Monday, March 14, 2016

Yes, we have no Mike Bara

        I had earnestly intended to blog Mike's lecture at Conscious Life, but the audio quality is so appalling I can't stand to listen to it. Here's the link in case anyone wants to torture their ears in addition to their brain. I think his main topics were Planet 9 and Mars anomalies, which I already covered here and here respectively.

        Instead, give yourselves a treat and go read  Bob Zimmerman's scholarly (and very well illustrated) analysis of Curiosity's slow progress toward Sharp Mountain. When Gale crater was first announced as MSL's destination, Richard Hoagland announced on C2C-AM that Sharp Mountain was obviously an artificial construct, and that everyone at JPL knew that. Even President Obama knew it.

        I guess, according to Zimmerman's projections, he can hang onto that ridiculous fantasy for a while yet. When Curiosity finally reveals Sharp to be just a mountain, what will he say then? Why, NOTHING, of course. Glad you asked.

        Perhaps we may have some Mike Bara after all -- or, yet another example of Bara's abject ignorance of sciency things and inability to carry out relatively simple research.

        As Bill Belcher pointed out in comments right here, this misshapen planet IS NOT, as Mike Bara told his audience (17 minutes in,) what Planet Earth would look like if the oceans were removed. Even the deepest part of the oceans (Mariana Trench, 11 kM) is only 0.0017 of the radius of the Earth.

        This model, created by Ales Bezdek, represents the variable gravitational field of Earth. And even that is deliberately exaggerated. Phil Plait blogged more details last September.

Will Mike Bara ever get any science right?


OneBigMonkey said...

He goes on to regurgitate some of the same nonsense that he spouted in the recent Syfy documentary as well. Ziggurat blah blah, strip mining, satellite dishes etc etc.

I've been having fun taking that Syfy documentary to bits (the moon stuff at least):

Enjoy :)

expat said...

That's really good, monkey. Well done.

Mick West destroyed the "chevron" in Belyayev brilliantly:
Go here.

Trekker said...

Mick West also dealt with the Murchison 'alien base' here:

Binaryspellbook said...

Expat. I know you are a stickler for sound quality. Having produced many documentaries in your time at the BBC. But it does get a little better. Bara outbaras himself in this one. It's worth the pain, just to hear this idiot trying to sound clever and relevant. I also love when he whines like a little bitch because the pc he is using doesn't have PowerPoint on it and Mikey is forced to use google online docs or similar. Causing him to show blank slides all over the place. A blessing I guess. It is so bad it is funny.

Binaryspellbook said...

Great stuff by Monkey. Read every word. Love your style and diligence mate.

Bill said...

Hi Expat,
I've listened to part of his stand up comedy routine, there are so many holes to pick but according to Mike everything he sais was right but planterary scientists and Astro physicists are wrong...even Einstein!...the arrogance, the flippant remarks! Comedy. Onto some bara science , I love his view of what the earth looks like without water, has he any idea about scale? Completely wrong. Water will only appear as a thin film, but he made the earth look like a peanut if the water was removed. Another he picked out a tiny circular mark with a cog looking shape, he sais it's some kind of tiny pipe with a flared end, wasn't this the dust/ abrasion tool that's on the end of the rovers instrument arm where it's touched the surface of the rock? What else is next he seemed to run through his entire repertoire of none sense, like the green moss on the Mars rocks......didn't he realise that they were false colour images to show a more earth like appearance, why doesn't he just show the actual surface colour image.......oooow what next.....the real astrophysicist who is now a museum curator ummm what's wrong with that, he poked fun about a real astrophysicist changing his job, and compared it to him flipping burgers in the 1980's trying to make a joke but it bombed, but he didn't mention that his bestest friend RCH was a museum curator turned pseudoscientist.....the irony...the happless audience cooing at his PowerPoint or rather Tinypoint, how gullible can people be, even astonishing that audience have so little knowledge that they listen to this fiction thinking its fact.....and that was only 52 mins of 136 is enough for me! Quite entertaining.

Trevor Gale said...

[Disclaimer: Claims for irreverent abuse of time will not be honoured].I'm sure that Prof. Dr. Mr. M. Bara has delved deeply into his knowledge of planetary composition and universal evolution over which he must preside, but has something been overlooked here? Surely this well-dishonoured fellow knows about the effect of the Solar Wind? For those less-educated allow me to illustrate matters (I do so in as few words as possible to merely summarize knowledge accumulated by the very few): In extremely ancient times (way before actual planetary beings) there were original lifeforms involved in the making of materials which eventually became stars - specifically, our Sun. (This fact must be assumed despite many peer-reviwed resources which quote phrases and statements of truth from well-read documentation). Once such a star was established, some of the various materials forming it still contained these lifeforms: even if they had died due to extremes of pressure or temperature their DNA-like or similar attributes were part of this material. As the star evolves, these lifeforms or their attributes are forced to expand and in doing so they eject what we refer to as the Solar Wind, while this is of course not real 'air' it does contain other material and is radiated, it has some of the characteristics of Wind. Sheer matters of scale mean that this goes on for millions of years and has a very significant impact on certain planets which form part of its solar system.

Trevor Gale said...

Firstly, this solar wind affects the structure, the geology of a planet due to the forces which this wind exerts directly and electromagnetically upon the planetary matter, this accounts (through similar effects to erosion) for various size and shape 'anolomies' which otherwise seem unexplainable; Secondly, a certain amount of this lifeform and / or DNA-like attributes form part of this wind and are therefore also carried from the parent star (the Sun in our case) to the planets in the system. Once integrated into the makeup of the planetary material, chemical combinations allow further evolution to take place resulting firstly in cell-like forms which although we might not recognise them are actually developed life forms suitable for the particular environment on that planet. As with any electromagnetic radiation there exists a 'forward wave' and a 'reflected wave', the latter of which is caused by the initial mismatch between the source and its environment load. Both of these facilitate a form of communication between the absolute original form and the end-point at this stage of the evolution. Thirdly, as the evolution progresses, some material on the planet will be naturally affected, positioned or changed such as this radiation (communication) requires. This results in the appearance of structures and reactions which again are often overlooked or ascribed to 'chance effects' such as boulder trails or craters when really such things may be dish-like reflectors for matching to space (in free space this impedance is approximately 375 ohms) or could facilitate chemical production for feeding such forms (this might account for the concentrations of methane found). Now, in short, this whole process seems to be rejected as some form of 'story-telling' or a kind of parable. Accounts of this process by humans as part of evolution and other developments have indeed been related to psychiatric disorders and also to the consumption of a certain amount of C2H6O (CH3CH2OH); certain drugs prescribed to alleviate the former have proved to cause the ejection of high-temperature CH4, a pollutant; the consumption of turmeric (an antioxidant) together with chiles and other foodstuffs has been observed as a precursor to the contribution of C2H6O, the combination also resulting frequently in the ejection of elevated-temperature CH4 and CO2. In summary, the more educated reader should at this stage be aware of the percentages of Hot Air in the Stories Described Above, which are claimed to be of equal quality and relevance to those of Prof. Dr. Mr. M. Bara in his (a)musing efforts.