann Richards said...

He is a CA state prisoner, not a federal prisoner as you stated.

expat said...

Thanks for the correction, Jo-Ann. Now where are those military records?

Erickson said...

Let's put it this way. All the controversy about Mark could easily be resolved. The simplest response to Kevin Moore would be to present evidence to substantiate the claims that have been made about Mark and his family.

If his father Ellis (who it is claimed once headed earth security) really was in correspondence with the Dalai Lama, let us look at that. Are there photographs to show Ellis's friendship with Humphrey Bogart or Mark dancing with Lauren Bacall?

There should be records or photographs substantiating that Mark was an Army lieutenant and helicopter pilot in Vietnam while otherwise going to college in Marin County, California. Mark was on the honor roll at the College of Marin and active in school affairs at Dominican College, so it is understandable why questions are being raised about his military service during that time. Let's put those questions to rest.

Evidence of Mark's numerous advanced degrees should be easy - I am sure that his dissertations are interesting. If Mark was a Rhodes Scholar that could also be easy substantiated.

Is there evidence to show that Mark was a Navy Captain when he was otherwise editing an Ecotopian journal and looking for land to put his beliefs into practice? Perhaps there are records showing that he "lateraled" from the Army to the Navy or a picture of him in uniform.

Jo Ann and I live within a few miles of each other. If she invites me over to look at the evidence and Mark's claims are shown to be true, I will retract what I have written on my web site, tell Kevin that he should abandon his film, and support Mark's bid for clemency.

I don't expect there to be evidence for things that might be super secret (like a picture of Mark with the reptilian Prince Naga, although that would be fascinating). But it is on Mark to substantiate the claims that can be verified. Although Moore has spurred interest, I have been asking for proof of Mark's military and academic claims since starting my site in 2012. So it's time to resolve things.

Jo Ann, let's meet.

expat said...

Very interesting. Thanks for the comment.

THE said...

He's one of those who claims that humans are exchanged for alien technology. How convenient for the real, child abducting pedophiles.

Jo Ann Richards said...

Mr. Erickson, at some point we will meet in person. Sadly, due to the Kevin Moore drama, I have been advised to temporarily close the EDH Center (not the non-profit itself) to visitors. As for showing military records, Mark has been informed that it's against regulations for his DD214 to be shown to the public.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment about the DD214. When I exited the USAF no one mentioned to me that it was illegal to show or post the DD214 in a public place. Nothing on mine as far as I can tell is classified.

There is a short DD214 which has redacted info on it and a long form. The longer form contains codes/letters that are valuable if you are looking for VA / GOVT benefits.

The form in question is often shown to perspective employers, funeral homes, or anyone that would have a need to verify military service.

I doubt it is illegal to publicly display the form but I am open to being corrected should I be mistaken.

Drunk Monk said...

She said that it's against regulations HIS to be shown to the public.

Jo Ann Richards said...

Well, Mark's DD214 would have classified info in it.

I looked online to see how one obtains a copy if needed...the govt. will only send it to the specific veteran or next-of-kin.

Erickson said...

Just to clarify, the general public can obtain basic information relating to military service. this information includes the dates of service, branch, rank, or assignments and is available without authorization. As an example, such requests are used to research cases of stolen valor. I requested information pertaining to Mark, using his date of birth and the years of claimed service, but was informed that no records could be found - although it is possible that additional information (social security number) would have been helpful.

Mark should have specific paperwork that could be released since not all of his claims involve classified status. Other things, such as photos of him as an Army lieutenant flying helicopters in Vietnam, would also be of interest in documenting his military service. Again, considering that Mark's education at the College of Marin and Dominican College is well-established during this period, it should be understandable why questions have been raised - and why it is important to provide documentation to support his claimed service

Skunkwerks said...

Erickson, what you say may seem plausible to you, but you really don't know what you're talking about. When it comes to security, even otherwise mundane details can be too leading for public dissemination. You obviously have no need to know. That being said, it doesn't prove the veracity of his claims; it just leaves you guessing.

Erickson said...

I don't want to debate about what I know or don't know about security. Joann has wondered that if the prison can verify Mark's military career and educational achievements, why not Kevin? I am not part of Kevin's documentary, but my posts were an attempt to address some of my attempts to find certain things and to support expat's call for JoAnn and Mark to release what they say they have.

I focused on Mark's claim to have been an Army lieutenant flying helicopters in the Vietnam War because that did not involve a secret space program or aliens. Those who served in this capacity - some of whom belong to public organizations like the pilot's association can substantiate their record.

I recognize that it has been claimed that all records [are] classified. Kerry Cassidy has suggested that records can disappear. There is a document that purports to award Mark a Navy Achievement Medal with Combat when he was 15-years old. But if other records are not there, a photo of Mark in uniform as an Army lieutenant would be all the more important.

Ultimately though, it is not my burden to prove that Mark was not a military officer, rather it is his burden to substantiate claims that have been made. Certainly Mark's other advanced degrees and a Rhodes scholarship are not subject to security concerns and can be documented.

The things that require no guessing are those that establish that Mark graduated from high school in 1971, attended the College of Marin after that and eventually graduated from Dominican College in 1976, where he had been very active in school affairs. His projects after this are not subject to guess work: he announced a film, rented space to start a school of future studies, tried to start an electric car business, edited an Ecotopian journal, married his College sweetheart, and became an unlicensed contractor.

