Friday, June 5, 2015

Another failed prediction from Robert Morningstar

James Concannon writes...

        On 22nd May, some loony using the name Ditrianum Media predicted a monster 9.8-magnitude earthquake in California.note 1 The prediction was associated with a weird type of alignment of Venus and Mercury, occurring on 28th May. Ditrianum Media's youtubery (since taken down in shame) showed that the extension of a line joining those two planets passed between Earth and Moon on that date, and this "upsets the gravitation of the Moon" [sic].

        Although there's not the slightest whisper of truth or credibility in that ridiculous analysis, the "civilian intelligence analyst" Robert Morningstar — who never lets lack of truth or credibility stand in the way of an alarmist announcement — posted a link to the video on his Farcebook page. To be fair, he did not endorse Ditrianum Media's exact prediction but he did assert that the planetary alignment would cause unusual seismic activity within a window 48 hours either side of 22:00 UTC on the 28th.

        Nothing happened on the 28th, but by sheer luck two substantial quakes hit the fault line south of Japan on the 30th. The Richter magnitudes were 7.8 and 6.2 and they just squeaked in before Morningstar's window closed.

snapshot from USGS database 31 May, filtered for 7 days, mag 4.5+

Morningstar posted this on the evening of 30th May:
"Note that The Western Rim of the Ring of Fire is rocking and rolling, and "A-Ringinh like a BIG bell" with a cascade of EQs arching over the Bering Straights into Alaska.
I expect this "arching" of the Ring of Fire to continue in the coming hours to descend on the Eastern side of the Ring, with a cascade of EQs that will move down Pacific Coast from Alaska and the Yukon toward BC, the Northwest of the US and down to Northern California."
        He also added some gobbledegook about "planetary gravitational entanglement" which he never got around to explaining. There's no such thing, as far as I can tell. However, for a while things seemed to be going a little bit his way. Three quakes, magnitudes 5.8, 5.5 and 5.9 struck the Juan de Fuca ridge off Oregon on 1st June (they were so close to each other that they look like one single event on the map.)

snapshot from USGS database 1 June, filtered for 7 days, mag 4.5+

        However, that's when the progression of seismicity came to a screeching halt. The filtered USGS snapshot today looks no different from what it looked like on 1st June. Since a week has elapsed since AM*'s prediction, and since he wrote "in the coming hours," I'm confidently declaring it a FAIL. Even if Los Angeles fell over tomorrow, that would not rescue this falsehood.

        Note that the intelligence analyst was similarly embarrassed by a prediction in April 2014.

[1] A little googling reveals that the loony's name is Frank Hoogerbeets. See this article from a woo-woo website for more deets, including a totally spurious claim that Nostradamus made the same prediction


Dee said...

When it went "viral", I did see most of that Ditrianum Media video. There was also being mentioned some "magnetic" interaction which I would have found a bit more interesting, if it would have been explained a bit. It's at those moments the extended dictionary of Enterprise Mission would come in handy: some solar system angular momentum linking the planetary positions with the magnetic field lines of the solar magnetic field, providing a significant flux for the Earth core dynamo. Or something like that. It's like people don't even try anymore! Just some vague hand waving. Yes, I'm mourning over how woo used to be.... :-)

That "woo-woo" page by the way claims the rather mundane new age dogma:

"Through quantum physics, we learned through the double slit experiment that focused attention affects reality".

It's more that not paying attention would lead to such interpretations.

"Even the last page of the Lost Book of Nostradamus is blank, suggesting that we create our own reality."

That video and websites like the one I'm quoting from, clearly practice the principle! Only the question remains if that new reality does anything else but entertain and fill books or videos.


expat said...

Oh this is such gobbledegook. I just cringe, reading it.