Wednesday, December 20, 2017

George Noory, YOU'RE FIRED!!!

        Look, Georgie, suppose some loony comes on your show and says something utterly daft like "The real purpose of Apollo was to retrieve Anunnaki technology from the Moon and bring it back." WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY is "Oh really? So what did they get and where tf is it now?"

        Suppose the same loony says "The story about us being warned off the Moon was buzzing all over Houston within hours of the first landing. My friend Ken Johnston worked for NASA and he confirmed it." WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY is "How the fuck would Ken know? He wasn't even in Houston—his contract with Grumman was over. He watched the landing on TV, with his wife and her parents."

YOU FAILED last night with that liar Mike Bara. YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!

NOTE HOWEVER: The book Bara was invited to plug for two hours went from Amazon ranking 365,637 / 16,698 SciFi to 31,636 / 2,419 SciFi overnight.


Chris said...

These commercial conspiritards love Noory; he utterly fails to grill them on any of the shit they come out with. Bara does seem to have shifted gears recently and become increasingly brash in terms of the crap he's prepared to put his name to. And, as we saw, he thinks he alone wrote DM and that he was an X-47B engineer. It's as if Mike's normal life is becoming so monotonous that he is increasingly escaping into the make-believe world where he's a super-informed secret agent who is single-handedly red-pilling the world.

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

Seems to me, that it's not that the audience likes Noory for failing to ask tough questions and to hold guests' feet to the fire, rather it's that they like the subject matter, and C2C is the most convenient semblance of media coverage. Long time listeners to the show, aside from Sci-cop retards, unanimously miss it's creator, Art Bell. Noory is no doubt, aware of his shortcomings, but is more concerned about getting guests to do the show, many of whom would otherwise be too apprehensive of being exposed.

THE Orbs Whiperer said...

Art's approach, is to give the guest every opportunity to make their case. He familiarizes himself with their work, and asks insightful questions, constructed to best make their case, in fact. As Art explains, 'it's a long show with a lot of time to fill'. During the final segment, Art opens up the phone lines, and lets the audience ask the tough questions, if they care to. Occasionally, Art will ask quite few tough questions of an especially, controversial, guest. If the guest evades or responds by answering a question not asked, instead, Art persists in asking the question two more times before it becomes obvious that the guest is a weasel. Then, Art asks the one big zinger, that might potentially undermine the guests entire position. Noory doesn't seem to care to listen that close or to have to think that hard. Hey, it works for him. He's still employed, and very, well paid.

Anonymous said...

The only form of engineering Mike "Cartman" Bara is performing is 'social-engineering' :-)
Let's be honest...he's in it for the pussy...and by the looks of it...he getting it :-)
Maybe some counter-engineering in the form of a little #metoo crap could do the trick :-)


Chris Lopes said...

You are exactly correct. Ground Zero covers the same material, but from a darker perspective.

Anonymous said...

I laugh. The only pussy Bara is getting is four legged and goes meow!