Monday, February 4, 2019

Ken Johnston makes a promise he can't keep

        A whole bunch of people are going to be disappointed at 1:30 pm on 22nd March, as they assemble for the following presentation at the Human Origins Conference in Rio Rancho, NM.

        I already know what Ken's going to show under the pretence that he's revealing alien bases. It'll be photo artifacts like this:

         The filespec of that image is Dr Ken Johnston Apollo Archive Collection_Page_487.jpgnote 1 Bear in mind that this image was scanned by Ken's biographer Bret Sheppard from a reversal frame—a projector slide, in other words. Such scans are notoriously subject to reflections. Here's a correctly-scanned version of AS15-88-11967 for comparison:note 2

photo: NASA

        Bear in mind, also, that Johnston himself is a bit of a skeptic about this rubbish. Interviewed by Kerry Cassidy in January 2016, Ken had this comment:
(1:27:49) "A lot of these anomalies that people will see -- I don't necessarily see them, 'cause I'm pretty much a straightforward engineer .. We know that if we stare at the wall long enough we can make all kinds of pictures."
        I guess Ken has learnt that you don't get invited to woo-woo conferences by expressing opinions like that, so he's taken the pragmatic line.

        He's gone so far as to associate himself with really woo-woo associations. Ascension Age (a.k.a. Allied Command Organisation Invisible College) is a coterie of people fantasizing about space colonies. Their web site proclaims:
"Commander Ken Johnston Sr. is one of our Main Directors on Planet Earth for educational Communication and recruitment for intergalactic contact."
        If ever Ken was "a straightforward engineer," he sure isn't one any more.

Nefertiti and a parrot on Mars
        Human Origins conference attenders are in for even more disillusion the following day, when George Haas presents The Mars Codex. George is the dreamer who sees patterns on Mars. When the patterns aren't clear anough to convince anyone, he simply draws things in.

photos: Cydonia Institute

Thanks to James Oberg for monitoring

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[1] A whole collection of this nonsense can be found here.

[2] When I blogged about this image in 2016, "Trekker" identified the terrain as this area in the Mare Fecunditatis.


Two Percent said...

Thanks, expat, for broadening my horizons!

Never heard of this (Human Origins) lot before, so jumped across to the website.

Quickly found the Floor Plan:

and got a little excited when I saw that "Richard & Linda" have booked Table 18. Lucky number, that! And probably the best table in that room, directly opposite the door.

However, was pretty disappointed when I discovered that Richard & Linda are not the same stars of this blog. Hadn't heard of them before, but they have written books too! Turns out, they are the Smiths, the Organisers, and it's happening in their Home Town...

Usually go straight to Reviews on AmA Zon to get the real juice on books but somewhat disappointed again - slim pickings there.

However, this (1-star) review for one of Richard's books might be informative:

Equally informative, if not more so, is this 5-star review!

Despite this, Richard clearly has (access to?) some great web design skills.

Erickson said...

Apparently Ken thought his "PhD" in metaphysics was legitimate - or so he says. But if he is confused about the difference between a degree mill and a "legitimate organization," then how could he tell whether the Allied Command is trustworthy or recognize an alien base on the Moon?

Trekker said...

Whatever about the first, an alien base, or any base, could be identified from 'before' and 'after' photos of the location.