Wednesday, August 24, 2016

George Noory swallows a turkey

        About half way through the first-hour interview last Monday on Coast to Coast AM, George Noory asked his guest "When you first heard this story from Bill Ryan, did you believe it?" The guest replied "I realized intuitively that it was a true story."

        LOL, as they say. Bill Ryan, the former squeeze of Kerry Cassidy, is about as unreliable a source as can be imagined, as this blog has written before. As for "intuitive realization," that and 25¢ will get you a short phone call. The guest was Len Kasten, and the "story" was none other than Project Serpo.

40 × C
        The story of Project Serpo, in a nutshell, is this: One extraterrestrial being survived the "flying saucer crash" at Roswell in 1947, and retrieved a communication  device allowing him to talk to his home planet Serpo, a planet of the ζ Reticuli binary system 39 light years from Earth. This led to an exploration of Serpo by 12 U.S. military astronauts, traveling at 40 times the speed of light. Both wikipedia and rational wikipedia have articles on this hilarious sci-fi fantasy, and both point out the obvious logical objections to the narrative. Perhaps chief among them is that distance. How do you have a conversation with somebody 39 LY away? How do you travel at 40 × C? Kasten, having no education in relativistic physics, confidently states that it's all done by a wormhole, but what exactly is he asking us to believe? Is there just one wormhole linking our solar system to ζ Reticuli, or is there a network of these things in the universe? Are they labeled? How would an expedition find the entrance to the appropriate one, given that a wormhole has never been actually observed and probably never could be? FYI: A wormhole is a purely theoretical solution to some advanced equations in relativity, and the primary benefit therefrom is an exciting way to teach a difficult subject. If wormholes exist at all, they are most likely transient and an excessively unreliable way of traversing the universe.

        Kasten was on hand last Monday not only to reaffirm his faith in this fantasy but to provide updates. The classic version of the story has it that all 12 astronauts died a long time ago, but Kasten now says that one, called "Mr. Euro", survived until 2014 and met with Pope Benedict. Not only that, but diplomatic relations between Earth and Serpo are flourishing, and nine other expeditions have taken place since the original one. The originator of the Serpo story, who was only known as Request Anonymous, was in fact a high-ranking DIA official, and editor of the Red Book of Presidential briefings. Numerous valuable technical secrets have been derived from Serpo, most notably the key to free energy. Kasten explained that we could all be benefiting from free energy right now, but the Illuminati, "who run this planet," won't allow it. So here we go again with that adolescent rage I wrote about in my last post.

Fact vs. fiction
        Well, of course this is all poppycock. Even the gullible Bill Ryan finally admitted he'd been hoodwinked and partly repudiated the story. George Noory himself may have had doubts about it, but he conducted the interview exactly as if he believed every word. He called it "this incredible story" and that's just what it is. There's a key to understanding this bullshit, and it's this. Len Kasten has a book to sell. "Request Anonymous" is not a high-ranking DIA official but Richard C. Doty, a former security guard with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Doty had a book to sell as well. Bingo.

       Why do I care? Why not let C2C-AM get on with its campfire yarns and stop snapping at their heels? There are two reasons. One is that yarns like this seriously devalue real science. The terrible danger is that impressionable people believe them, and since they are incompatible with real science, the real science gets rejected in their eyes. The other is that I feel a duty to remind the consumers of this rubbish that it's really all about selling books and conference fees. This is just how chat radio works--radio gets interviewees for free (and they lose a night's sleep, often) in return for flagrant  book marketing. Welcome to the real world.


Chris said...

"diplomatic relations between Earth and Serpo are flourishing".

But it's all gone to shit in Narnia. Swings and roundabouts.

Unknown said...

Well Expat, I'm glad you keep on top of this stuff. Having stopped listening to C2C 10 years ago, whenever Snoory took over, I find it interesting to hear who he has on these days. Not to say Art was much better... but at least he didn't sit there and pretend to believe EVERYTHING (just most things). Love your posts, they are the highlight of my day. Thanks again. ps: is Bara up to anything anymore? Does he make guest appearances on Hoagie's show ever?

expat said...

