Friday, November 22, 2013

Another entertaining e-mail exchange with an author

Entertaining and character-revealing....

21 nov 12:43pm
From: expat
To: Mike Bara (
cc: Richard Hoagland (
Subj: That Second Viking Orbiter Image

I note that in your recent book AA on Mars (p.92) you hand-wavingly estimate the "walk" of the Viking Orbiter on successive orbits as "between 15 and more than 20.4 miles." Could you not have been more precise? Here -- allow me to do your math for you:

Orbit of Viking 1: Polar, 24.66 hours
Rotation period of Mars: 24.622 hours
Equatorial radius of Mars: 2110 miles
Latitude of Cydonia: ~40°N

During one Viking orbit, Mars rotates 360 x 24.66 / 24.622 degrees.
That's slightly more than a full rotation -- 360.55°.
So when Viking came around to 40°N latitude again, the "face" was 0.55° cross-track

Rotational circumference at 40° is 2.π.2210.cos40 = 2 x 3.1416 x 2210 x 0.766 = 10,636 miles
Walk for 0.55° = 10636 x 0.55 / 360 = 16.25 miles.

Given that the width of the frame on the ground is 34 miles, quite clearly you are in error when you write that there could have been no second image of Owen Mesa. Please see that the book is corrected for any second edition.


21 nov 2:36pm
From: Mike Bara
To: expat

It was after dark at Cydonia, you fucking shitheap of an idiot

21 nov 2:50pm
From: expat
To: Mike Bara

Not so, the planet had completed a full revolution plus a bit, so the sun angle would have been only slightly different.

Your insults, as ever, are of no interest.

Please see that the book is corrected at 2nd edn, if there is one. Thank you.

22 nov 10:49am
From: Mike Bara
To: expat

Eat shit and die

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Dee said...

Tsk. Tsk. And that from a booked speaker at the Conscious Life Expo 2014, a conference which nobly aims to "co-create this new wholistic model through our authentic self expression" and also to "participate in a powerful and passionate celebration of life and love".

I guess authentic self expression isn't anymore what it used to be? I'm sure the hand that is feeding will book Dr. Jekyll and the rest just keeps dealing with Mr. Hide.

Dee said...

Sorry, Bara gives a "paid workshop", not a speaker as far as I can see. He has to compete though on the less than ideal first slot on Saturday morning with "community synergist" and nice bloke Samuel Kiwasz who is selling and explaining his sacred geometry pendants in the room next door.

expat said...

Well, I see he's also on the Friday night 'Ancient Aliens' panel along with such intellectual giants as Linda Howe and Robert Perala.

Once again Susan Shumsky gets my vote as "hottest of the crazy New Age chicks".

Anonymous said...

"Eat shit and Die" Is that the new accepted scientific terminology used in all the highest circles these days?
Oh well...I thought he'd use his considerable engineering talents to come up with something less primitive.


Trekker said...

What a thug! He and Toronto's Mayor Ford should get together to see who could outdo the other in obscenities.

Dee said...

Expat wrote on a lonely Friday night: "Once again Susan Shumsky gets my vote as hottest of the crazy New Age chicks".

Trust your feelings and vote here. Then again you might have been fooled by stock photography of her glory days as she's 65 now, sharing teachers with The Beatles. Then again, you're no spring chicken either, Expat, so that might explain.

expat said...

Oh Lordy, Susan is a Maharishi girl?? That's not a point in her favor, to be sure. But you're right Dee, I'm of an age where the post-menopausal women are starting to look like possibilities. Some of them, anyway.

Chris Lopes said...

At least Ford is a bit entertaining. It's not every politician who can explain away smoking crack by claiming he was too drunk to know any better. Bara is just an idiot who doesn't even know what he doesn't know.

Chris Lopes said...

Are you planning on reviewing last night's appearance of everyone's favorite pseudo scientist on Coast to Coast?

expat said...

No, I'm in roast turkey mode. Did you hear it?

vonmazur said...

Expat: I listened to as much of Hoagland as I could take....I do not know where to start. He needs some kind of course in epistemology or logic is the best I can come up with. He is constantly violating Occam's razor for one, and loves to come to some really silly non sequitor conslusions...When he claimed that "They" were going to stage some kind of cosmic display for some nefarious ritualistic reason, I had to leave...

Chris Lopes said...

No, just read the summery on C2C. Sounds like more manic numbers stuff with the new comet. Sounded like the usual ritual numbers leads to "something wonderful"(tm) crap.

BTW expat, if you insist on having a life outside of this blog, you may very well lose your standing as Bara's favorite stalker.

Unknown said...

OMG. I just looked at that CLE page and see "Dr" Patrick Flanagan is still alive. The man who discovered Pyramid Power back in the 70s and likes to organise meditation trips to the Great Pyramid.

The rest of them look, quite frankly, scary. Reminds me of a VH1 special one time about drag queens where one guy said drag acts is a dog eat dog world. I get the same feeling looking at these people. They could just as easily be born again christians from those creepy looks. (Or drag queens for that matter).

I guess when your shtick is not backed by real science, you're on your own and always looking over your shoulder should someone else steal your "inspiration".

Stay Tuned.....

Anonymous said...

Bara is actually attacking people who are criticizing his book on Amazon. What a twit that Bara is.

expat said...

Today, Mike tweeted about the hexagonal storm system on Saturn "Hyper dimensional physics explained decades ago."

I e-mailed as follows:

No Mike, "hyperdimensional physics" DID NOT explain it. What happened was that YOU CLAIMED it did, but when challenged to produce the explanation, you went into fail mode. Does intellectual honesty mean ANYTHING AT ALL to you?

The true explanation is a type of wind shear, which has been duplicated in the lab. Please read Emily Lakdawalla's excellent online presentation from "decades ago."

When "hyperdimensional physics" can show a similar demo, get back to me. Until then, please stop writing nonsense.

expat said...

It got better. I pressed Mike to tell me exactly WHERE and WHEN the prediction from HD physics was written. His reply was "The fact you don't already know simply proves how incompetent you are."