Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mike Bara, Joseph Farrell, and Albert Einstein: Guess which two faces have egg on

        That was Mike Bara the world-famous theoretical physicist, tweeting yesterday complete with the usual keyboard error (the end of the sentence is "....rotation.") The brain error involved is not so easy to spot, but it's predictable to those of us who know Bara's habits. He's so keen to snipe at physics that he'll grab anything that looks like ammunition without considering it, checking it, or discussing it. In this case --as in the past-- he's made a total slobbering idiot of himself.

        The link is to an edition of Giza Death Star, the webblog of Dr Joseph Farrell. Farrell is treated like a guru by the woo community because he has what they like to call "an open mind"note 1 and he also has academic credentials (unlike, say, Bara, Hoagland, Morton, Cassidy et al.) His doctorate, however, is in patristicsnote 2 which is more like religion than physics. Anyway, here's a screen capture of the start of Farrell's piece:

        Why am I showing a screencap instead of linking to the article? Farrell has taken it down, that's why. And why has the professor of religious writings taken it down, I hear you ask. BECAUSE IT'S BOLLOCKS, that's why, and even Farrell came to realize that. The link is to this article in the London Daily Telegraph.note 3 See the date? 22nd September 2011. This is just the old story of the neutrinos that seemed to exceed the speed of light until the technicians checked the optical fiber connections and found one of them to be faulty.

        Oh dear, there really is egg on some faces today, and I don't think Einstein's is one of them.

Somebody in Facebookistan pointed out that this was old news, and Bara dug himself further into the merde by revealing his ignorance in more depth:

Thanks to Chris Lawrence and Stuart Robbins for help with this post.

[1] The translation of that is "advocates ideas that are popular with the woo people but have been thoroughly discredited by real people." Example: The Great Pyramid was a weapon of mass destruction.
[2]  The study of the writings and background of the church fathers (per Merriam-Webster).
[3]  The page will whinge at you if you have an ad-blocker, but at least you'll be able to see the date.


Chris said...

Bara's such a witless chump that he can't even get 'the kind of truth that you can only know in your heart and mind' right. I hope he never breeds, although based on his attitude to women I think we're safe there.


Trekker said...

Arlan Andrews isn't letting Mike get away with it. He's responded.

expat said...

Yes, I just did an update on that, and Mike dug himself in deeper. Hilarious.

Binaryspellbook said...

Such fun. And so Mikey.

Anonymous said...

UUhhh...yes...Einstein is also one of them! Give it some time....obviously the world is not yet ready for it.

And....your off the cuff dismissal of Joseph Farrell is far to easy Expat....really. You almost start to sound like Mike "the Cartman" Bara. His work might contain some errors in retrospect....but he is most certainly not in the Crapology League as "the Cartman" a.k.a Mike [em]Bara[ssment] :-)


expat said...

Thanks for the comment, anon. Farrell at least had the good sense to take down the page once he realized his link was five years out of date. But I've heard him on C2C and wasn't impressed at all.

Binaryspellbook said...

Dr Farrell believes some weird stuff. Giants, cosmic wars in our solar system, space nazis and more. He did however call out Hoagland as a diva who relies on sci-fi novels as research. I liked that. A lot.

I have also been told (by super secret insider sources 😛) that Farrell has an ego bigger than Olympus Mons.

An ego that size is destructive. Before I went to University I was pretty much always the smartest guy in the room. On my first day I realised I was at best average. I had to work like crazy to keep up there. I ditched my ego soon after.

Anonymous said...

@ 01-spellbook

point well made... when they don't get out seems to have an inflatable effect on one's ego :-) some are lost and/or wasted captain Hoagland and mr "...I want't proof or else..." [em]BARA[ssment]