Thanks a bunch Unknown -- in that case I'm sorry I don't post more often.

>>ps: is Bara up to anything anymore? Does he make guest appearances on Hoagie's show ever?<<

Only when he has a book to flog. Watch for one near end September. He's more often on Jimmy Church's internet radio show. He and Jimmy are drinking buds now.

Unknown said...

Bill Ryan shacked up with an ET for some time. She was tiny. Perhaps about 4ft 10 inches tall. ET dumped Bill and he was crushed. She then appeared in his bedroom one night as he has depressed, touched his chest and removed all the grief and anguish.
I am not making this up.

Jimmy Church is a nice enough guy, he's a decent interviewer in as much as he allows his guests to talk without blurting in every few seconds and name dropping like an idiot, even though most of his guests are clearly mentally unstable. Or perhaps liars. Maybe both.

Bara on the other hand is a thoroughly despicable human being. A plagiarist, a liar, and a man who will put his finger to the wind and run with whatever woo woo crap is popular at that moment. He actually said that Neil DGT was no longer a physicist because he had not written a paper since 1993. Bara should stick to his own rules and declare that he is not an aeronautical engineer (not that he ever was) since he hasn't worked in engineering since he was laid off by Boeing as a cad jockey.

No wonder he forever laments that he can't find a girlfriend. It would appear that even the woo-woo lassies have limits. Which is surprising since a good friend of mine (Expat knows who I am talking about) confided in me that women were throwing themselves at him and Steve Bassett at these woo conferences. No luck Mikey boy. You ain't the player you think you are.

Ancient aliens and secret societies is his next venture I believe. I predict a book full of Sitchin plagiarised shite, numerology and terribad physics.

expat said...

>>Ancient aliens and secret societies is his next venture I believe...<<

No mate, it's The Secret Space Program. Black Knight and the Nazi bell, nothing original I'm quite sure. He probably wrote the whole thing by copy/paste from Google search results.

Unknown said...

Oh my. You mean he already released the ancient aliens secret societies mince.
The secret space program.....oh lordy. Cut and paste job I am sure you are correct.

Dr Farrell has already done the Nazi bell to death. Rich pickings for Bara. The Black Night satellite also has been done to death. Yet more pickings for the clownhat.

I think I will go downstairs and pig out on unknown meats at the street BBQ here in Shatoujiao. Don't hate me, but I have tasted dog. It was ok actually. I think I could eat anything now. Even my own cooking.

Chris Lopes said...

Expat, ever take a listen to Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis? It's a recent discovery of mine. very much like ctc in the run-up to Y2K. Quite unintentionally funny, with commercials talking about food riots.

expat said...

I believe I did try it once. Looking at the menu of recent shownotes, it seems ne covered Serpo or something very like it.

Unknown said...


Gonna check that out. I need some humour here. Chinese humour is......well...a little odd. I don't get it.

vonmazur said...

Friday night was worse, the guest claimed to be a veteran of the space (Spice?) wars on Mars. I had to go to the classical station after about 20 minutes...Claimed he was reincarnated several times into his own cloned body, "Soul" is a "Quantum Liquid"....He did cover the usual suspects, Reptilians, Incectoid, and other beings...

expat said...

Yes, "Captain" Randy Cramer of the Mars Defense Force. Give Jimmy Church some credit for asking, after the revelations of multiple cloning, "How does that work for your tax returns?"

I thought of blogging this but I don't reckon I could stand the agony again. What a liar.

vonmazur said...

I do not blame you, it was almost painful to listen to...It was for me....

Erickson said...

There are too many people like Creamer to track. I have been interested in "Captain" Mark Richards because his story is local to where I live, but the Mars Defense Force has outdone Earth Defense.