Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Kerry Cassidy "attacked by the dark side" again

        Poor Kerry Cassidy. Not only is Project Camelot on the verge of bankruptcy, but her plans to start up a television network were recently thwarted by what she reported as a pinched nerve in her cervical spine, which made keyboard work painful.

       Yesterday, in a blog-post titled 'The Real Reason I Have Been Off the Air,' Kerry reveals that the "pinched nerve" is in fact the result of a sinister plot.
"New information coming from a healer/source has revealed that I do not have a pinched nerve!  But instead the nerve was interfered with by a scaler [sic] weapon formation sent by the dark side to prevent a 4th interview with Captain Mark Richards and the formation of my Camelot TV Network.

"I believe the objective of this attack was to kill me.  They will not be successful.  I am not leaving the planet until I decide to leave."
        In a comment, one of her fans wrote "I recommend juicing, primarily with carrots as a base, adding apples and other vegetables as you learn what they do."

        Carrot juice as a remedy for paranoia? Put me down as skeptical on that.


purpleivan said...

I take it that the "dark side" is a reference to the thoroughly broken part of here personality that imagines she's at the center of a great conspiracy, instead of experiencing the same... ah... you know... sane existence as the rest of us.

Poor thing.

expat said...

My assumption is that "the dark side" is just the FORCES OF EVIL that are out to get Kerry. With scalar waves, my goodness.

Binaryspellbook said...

Did she mention deep underground military bases ? Bases that contain ET bodies, ET technology and Terran engineers working with ET engineers.

Do the military have deep underground bases ? - Yes they do. Do they have "insiders that communicate sneakily with the likes of Kerry Cassidy ? - Unlikely.

This leaves a few possibilities. Let's imagine two.

1: Aliens from Zeta Reticuli have been visiting the Earth since before sub-humans were self aware. Said sub-humans were genetically modified to make them "proper" humans. Humans who are now the food source of reptoid evil entities from another dimension. Of which Her Majesty The Queen is one.

2: Kerry Lynn Cassidy (formerly known as Kerry Cassidy) is a batshite crazy nutrag, bent on screwing as much $shmoolah out the dumbfuck masses as possible.

Robert Ghostwolf's Ghost said...

What do you mean you're skeptical of carrot juice being a cure for paranoia? That's exactly the kind of thing the dastardly denizens of the Dark Side want us to believe so they can keep controlling us. Now I have to wonder if you're in cahoots with them.

Unknown said...

Not only to thrwart her opportunity to be on television, but to stop her plans to interview "Captain Richards" who first rose to prominence as the mastermind of the "Pendragon Murder" and eventuall revealed himself as a former member of the space command and who battled aliens while his father headed earth's defenses.

Will they stop at nothing to prevent the latest insider information?


Chris said...

I posted a comment to her blog - which, judging by its loading speed, is being served from a Raspberry Pi on a 2400 baud modem - asking "Can you explain how this weapon works please?"

It has since been deleted, which I take as a "No, sorry, I've never really thought that hard".

Unknown said...

I agree totally she's fcked in the head lol

Unknown said...

Lol I agree

Unknown said...

A late post but been listening to her on Open Minds pod cast and had to turn her off. She's completely bonkers and does a disservice to proper UFO researchers. Yes, there are things flying about which have been seen and tracked by radar....No, there are not jump gates or people claiming they've just popped to Mars. Fairly short sighted inviting her on as a guest imo.