Friday, June 22, 2018

Mike Bara responds to his critics

The following exchange is copied verbatim from Mike Bara's author facebooboo page:

Doug Brokaw: Dude, what is it with you and all these non-existent conspiracy theory's and government cover-ups? And why do you have to insult two of the Apollo Astronauts, calling them liars? Is it about selling books? You know if you applied the same effort towards writing the truth you would probably sell a lot more books. That and you wouldn't be laughed at by the scientific communities. And what was this photo of "Crystal spires" on the moon? You took a NASA photo of landslides in a crater, then turned them upside down and claimed they were your Crystal spires! Disgraceful! I didn't come to your site to write a comment, just curious about what people were saying about you at other sites (not very complimentary). It never ceases to amaze me how low people can go in an attempt to convince others of whatever nonsense it is they believe themselves.

Mike Bara (Author): Lick my balls, assshole [sic].


Trekker said...

The time stamp shows the exchange was made 23 weeks ago! I thought it might have been a reaction to your last blog.

expat said...

Yes, that would date it to last October. My first blog on the dishonest illustration was back in June.

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

Is There an Atmosphere on the Moon?
April 12, 2013

What is the moon's atmosphere made of? We have some clues. The Apollo 17 mission deployed an instrument called the Lunar Atmospheric Composition Experiment (LACE) on the moon's surface. It detected small amounts of a number of atoms and molecules including helium, argon, and possibly neon, ammonia, methane and carbon dioxide. From here on Earth, researchers using special telescopes that block light from the moon's surface have been able to make images of the glow from sodium and potassium atoms in the moon's atmosphere as they are energized by the sun. Still, we only have a partial list of what makes up the lunar atmosphere. Many other species are expected.

We think that there are several sources for gases in the moon's atmosphere. These include high energy photons and solar wind particles knocking atoms from the lunar surface, chemical reactions between the solar wind and lunar surface material, evaporation of surface material, material released from the impacts of comets and meteoroids, and out-gassing from the moon's interior. But which of these sources and processes are important on the moon? We still don't know.

With the discovery of significant ice deposits at the moon's poles by NASA's Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) missions, and the discovery of a thin scattering of water molecules in the lunar soil by the Chandrayaan X-ray Observatory, another fascinating possibility has captured researchers' interest. The moon's atmosphere may play a key role in a potential lunar water cycle, facilitating the transport of water molecules between polar and lower latitude areas. The moon may not only be wetter than we once thought, but also more dynamic.;area=showposts;u=6223

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ExPat,... You said... "Ask Bret about this Apollo 12 photo he included in his book "Flyover Tsiolkovsky Crater". See that little white blob in a crater toward bottom right? Bret wrote that it is probably a balloon, and that maybe NASA secretly used balloons to ensure soft touchdowns. Ask him how the hell a balloon would work if there's no atmosphere."

LOL. Really? Ok I sure will.

Two Percent said...


Why do you bother with such a low life?

Is it because he dared to slander NASA?

I don't understand Bara's motivations to behave as he does, either!

We humads are confounding creatures.

expat said...

« Why do you bother with such a low life? »

Because he can fill a fairly large auditorium with ignorant people who believe his nonsense. If the woo-woo conference people ignored him, perhaps I would too.

expat said...

Theadora: The trace gases surrounding the Moon do not amount to anything that might legitimately be called an atmosphere, because the molecules are constantly being lost to space due to the low gravity, and being replenished by outgassing. Let's call it a micro-atmosphere, which has been roughly calculated at 3 x 10^-15 atm. To develop lift, a balloon would need to contain an order of magnitude less gas than that, say 3 x 10^-16 atm. No flexible envelope of the type Bret Sheppard imagined could ever be inflated. A hypothetical rigid envelope could be manufactured and filled with a few molecules, but the lift generated would be many orders of magnitude less than what would be needed to counteract the weight of the structure itself. So a lunar balloon is literally impossible.

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

Good answer, Patrick. It's not as if you actually asserted that there were no atmosphere on the Moon, despite your nebulous inference.

