Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Robert Morningstar's faulty memory

James Concannon writes...

        Just over a year ago, as a Central American migrant "caravan" was making its way northwards through Mexico, Robert Morningstar re-posted on his Foolbook page this nasty piece of propaganda:

He added his own comment, as follows:
"[T]he democrats favorite group of people want to leave their sh*thole and turn our country into one too. Democrats have already been moving it in that direction here. Why not more? Right?"
       As this blog reported at the time, these images have nothing to do with the migrant "caravan" proceeding through Mexico. The most shocking image, of the bloodied policeman, is taken from a news story about student riots in Michoacan dated 16th October 2012.  The top photo is taken from a report of a 2016 teachers' union rally in Salina Cruz.

        Just the other day I asked him if he'd seen this report by Beatrice Dupuy of AP confirming that the images were unrelated to immigrants. His reply?
"James Concussion," You old fakir, I've never posted that. :) You are a cur, a scoundrel, forked-tongued con man and a habitual liar. 
        Excuuuuse me, WHO is the liar here??? Is it me, or is it the man who agreed with recently-convicted official liar Roger Stone that Hillary Clinton murdered JFK Jnr.?

Update: ...and the man who said he had a copy of the "1968 edition" of the Brookings Report. There is no such edition—the final report was issued in 1960. When challenged, Morningstar was unable to come up with any text from his so-called edition that varied in any way from the authentic version.


Trekker said...

Oh, lol! I didn't know Hillary was in his plane at the time!

James Concannon said...

Stone's idiotic theory was that Mrs. Clinton sabotaged JFK's avionics. Morningstar, as a licensed pilot himaelf, should be ashamed of subscribing to this. He should know that sabotaging the intruments of a VFR pilot is not likely to achieve anything.

Anonymous said...

That reminds me; to the families of the two prison guards arrested that had been guarding Epstein. My condolences on their suicides.

In a couple of days.

Chris Lopes said...

Exactly. JFK Jr. was a VFR pilot who found himself in IFR conditions. The accident was pretty much text book. Hillary may be among the most corrupt people in politics (not counting Trump), but she wasn't the one who talked John John out of getting IFR certified.