Monday, September 12, 2016

Robert Morningstar: First pseudo-Science, now pseudo-Shakespeare

James Concannon writes...

        As we all know, I no longer follow Robert AM* on the book of farces because I can't stand the political hate (which reached a crescendo over the weekend after Hillary Clinton's fall--the anti-Clinton crowd screaming "media cover-up!" despite the fact that it was the lead story in every newscast I saw last night.) However, I do check in on his page now and then, and I was rewarded yesterday not only by the aforementioned example of loony hysteria, but by this:

        As a follower called Vernon Cutrere correctly pointed out, there is no character named Horatio in Julius Caesar, neither is there an authentic quote expressing the same thought.

        So what--I might even say wtf-- was AM* thinking of? His error headed a link to his favorite and most trusted source of information--the London Daily Mail. In this case it was an article about poverty in the USA. So presumably what he had in his addled mind was "There but for the grace of God go you and I."

Maybe he garbled this quote from Julius Caesar:

"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings."

Or maybe he was thinking of the play that really does have a Horatio in it, Hamlet:

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

        Mr. Morningstar, the  "civilian intelligence analyst," should stick to what he's good at--frisbee and chess. Come to think of it, every good chess player I've ever met has been a bit dim at everything else.


Chris Lopes said...

As Hoagie used to say on his FB page (when he was didn't want to back up what he was saying) "Google is your friend."

My Child said...

"Some things in life are so predictable".... Who said that? "A rose by any other name is still a rose".. Who?... "You can run, but you cannot hide".. " What is spoken in darkness will be revealed in light" ? Just who is the man... er... men behind the masks ? If one observes, they will find the Wizard behind the curtain... then it will be "curtains" and the masked is unmasked... One has to wonder what drives the obsession of some to the appearance of superiority at the expense of ridicule to others. One might find that a psychosis of a mind bent on preying on picking gnats off another while pretending to be a champion of all truth and knowledge. Assuming the superior position with no credibility but that "I say so"... Pity. An unmasked critic hiding behind ...?? "Take off the mask, and show thyself to be true"... Who said that. But then the thrill is in the ride perhaps.. you know, the one with blindfolds.. where you see selectively while not being seen at all.... "Or are you visible?"
Me thinks the invisible man doth protest too much... Cheers!

Anonymous said...


Graham said...

I'd say it's typical of the kind of sloppy research people like Morningstar carry out.

As to Shakespeare, "My lord, I aim a mile beyond the moon", Titus Andronicus

James Concannon said...

« Assuming the superior position with no credibility but that "I say so" »

The credibility is in the texts. Everything's on the net these days -- JUST LOOK EM UP, My Child.

My Child said...

"Everything's on the net these days- JUST LOOK EM UP " But I HAVE found many connections on the net, Papa dear. Oh so many... more than Sybil Dorsett- you may like to critique her sometime. Cheers, old boy!

James Concannon said...

My Child: I don't know anything about Sybil Dorsett, so I'm not qualified to critique her. She's fictional, anyway, right?

So look, if you know about net searches, do this: Load the text of Julius Caesar into memory and search for the string "There, but for the stars". When you don't find it, come back here and apologize for writing that I have no credibility. Got that?

My Child said...

Sybil Dorsett by many other names : Sybil was in reality (and maybe out) indeed real persons. Multiple personalities actually. Come on James er "Concannon". You recommend to others that which you will not do yourself, a simple web search? A simple analogy of who said what, that's all. "The PROOF is in the pudding" as they say. Who said THAT? My inner child just said it again. "Got that?"

Yet, you and yours would tout superior insight and knowledge from the "net" as sole authority?

My way or the highway"? If James er Concannon or Vernon Cutrere or... or... who all in the group of "friends and associates" revel in character assassination and smugly get cheap thrills with "hit pieces whilst boasting of scant credentials of their own... what a bloody joke! So you expect to be the authority on all things yet you know nothing of Sybil and her friends ?

It's a big wide world net out there, educate yourself with simple net search. You may find Sybil and you all have much commonality. Sybil by any other name or names was in fact a very real person/s. She was a legend in her own mind. All of her- But in the end, Sybil was not who she presented herselves to be- She was, you might say- "disconnected" simultaneously being connected- So many connections in her conniving mind. But in the end, "All roads lead to Rome" or in her case, to Sybil, the source. :)

In summation, do your homework, be diligent, be thorough, leave no room for criticism of your great skill and expertise as you demand of others. Be perfection, James, and therein you will see Sybil as a person of secrets and imperfection living in a maze of a mind- her own reality behind the masks. And to think this began with misquoting literature..oh the merciless traps of life which ensnare human frailty. Chew on that a while! Dig James, it's simple to understand even without benefit of the "net". But then you have a thing for nets it seems as you make a life of patting yourself on the back trying to ensnare your victims.