Those matters as well as the importance of providing documentation are discussed on my web site. There should be no need for us to have to guess.

Drunk Skunk said...

Importance??? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, HA!
Look, ET contacts whomever they please, wherever and whenever they want.
If you've been left out, just count your blessings.

Bud Osmond said...

It might well be a matter of national security to erase all record of an individual prior to their covert activity. Who the Hell is Erickson and why would anyone care if he were to redact anything from his 'blog' or not? He doesn't even have a real "website" as he says that he has. The audacity of him to invite himself for a meeting when he hasn't even properly identified himself, let alone, demanding personal information about others.

Chris Lopes said...

Erase ALL records of their existence? He's sitting in prison, we know he exists. We know where he went to high school and when he graduated. No one is trying to erase him. He just can't verify even the most mundane of his claims. Until he can, the rest of his story is just that, a story.

Bud Osmond said...

I didn't say that they erased all records of his existence, now did I? How else could they make an example of him, if they didn't leave him in prison with no means to substantiate his story. In any event, was he in the right to off that guy? If an agent goes rouge, then any tactics might well be engaged for damage control as well as for retribution. Would a sane person think that story a good defense, anyway?

expat said...

« was he in the right to off that guy? »

No, it was murder for personal gain and the jury quite rightly sent him up the river.

THE said...

I wonder if Richards was an asset controlled by methods developed from results of research conducted under the CIA program, MK Ultra? He might actually believe all this, from having been brainwashed.

expat said...

Pardon me, but that's such bullshit. It's exactly like LMH writing that Jon Lavine can't be blamed for inventing a daft story about his Moon mission because he probably underwent memory substitution.

Listen up. MK-Ultra is an invention, a fairy story. It doesn't exist. Memory substitution doesn't exist.

Secret Secretions said...

MK Ultra most certainly did exist, and they turned women into murderous whores to prove it.

I think that's the most likely scenario; that Richard Baldwin got tired of assassinating targets of the CIA, so decided to try and blackmail them to let him out. It was only natural that the spook agency would take another disgruntled asset and brainwash him in accordance with his own, moral acceptance level, to sanction the designated subject.

This doesn't let Mark Richards of the hook, necessarily. He probably has killed lots of other assholes, too; license to kill, be damned.

Richard Dolan is an obnoxious bore to disrupt the conference the way he did. If he's making a documentary or writing an journalistic article, he was out of line. He hardly seems objective at all. Dolan's probably a spook himself.

THE said...

Why are all the suspicious characters named Richard?

expat said...

Oh sorry.. I confused MK-Ultra with Majestic-12. I admit MK-Ultra was real but it was disbanded in the 70s.

You are confusing Richard Dolan with Kevin Moore.

THE said...


Search results
of UFO-related experts called Majestic-Twelve. Corso's role as a Pentagon-based intelligence/R&D analyst ...

experts called Majestic-Twelve. Corso's role as a Pentagon-based intelligence/R&D analyst ..."majestic%20twelve"

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

A friend of mine in Honolulu, says that he was friends with a fellow here, who was an colleague of Al Bielek, having served with him on the USS Eldridge, during the Philadelphia Experiment. The officer survived shielded behind a Koa wood desk, while others had become re-materialized as part of the ship's deck. He went to Hawai'i to study Koa in order to ascertain what properties created the shield from the anomalous force. That officer showed my friend a book, supposedly taken from the KGB, illustrated pictures of many various and different, ET species. Latter, my friend found the same material presented online, but up dated.

This must be it, I suppose? Soviet propaganda, no doubt.

THE said...

The last page is blank, but imprinted: "PAGE DENIED".

expat said...

Theadora's been wandering WAY off topic and now it's got to the point where I've disallowed a comment. Curb your enthusiasm, orbs!!!

purpleivan said...

To say that this is sprawling is an understatement.

Majestic-12, MK Ultra, Philadelphia Experiment (that's a blast from the past)... on top of Mark Richard's flight of fantasy.

One little question.

If Mr Richards is all he says he is (and it's quite a lot... reads like a bad SyFy channel script) why on earth didn't the powers that be drop him in some distant black site, or simply kill him? Surely the safest options given the type of secrets he purports to possess.

Instead he's been... ahem, "framed" and dumped in a public prison, from which he's been free to disseminate his... ahem, "truth".

Funny how many of these super secret agents, interplanetary travellers, warrior beyond the stars types, seem to be able to spout their super secret... well, secrets, without a hint of reprisal.

I guess intelligence agencies just aren't what they used to be. Going soft in their old age maybe.

expat said...

Thanks for the comment. Very good point.

Anomylous said...

Prove that he's even in prison.

Chris Lopes said...

"If Mr Richards is all he says he is (and it's quite a lot... reads like a bad SyFy channel script) why on earth didn't the powers that be drop him in some distant black site, or simply kill him? Surely the safest options given the type of secrets he purports to possess."

The standard psuedo-science answer to that question (according to The Book of Hoagland, chapter 2 verse 1) is that the person in question is too "public" for a simple assassination. It would raise too many questions and cause too much attention to be drawn on the activities of the mysterious and vast conspiracy. In such situations, TPTB like to keep things quiet.

Which explains why they went to the trouble of framing him for a murder and erasing large parts of his history from the official record. Letting him rant and rave to anyone gullible enough to buy his BS is a much quieter solution than blowing his brains out and burying the body somewhere deep in the Nevada desert. Because TPTB really do think like hack pulp fiction writers.