Monday, August 24, 2020

No power in ABQ

        Over the weekend, BOTH of Richard Hoagland's blogtalkradio shows were cancelled due to what he claims were power outages. The Big Picture with Georgia Lambert was replaced by a re-run of Kronos Rising with Max Hawthorne, and something-or-other was replaced by Trump's Secret War with Christopher Knowles, about which I commented a month ago.

        I've now lost count of the number of shows that have not gone ahead as advertised, but it's a lot. There are signs that he may be losing part of his fan base because of this. A "Club 19.5" member, Adam Prentice, posted this comment yesterday:

« Yet again. Getting beyond a joke, if Richard can't get the correct equipment in I suggest he hangs up his boots? Do you think I like getting up at 5am UK time on a Sunday morning.»

Another frustrated fan posted:
« I so agree. It’s beyond unprofessional. He could get a generator. »

        Unfortunately, although Power New Mexico has a fine web site giving information about current outages, there doesn't seem to be historical data such that somebody might check whether Hoagland is telling the truth, as opposed to just getting drunk and going to bed when he should be entertaining the members who pay for his service.

Update August 31st
Another replay last night. Hoagland posted:
« The power company continues with its repairs during the hours that most businesses are closed.   »

Update Sept. 5th
        A power outage for maintenance was announced for 11pm July 29th, affecting an area well south of Albuquerque. Nothing posted since then. 


jim oberg said...

If he's still in that artsy-fartsy commune north of the city, the electrical services there were marginal from the beginning. Haven't his 'home base' arrangements been recently upended?

expat said...

Yep, he was formerly in Placitas. In November 2014 he said that he'd been forced to move "...and it did not go well." I've been assuming he moved closer to ABQ but I might be wrong.

Chris Lopes said...

Or he might not have enough money to keep the lights on. His business plan has always been a bit dodgy. Without a national platform like C2C, it can't be easy to grow a dying fan base.

Anonymous said...

When did become

expat said...

Some time this year. The domain registration expired and he couldn't get it back for some reason. It looks as if it's available from wordpress.

expat said...

Oh this is interesting. is still registered to Health Freedom Rights (Robin Falkov's former domain).

Registry Expiration: 2020-12-03 05:00:00 UTC
Created: 1998-12-04 05:00:00 UTC

expat said... (plural) was created 2019-12-02 00:49:19 UTC and expires 2020-12-02 00:49:19 UTC. The registrant is simply listed as Claifornia

Komer Growl said...

There are many things about RCH that have bothered me for awhile... He is at his best when he has a single guest, and they stay away from politics. He obviously hates Trump, yet makes the false claim that he has an "inside" connection to him. He implies this on the front page of his web site with the Presidential Seal imagery. We'll get to that in a minute. The first thing you see on his site is this "rotating globe" that implies he has live listeners from all the red pinned locations at broadcast time. This is a lie. If you click the globe it is nothing more that a visitor counter with IP recognition. On a good night you will find around 50 listeners at once, but again he implies and states that he has listeners all over the world on every broadcast. The second thing you see is the phony banner with the Presidential Seal that implies and he has stated that through "back channels" he is in touch with President Trump! The rest of the site has various banners and links explaining all the canceled shows, etc. The site is built with "frames" which went pretty much went out in the late nineties. If you try to send them a message, guess what? You have to be a paying member to have that access. As for these power outages, frankly, I don't believe them. On every occasion when he cancels for weather or power outages I have checked the weather and the power companies' site (which provide live outage maps) and have found no such problems. When RCH "fell down the stairs" at his home and had to recover, we never got an update when he came back on, no mention of what part of his body was injured....etc. It's all garbage. He always claims how important his shows are, and that "the word" needs to get out there, yet he doesn't have a back-up host? Doesn't make sense. If a guest questions him, RCH has a nasty habit of being vicious and turning on said guest. He needs to just stop the bullshit and be honest. He is surprised when his "plant" caller actually comes through from time to time. He doesn't know how to use Skype, then complains how unreliable it is. Well, Richard, if it's so unreliable, why do you still keep it and pretend you know how to use it? He should do what Farrell does, and simply do a video once a week for 20 minutes and reorganize his site. Oh well, sorry for rambling. Would love to know what others think

Komer Growl said...

Not to belabor how off Hoagland is, but please check this link out

Hoagland is breaking federal law by implying white house connection (see link above)

expat said...

Thanks for a nice pair of comments.

« If you try to send them a message, guess what? You have to be a paying member to have that access.»

Well, you can add a comment to any specific "show". But if it's negative it won't get approval, of course. Kynthea probably reads it and RCH doesn't.

« As for these power outages, frankly, I don't believe them. »

Nor me. He's a documented liar.