"You can run but you cannot hide" forever..
WHO said that ? Sybil, oh Sybil, what keys did you hold to the realities of life? James, oh James, locks are easily picked.. Cordially, MY CHILD.

P.S. This latest attack on Robert Morningstar is by far one of your limpest excuses to "prove him wrong". It's actually laughable. Thanks for the laughs!

expat said...

To "My Child":

"A rose by any other name is still a rose".. Who?

The correct quote is "That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."
It's from Romeo and Juliet Act II Sc.2.

You 're as bad as Morningstar when it comes to accurate citation. One might almost think you and he were the same person. **chuckle**

My Child said...

Dear expat: Who gives a rat's rosy? Or who said either quote? Ancient prose- flowery language of the time. Words have evolved. Like "thorny prick" for example. Today, that might translate to a thorn in the flesh person.

Believe me, Morningstar is no where as good as me with paraphrasical citations. Do not confuse me with the object of obsession of mention. I am not hung up on being anyone else beside myself. It's enough of a job just being me. Imagine being Sybil?

After further thought, it may have been Gypsy Rose Lee who made that popular remark.

Sorry to burst any bubbles of delusion, I assure you I am not Robert Morningstar and he is not me.. I think.. Although I could be Marjorie Dorsett Morningstar You just never know anymore who who is who.. Now do ya? ;)

expat said...

« Dear expat: Who gives a rat's rosy? »

Dear My Child: I do. If the exact wording of often-quoted aphorisms were of no concern, people could simply invent whatever they waned to support their sleazy and ignorant opinions. That, indeed, seems to be exactly what Morningstar does. I don't like it and I will continue to lambaste it to this very small audience.

expat said...

edit: waned/wanted

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's Ripley again....;-)


My Child said...

Now expat, you're being way too hard on yourself. All that effort to correct his papers to give him a black mark is an exercise in futility and very masochistic. Since most of the topics of his errors are of questionable authenticity and fleeting relevance. Example: The sun came up @5 a.m. over San Diego. Oh, did it? Did you see it? No? Someone told you. You think it came up but you were in Key West and relied on someone else's report. You think it came up without certainty.

Example: The law of probability carries a certain weight although subject to error and anomaly. The odds then are the measure along with other considerations. Yet, there's still margin of error. Enter the shadow of doubt. Shadows are proof.

To date there are no known perfect people and all are subject to error or wrong opinion from time to time. When opinions differ there is room for further evaluation and proof. Proof's not always on schedule. Time is.

Silence speaks volumes- the question is which book ? A greater question is whose purpose does it serve to be "right"? "All is Vanity"

For the record, we have all been wrong or ill informed in our lives- the only certainty (at this time) is death. All
in between is vanity.

The same energy can be extended to build up as to tear down. Why not be con- structive ? Wouldn't it be more accurate to say "prostructive" ?

"Waning and Wanting"... a Freudian slip, Go Ask Alice... Or better...SYBIL.. :)

Silence can be an answer or a method of ck

expat said...

« To date there are no known perfect people and all are subject to error or wrong opinion from time to time. »

Well, surprise, surprise--I've heard that one before, but it's not good enough. First, Morningstar is horribly and frequently wrong, not just somewhat and occasionally as most of us are. Second, he has much better access to the mass media than I do, which makes his errors dangerous. Third, he has a pathological inability to admit his mistakes--in my view, a very serious character flaw.

My Child said...

expat saith: "Second,he has much better access to the than mass media than I do.."

OH, I get it... jealousy! Sybil had that from time to time. Her solutions were workable and may I offer a suggestion ?

A debate! Easy enough. The wonders of internet radio. Leave the gloves at the door and check with the egos, and some predetermined ground rules.

This could be a win/win.traffic would rise and everyone is off the hook.

As for character flaws, everyone has them. Maybe Morningstar needs some therapy.

expat said...

Not jealous.

No debate.

Chris Lopes said...

Look, the guy (Morningstar) couldn't even bother to Google the quote to be sure he got it right. That's not a mistake, that's a "my audience is too fracking stupid to know better anyway, so why bother?" kind of thing. Hougie and Bara have the same contempt for their audiences too. Must be a woo-biz thing.