Thursday, December 10, 2015

Source reliability, by Bill Ryan

        Bill Ryan, the former main squeeze of Kerry Cassidy, sees even more terabytes of dodgy information than I do as I trawl the rat-holes of the w3 in search of blog-worthy material. When the schism between Cassidy and Ryan happened in 2011, Bill continued the King Arthur theme of their lives by forking off Project Avalon from Project Camelot.

        The Project Avalon forum, describing itself as "Chronicles of the human awakening ...where science and spirituality meet" provides the above-mentioned dodgy stuff on an industrial scale. Bill Ryan advocates using a formal source and information reliability protocol to evaluate outlandish claims such as those put into the public record by his former paramour. The one he uses is a two-dimensional assessment, rating Source Reliability on a scale of A-F, and Information Reliability on a scale of 1-6. I'd reproduce the whole thing here, and it would probably read OK on a desktop computer screen, but it would drive my hand-held/mobile readers crazy.

        Suffice to say that the gamut of Source Reliability runs from RELIABLE to UNRELIABLE, and that of Information Reliability goes from CONFIRMED to IMPROBABLE. You can see the whole scale here.

        Bill assigns himself a reliability of  A2, which translates to "No doubt about the source's authenticity, trustworthiness, or competency" and "Logical, consistent with other relevant information, not confirmed." Amusingly, Kerry Cassidy gets a B2, the B meaning "Minor doubts. History of mostly valid information." I don't read enough of Bill's stuff to assess him myself, but I definitely had a guffaw when I saw that Kerry's information is rated logical and mostly valid.

        I have to agree, however, with Bill's rating of Corey Goode as E4. If you don't know Corey Goode, here's a primer. Take Andrew Basiago, who claims to have lived on Mars with President Obama, then exaggerate his claims about 200%. That's Cory Goode.

I'd now like to propose my own two-dimensional assessment tool, as follows:

Source Reliability
A - Published in peer-reviewed journals
B - Published by a professional publishing house, reviewed in a serious periodical
C - Published by a crap publisher (hello there David Hatcher Childress), not professionally edited, reviewed only on Amazon
D - Straight to Youtube
E - Youtube, with derisive comments

Information Reliability
1 - Confirmed by several reputable sources
2 - Re-published by a daily newspaper
3 - Re-published by a trusted web site or blog (disqualified if the tone is mockery)
4 - Featured on Coast to Coast AM and/or Fade to Black
5 - Ignored by everyone except the author's mother

On this scale, some of our favorite whipping boys would rate as follows:

Richard Hoagland: B4 (although no longer on C2C)
Mike Bara: C4
Kerry Cassidy: E5
Robert Morningstar: D4
Ken Johnston: D4


astroguy said...

I hope I would be a popular steak sauce under your scale.

expat said...

Totally. I even thought of you as I was composing that.

Binaryspellbook said...

You old bugger you.
Now I'm listening to David Wilcock. Curses!
He gets a B4 btw.

expat said...

Please note that I've retracted what I originally wrote about David Wilcock being pissed off at Corey Goode. I listened again to that edition of C2C-AM and my opinion could not be justified.

However, Corey Goode is still a fantasist and prevaricator of the first water.

Binaryspellbook said...

Wilcock claims an IQ of 187.
He's probably based that number onbone of these phoney internet IQ tests where everyone has a higher score than Hawking or Einstein. Or he is simply telling lies. After all he does have previous for that sort of thing.

Remember him crying on air. Bubbling like a wee lassie because the cabal threatened to kill him unless he got 500k hits on his own website. Fuck sake.

Erickson said...

Hoagland and Wilcock as having a B rating on the source material? There is something that seems wrong about that It just shows that being professionally published or reviewed is overrated, but I am not sure what I would put at that level instead.

Anonymous said...


This just in...

Richard Hoagland is retiring from the air waves, following Art Bells decision to retire from the air waves.

(well I say 'retiring' but then he did say something about the importance of getting donations to keep on going... before ending the clip by reading out a message from one of his many "supporters" praising his pioner-ship-ness, his brilliance, his leadership, his insight, his phenomenal ability to understand complex ideas, his teaching ability, etc etc etc etc)

expat said...

That show's on its last legs, for sure. But supposedly it's on tonight, open lines.

Chris Lopes said...

I predicted this when Hoagie started the show. Art has a tendency of leaving in the middle of things, so this move is hardly surprising. Maybe if Hoagland begs and pleads enough, Nory will let him back on for a news update.

Binaryspellbook said...

Rossy the producer on Hoagland: you think you know someone then find out you never really did.
Hoagland on Snoory: you think you know someone then find out you never really did.
Art Bell on Hoagland: you think you know someone then find out you never really did.