Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Amazonian manipulations

        I want to share with y'all the text of a five-star Amazon reader's review of Mike Bara's latest book Ancient Aliens and Secret Societies. The title is "More good stuff from Bara" and I'm reprinting it here and now because I think Amazon will take it down very soon—perhaps before this day is out. The text is this:
I'm a big fan of Mike Bara's books and his knowledge of the machinations of NASA and the secret space program is extensive. If you want to read about what NASA doesn't want you to know, then this is a good place to start, as are all of his books. Lots of good history here concerning the groups that now make up NASA. Are the secret space programs—and NASA—run by elements of various ancient secret societies? Bara says so!
        So why do I think Amazon will take this generous review down? Because its author is none other than David Hatcher Childress, owner of Adventures Unlimited and the publisher of this book. Perhaps if Childress had come clean and identified himself as having an obvious conflict of interest, this subterfuge might have been acceptable, but as things are it surely violates Amazon guidelines—not to mention most people's standards of decent human behavior.

        Quite apart from the conflict of interest, Childress shows appalling ignorance in writing "Lots of good history here concerning the groups that now make up NASA" (emphasis added.) The three "secret societies" Bara claims were the foundation of NASA were Nazis, Occultists, and Freemasons. Wernher Von Braun retired from the agency in 1972, and Kurt Debus —the last of the "Paperclip" Nazis—retired in 1974.The only occultist who ever had anything to do with NASA was Jack Parsons, who died in 1952 at the tender age of 37. So the Nazis and occultists have been gone for 41 and 63 years respectively, and there's no evidence that their private beliefs had any influence on NASA policy anyway.

        That leaves the Freemasons, and no doubt there are some masons in NASA management as there probably are in most large American organizations. But to allege that NASA is run by that group is preposterous.

        The fact that a book publisher has stooped to writing a 5* review of one of his own products signals to me that sales are very, very slow. Neither Childress nor Bara is going to be retiring on the strength of this one.

Update 29 June
It's finally been taken down.

Don't know about this book? See my point-by-point review.


Binaryspellbook said...

I wonder if Bara put Childress up to it ?

astroguy said...

I reported it to Amazon.

expat said...

Update: It's still up. I guess Amazon has more tolerance for shit vanity reviews than I imagined.

Mike Bara said...

Scratch your eyes out :)

expat said...

Isle of Wight... Egypt... my you do get around, don't you?

Anonymous said...

I contacted Amazon directly by email about this review, pointing out the violation of their Review Creation Guidelines and linking to Childress's Wikipedia entry. They have replied to say the review is now deleted.

It says something about how dire this book is that the publisher had to dive in to try and prop it up.

expat said...

Well done, anonymous. Brilliant.