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

Gary Leggiere
Show him this modern high-resolution image of Tsiolkovsky and ask him to point out where exactly the aliens are, please.


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Bret Colin Sheppard
You want me to show you on a map that is completely sanitized with CGI for the satisfaction of a bunch of debunkers who protect pedo's in court with false memory syndrome? Tell Expat who is strongly associated with James Oberg to just simply believe NASA and allow me free speech, just as they have enjoyed with their baseless debunking and character assasination. Neither one of them were there during the Apollo years so they don't really know any more than I do. I never said they used balloons for safe touchdowns. I said they used them for atmospheric experiments like NASA has on both Venus and Mars.

Bret Colin Sheppard
These are the people pseudoskeptics are sticking up for.
Pseudoskeptics Strange CSICOP connections to…

Bret Colin Sheppard I want to tell them something very loud but I will hold it and just stick to what I know. I don't want this to be about their ideas about things. I have done a lot of work exposing them that's why they chicken hawked me into your forum.

Bret Colin Sheppard
I'm right about something or the number one most infamous debunkers wouldn't bother with me. :)

Gary Leggiere
Incredible. But always happens with controversial subjects & issues no? I was just asked to ask a question, which is my job, & I think you answered it here I think, as best they gonna get, so no one can say I technicly NOT asked ay? ;-)

Bret Colin Sheppard
I will give details about it on your show ask me again

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

@1:57 Balloons on the Moon

Anonymous said...

The Orb Crackpot apparently does not understand that in a laboratory on Earth, the atmospheric pressure of the Moon would be a dang good vacuum. I guess basic physics is not its strong suit.

expat said...

"I never said they used balloons for safe touchdowns. I said they used them for atmospheric experiments like NASA has on both Venus and Mars."

From Flyover Tsiolkovsky Crater by Bret C. Sheppard, pub. CreateSpace, 2016. ISBN 978-1541162624

"Questions have arisen about the reality of the Lunar landing due to there not being any blast zone under the L.E.M. The craft looks like it touched down gently ... Was it gently deposited on the surface by a balloon?"

I'd cite a page number but the editor (Karen Patrick) quite forget to paginate the book.

Anonymous said...

This Bret C. Sheppard, whoever he is, seems to be a clone of Bara's, in being unable to keep track of his, shall we say, misstatements, LOL!

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

Anonymass apparently fails to realize that it's not about what I do or don't believe. I merely wanted Patrick to be aware of what was being said behind his back, so that he could have a fair opportunity to respond, if he wished to do. So, kill the messenger; what else is new?

Two Percent said...

expat said:

"No flexible envelope of the type Bret Sheppard imagined could ever be inflated."

I didn't know what type he imagined, so had to listen to the audio clip. Many thanks to Orbs for identifying the point in the clip where it's discussed.

I think this clip shows that Sheppard is much smarter and more knowledgeable than Bara. But...

expat, having now heard the clip, I beg to differ. I think your understanding of balloons and atmospheres is flawed. Shame.

I agree with you 100% that no meaningful lift could be generated. However, a sealed, flexible envelope could certainly be inflated on the moon.

If the material is able to resist the lunar surface temperatures in sunlight, such an envelope, filled with a few cupfuls (perhaps) of water would do the trick.

Ah! Clearly, such a material already existed in 1969, by your view...

If the water didn't evaporate sufficiently to inflate the balloon in the shade, it sure would with sunlight on it. It would blow up very readily in near vacuum conditions, even though it would remain firmly lying on the surface (until the internal temperature and pressure grew too high, and it burst). A suitable pressure relief valve would prolong its survival under inflation.

Of course, here on Earth, a light enough, sealed helium balloon, released so it is free to rise through the atmosphere, will eventually rise to an altitude where the pressure is low enough that the balloon will have expanded to the point at which it bursts. Translate that to the moon, and an internal pressure of a few Pascals (or less) would be sufficient for expansion. The strength of the material (and any sharp rocks underneath) would determine the pressure at which it bursts.

expat said...

Fair point, yes.