Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Trying to talk sense to Kerry Cassidy

       Trying to talk sense to Kerry Cassidy... a mug's game, you may well think. Well, so indeed it is, to judge by her guest spot last Monday on Rob McConnell's 'X' Zone internet radio show. McConnell (the ex-Cop, not the jazz trombonist) interviews as many of the woo-woo people as he can get, but takes a much harder line than, say, Jimmy Church or Scott Teeters.

        After a long preamble during which Kerry introduced herself as someone who had a burning desire to get the truth out (but also explained how ETs stole her eggs for a breeding program,) we got to some nitty-gritty.

22:49 RMcC: "I understand that there was a time when you believed that you were being targeted by the government."
KC: "Yes, sure. We're all being targeted. Some people don't know it though."
RMcC: "Why are we being targeted?"
KC: "Because your government is out to get you."
RMcC: "But isn't the government..."
KC: "They are not your friends."
RMcC: "Isn't it for the people..."
KC: "..and I'm not talking about the people... you know, sort of... government flunkies that just simply follow orders, I'm talking about the people at the higher levels."
RMcC: "So are you talking about the New World Order, the..."
KC: "They have a plan, and you're considered  collateral damage, and they will  lay false flags, and there is  only one way in which they will use you as, basically... you know, cannon fodder. So your governments are, um... they're out to get you.

        As Kerry expounded on her usual themes -- you know, like how US soldiers who believe they've been deployed to Iraq have actually been to Mars to battle the ETs -- McConnell got more and more scornful, until it finally descended into acrimony.

37:44 RMcC: "Why do you hate the government?"
KC: "Well, you know, I don't hate the people... er, that don't know anything, although I do think they're probably fairly stupid if they don't at this point, because in 2016 there's a lot of information out there, but.. I don't hate... you know, I don't really go around hating. I simply note their... their faults. That they are doing things that are against, what is good for the rest of the world. That they are... sort-of run by the dark side. And, um... what can I say? They're trying to control humanity and limit its growth. Limit its ability to become self-reliant and be sovereign."
RMcC: "OK, you know I... I... I admire your passion. I really do. And once again I'm going to have to ask you why you have not thrown your hat into the political arena, to try and make a difference where people will not be able to deny what you're saying. Bring the evidence forward."
KC: "But elections are rigged. Your so-called political arena is rigged. Judges are bought... the system itself is corrupt. It's corrupt all the way through. It's run by the mafia, the CIA and... er, you know, unbelievable numbers of dark magicians, etc. etc. So know, I don't consider people who run for office as going to get very far... [...story about Mike Harris...] So that's what I can tell you about your system."
RMcC: "Well, you know what? I love my system. I have nothing... I have nothing but the greatest.. the greatest..."
KC: "You know, Rob, really seriously, you sound... you sound like a fairly intelligent guy..."
RMcC: "I am a very intelligent guy."
KC: "You're absolutely're just feeding yourself..."
RMcC: "But you know what? I was part of the system. I was part of the system for a great number of years."
[talking together...]
RMcC: "....and what you're saying as a person who was never part of any established government organization at all. You're blowing smoke up people's asses. That's what you're doing. Because not one word..."
[talking together...]
RMcC: "....not one single word. It's true. Not one single word that you have said about government corruption, and about the, er... the, er... "
KC: "...not a single word of what?"
RMcC: " true."
KC: "Oh My God! You know, really.. what era are you from? I mean, seriously. Do you do no research at all? You have a radio show for what? You know, How many years?"
RMcC: "25 years."
KC: "Come on, Rob, you can't be living in the dark like this..."
RMcC: "No, I live in the truth. I don't live in a land of... of conspiracy, where everybody's out to get me. I can't... you know, I can't do this..."
KC: "Thank you for having the guts to bring me on your show, but seriously, I can't... I can't even take you seriously. I really think... you really..."

        At his point we went to dead air for a few beats. McConnell said "Hmmm... Jeez, I wonder what happened there..." In her own blog, Kerry wrote that McConnell hung up on her. "He was rude and I guess he was way out of his comfort zone.  Rob McConnell is one of the people they had in mind when Jack Nicholson said, "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH".   Poor guy."

        It sure sounded to me as though it was Kerry who disconnected. But I'm just the innocent bystander, getting a kick out of hearing someone say to Kerry what I'd like to get a chance to say. "blowing smoke up people's asses..." Oh yes. That.


astroguy said...

I would not be surprised if either dumped the other or if it was a legit connection issue. If you listen to any of Kerry's stuff, it's plagued with connection issues because she doesn't know anything about technology. But I don't immediately think that she dumped him. I listened to her argument with Jimmy Church and Mike Bara on an old F2B episode and despite being challenged*, and despite numerous times asking if the episode was over and she could go because she thought Jimmy and Mike had drunk the Kool-Aide®™©. But she stayed for the duration.

*Mike specifically told her that her Planet X stuff was BS, pointing out that years ago at a conference she grabbed the microphone from him and yelled about how her whistleblowers were all saying PX was coming later this year. Yes, Mike actually called her out on that and she didn't respond.

Binaryspellbook said...

I actually didn't know about the Bara call out. Nice sleuthing Dr Astroguy. Any legal links to the deed?

astroguy said...

It was episode 358, it's posted somewhere on YouTube under a legal channel.

expat said...

This is it.

Erickson said...

Kevin Randle has has been pushed by Kerry to explain how soldiers are fighting on Mars, but you can only talk sense to people who want to talk sense. Randle's approach may make as much sense as anything.

expat said...

I like that piece a lot. It's something I'd love to put to Kerry -- the evil powers would have to not only wipe the soldiers' memories but also fix up every photo on their cellphones and digicams. Wonderful.