Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Facebook conversation

James Concannon posts:

Dateline: today. From a page called Conspiracies and Underground News: A Truther's Movement 
CUNaT: "Below are links to four MUST HAVE BOOKS! If you want to expand your mind and help yourself find the TRUTH, check out any one of, or ALL of these books by famed Author, Mike Bara."

[List and promo follow, including a book that isn't yet written]

James Concannon: "Mike Bara has chosen to write about topics of which he has no knowledge. Not surprisingly, the result is a whole series of appalling, unforgivable errors. Here are a couple of examples:"

"From "The Choice"
"Mars's orbit is so eccentric that its distance from Earth goes from 34 million miles at its closest to 249 million miles at its greatest"
James Concannon: "FACT: Mike's figures are correct but they do not prove what he says they prove. Mars's eccentricity is a mere 0.09. If the orbit were perfectly circular there would still be a very great difference between the closest and furthest approaches to Earth."

"From AAotM, writing about views of Earth from space:
"the clouds are the highest in the atmosphere, meaning that they are reflecting more light back to the camera and at a faster rate. Since they are returning more light, the clouds are the lightest. The surface areas ... are darker, because they are a bit further away from the camera than the clouds and therefore the light has to travel further before it is reflected back. The deep blue oceans are therefore the darkest, because the light has to travel all the way to the ocean floor before it is reflected back to the camera."

James Concannon: "FACT: The speed of light is a fixed quantity. It cannot be reflected "at a faster rate" from clouds."

"FACT: The different colors on images of the Earth have nothing whatever to do with their altitude above the surface, still less the time it takes light to travel from them to the camera. The colors are a consequence of albedo."

"FACT: Light only penetrates a few hundred feet into the ocean, if that. It cannot possibly travel all the way to the bottom and, even if it could, it would not account for the wavelength."

CUNaT: "FACT: you're clearly jealous of his success and have nothing better to do with your time than ramble incoherently about why you're angry that hes successful"

James Concannon: "There's nothing incoherent about science. Please re-read."

CUNaT: "FACT: you're clearly a fake profile and you're stalking him like an ex-girlfriend. If you want his dick up your ass, just ask politely, you loose assholed, prick."

CUNaT: "FACT: Mike Bara has 4 published books, 2 television shows that he regularly appears on and several international radio shows. He has seen massive success and the only thing you've managed to master, is how to stalk him while bitching like the cunt you are. Find something better to do with your time, dickwad, because you clearly do nothing else right now, aside from twiddle your needledick to Mike's books and shows. WE GET IT, YOU'RE MAD HE WONT FUCK YOU... now move on, psycho."

James Concannon:"Yes, 4 books (actually 2 and a half) and several radio shows, all full of appalling factual errors. I've cited two examples -- there are many more."

CUNaT: "When you go back and reference his writings, do the pages stick together?"

James Concannon: "No. Are you planning to address the _issues_ at all, or just trot out the obscene insults?"

CUNaT:  "I'm not going to argue with you, moron. You agree his facts are correct yet you still blather on. You're blocked, bye asshole."

The entire exchange was then deleted. I have some evidence that CUNaT is actually Sara Shanae a.k.a. Sara Casm.


Chris Lopes said...

Are you sure "Sara" isn't Mike? They certainly posses the same rapier like wit and stunning command of the facts. I'm not sure how James survived such a devastating attack with his ego intact, given the brilliant responses to his questions. It truly is amazing.

What's also amazing is that the people who respond this way don't seem to understand how bad they look to outsiders. For those on the fence, watching that exchange must have been painful. They have an interest in the topic and want to believe, but understand that swearing at a questioner is not a good sign. It's got to be disheartening.

James Concannon said...

I suppose Sara could be an alter ego, but Mike often says how much he loves her.

Wait, though, self-love is a known feature of the famous TV star. So yeah....

astroguy said...

James, I'm pretty sure that Mike practices self-love quite often. (Sorry Expat, couldn't resist. I understand if you screen this one out ...)

Unknown said...

Mike Bara I love you SS....
5 hours ago · Like · 1

Yup! There's quite a bit of self-lovin going on right there.

Question: Do you guys think Mike actually scores with the girls in the pix? Like this one.


expat said...

Not Shana, no. There was another pic of her with a kid -- hers, presumably. But she's enjoying the cuddle.

Anonymous said...

My comments were quickly deleted after I posted on their fb page. Obviously that page is ran by a Bara fanboy or Bara himself. They are not interested in facts.

Anonymous said...

It's clearly mike. Trust me, I know him.

Tara Jordan said...

Conspiratorial thinking, Gentlemen.
Sara Shanae is a real self hating Chica (she often labels Latinos as Beaners). She used to have hundreds of personal pics on Facebook, although she claims to be Hispanic, she looks like Vicky Pollard

Binaryspellbook said...

I'm not sure how long this will stay up. Regarding the initial barrage of insults. It is extremely unusual to hear an American using the word "cunt." Only the lowest class of American uses that word. I think it's Mike Bara himself. We all know how classy he can be.

Ricky Poole said...

You have to wonder what a psychotherapist would make of the unbelievably hostile and sexually explicit attacks that these people hurl at what essentially is "fact checking."

James Concannon said...

Yes. I certainly wondered that myself. Not the slightest attempt to come to grips with the actual facts.

Anonymous said...

It's Bara hurling the insults..It seems to be his default position when it comes to getting tricky questions thrown at him.. Sadly there is as much chance of him and/or Hoagland appearing on a TV/Radio science programme together with people armed with those things that escape them both...facts; as they have of smashing the glass domes on the mooon.

Unknown said...

If you want his dick up your ass, just ask politely, you loose assholed, prick.

Yep. That's Mikey allright.

Time to come out of the closet Mikey. C'mon now, admit it... Hey, it's OK to be gay Mikey M-kay. We live in the 21st century now M-kay!

F.C.Trevor Gale said...

Ref. March 2013 lines by C&UN and his sort make one thing very clear indeed, and that is the use of such rude phraseology as a poor substitute for a total lack of comprehension of the subjects being discussed.
The last time I heard such language vocalised was on a street outside a bar, by a bunch of dirty, drunk and ignorant thugs shouting insults at any passer-by without one thought as to their meaning. Many people crossed to the other side of the street to avoid their foul behaviour before they were collected and taken away by the police. A public nuisance, and a danger to health.
Some of this sort respond to education to elevate them from the depths of their ignorance, but many are simply not receptive to anything excepting their own clan sign-language.
They are lucky to live in a society which tolerates the publication of such groundless argument, and to be permitted in a forum showing their views however unpalatable their language may be to most people.
I remain firmly convinced that offensive language, irrelevant argument and erroneous presentation will be seen for what it is and overcome by logical statement, fact-based discussion and peer-reviewed publication as a proper way forward in the name of true progress.