Thursday, November 14, 2013

Alien Moon bases: Mike Bara hopelessly wrong as usual

Mike blogged today "No Virgina, It's Not an Alien Base on the Moon." I commented, but I might as well repeat it here (links added) because there's not a chance Mike will allow it to be seen over there --->

>>There are gobs of alien bases on the Moon, many of which I document in my recent book...<<

"The Castle" -- Photo fault. You say it's held up by a sagging support cable. What are the top ends attached to?
"The paperclip" -- Scanning error, curled fiber
Satellite dishes in Asada and Proclus A -- LRO NAC strips prove they don't exist
Glass skyscrapers -- Contamination on Hoagland's office scanner
Strut on East Massif -- Scanning error, confirmed by Davide de Martin, the Italian enthusiast who did the scan
Ziggurat -- LRO NAC strip and Selene image prove it's in your imagination.

Mike, it is self-evident that a lunar "alien base" would have had to erect solar energy arrays large enough to be clearly visible to Earth-based telescopes, let alone the 0.8m/px images of LRO NAC. Until you can find at least one such array, your fantasies do not stand a chance of being taken seriously by anyone who understands the lunar environment.


Dee said...

Expat: Mike, it is self-evident that a lunar "alien base" would have had to erect solar energy arrays large enough to be clearly visible.

But Expat, obviously these aliens would have gobs of multidimensional energy generators tapping directly in the zero-point flux of the Moon's double core, recharging with every alignment to the galaxy's core.

Generators which also fuel the remains of a cunning cloaking device (rather inside knowledge as relayed to us by my friend the late Roddenberry) mainly responsible for any no-show on LRO NAC imagery.

And why do you keep distrusting Hoagland's "scanner darkly"? Don't you know NASA is processing and erasing evidence from their archive imagery non-stop using your tax money? You should thank Hoagland that he saved something so virginal for posterity. We'd be back in the dark ages without him leaning over that glass flat bed for hours late at night, carefully aligning those photo's properly (well not counting the Surveyor 6 dome image of course).

(apologies for any perceived lame ridicule)

Chris Lopes said...

This is Mikey pretending to be a sceptic. He swats down the easy one (he posted the screen capture) so he can promote his own fails as the genuine article. The game is a staple of con artists everywhere.

As to the image itself, yeah it's from the Disney show. Part of the claim that went with it is that Von Braun (who was a technical advisor on the series) was in the know and included the base as a secret message to young excitable sorts like Hoagie. This was sometime before Von Braun discovered anti-gravity with Explorer 1.

Anonymous said...

Now I know where Bara gets his "facts." He was spotted last weekend at a science fiction convention in Portland Oregon. I bet he thought it was a scientific conference, after all they talked about aliens, and unicorns and zombies....

Anonymous said...

It's so, so funny that he claims ownership of a screengrab.

No, Mike. It's not yours. It's disney's.


Chris Lopes said...

Bara was just trolling for lonely and socially inept women. Of course such a stereotype of science fiction fans is decades out of date, but Bara is ever hopeful.

expat said...

Actually I think it was brother Dave who was trolling. Mike was acting as wingman.

Unknown said...

Wait till he gets to the Bronie convention.

Anonymous said...

It seemed that neither Mike nor his brother were getting the slightest bit of attention from the ladies, apparently they knew the difference between good science fiction and the tripe Mike peddles...

Chris Lopes said...

Excellent observation. The people who go to those things are a very different breed than your average Hoagie-Bara fan. Many of them are as interested in real science as they are science fiction. So a BS peddler like Bara would be of no interest to them. In fact, had they known who he was, they'd have avoided him like the plague. It's BS like Bara's that gives science fiction fandom a bad name.

Chris said...

Bara's blog platform appears to have been compromised and is redirecting to a site pushing a fake java update.

Dee said...

Mike's current blog entry is his find of an "empty Annunaki-sized chair" standing at the UN General Assembly in 1963.

It's a bit tongue in cheek post perhaps but is it really that much different from his other observations?

It would take only a minute of Googling or watching just ONE broadcast from start to understand that the formal chair is reserved for heads of States or even the Pope to sit in before and after addressing the Assembly.

A true ceremonial alignment of ass and pillow indeed.


Unknown said...


That reminds me of the time a few years back when some "Journalist" from one of the Murdoch dailies went to DEFCON, the big hacker convention in Vegas.
Basically she was going to write about what a danger hackers were and how they would overthrow the govt and introduce Communism and Satanism or something like that.
She must have thought it would be like a NAMBLA convention and would be dealing with online perverts.
What she didn't reckon with is that hackers are a bit sharper than perverts, they knew who she was and they outed her from the stage and followed her outside, filming it as they did so.

Hell, I think Bara would have been proud of the attention. I bet he was sulking the whole time in the corner wondering why the teenage goth girls weren't interested in having sex with him.

Say, where was Sara Bara all this time? Did he dump her already?

Anonymous said...

Bara looked bad at Portland, he was trying to carry off a tough guy sort of image with a leather jacket, except he looks old, tired, a bit flabby and really, really upset no one noticed him. Must be tough to want star quality attention when all you have are bit player looks and ability.